If you are one of those who is not aware of Spotify Wrapped 2022, then you can click here to check it. It shows your most streamed songs of the year. Apple users are really excited to know if there is any similar feature to Spotify Wrapped 2022. You might also wonder about YouTube Music Wrapped. This article will give you insights into whether or not Apple Podcast Wrapped is available. Afterall, Not everyone uses Spotify.

Is Apple Podcast Wrapped 2022 Coming?

Spotify recently launched the new Spotify Wrapped 2022 for all megalomaniacs. The new Spotify-wrapped feature has more features than that of the last year in 2021. A larger number of people, in millions, are sharing their statistics related to the songs, artists, and albums they have listened to all over the year on various social media platforms. They even share their listening personalities. Apple also modified the Apple Music Replay feature to make it better, like the Spotify Wrapped. However, when you talk about Apple Podcasts, the Wrapped and Replay features do not appeal to the audience. As the hype of Spotify Wrapped is going over the internet, Apple users are also expecting the same from the company in 2022. Also, read How to Find Artist Messages on Spotify Wrapped 2022? If the reports are to be believed, then some of the users feel unequal as the don’t have the feature like Spotify Wrapped in their Apple Podcasts. Numerous music streamers that don’t use Spotify feel like they are missing out on something. Obviously, FOMO would be killing them. Also, Apple does not even provide the option of replay in their Apple Podcast while they are doing it for so long and with consistency. Sadly, there is no way for Apple users to get the statistics or replay by the end of this year. It is very sad for those who are crazy about podcasts or Audiobooks.

Is Apple Podcast Wrapped Coming?

There is no official confirmation from Apple that the company is working on launching the Apple Podcast Wrapped feature for their users. However, it will be captivating to watch out for the company to take a step toward giving this feature to its loyal customers. Until then, you can make your way to Spotify Wrapped and enjoy the new features on Spotify. Also, read Top 0.05 Percent Spotify: What Does it Mean?

Wrapping Up

As Spotify users have been anticipating Spotify Wrapped for so long, and with the launch of the same feature. Users are sharing their stats about the most played songs with each other on social media platforms. Apple users are also waiting to have the same feature as this in Apple Podcast Wrapped. It will be interesting to see the new feature to be on the App Store for the users. Comment down below if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on the Apple Podcast Wrapped.


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