We all know that 2020 was a busy year for the company. Apple launched many products like the Apple Watch, a list of iPhones including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 pro max. It also worked on the accessories and launched HomePod Mini and AirPods Max. The most significant product was the introduction of Macs that has an M1 processor. Its launch was the most notable product of apple over the past 12 months. Many rumors of an iPad Pro have been heard for quite a few months but now it looks like its release is finally on the edge and it will be soon out in 2021.  Talking about the OLED technology Apple doesn’t have that skill but surely it will be seen in the coming years 2021-2022. 

Launching of Apple iPad Pro

The arrival of mini- LED display technology in this iPad Pro is something exciting as a technology that offers a large number of benefits. This technology is somewhat impressive for the starters that it is power-efficient and will allow thinner and lighter displays. Adding more to this the LED mini-display will also reduce the odds of burn-in and it will offer improved picture quality and all thanks to high contrast, solid wide color gamut performance, and local dimming.  The only con side of this LED mini display is that it is expensive that’s why Apple is introducing it first on its iPad Pro.  Check out, iPhone 12 vs iPhone 13 | 7 Reasons to Wait for the New Flagship Beyond a rakish new display, the new Apple iPad Pro will have an A14x processor. It will support 5G connectivity and it will be the first 5G iPad from Apple.  Already, GIS (General Interface Solutions) has already allotted  NT$2.198 billion(US $76.3 million) and NT$1.421 billion investments in China. All investments helping GIS in expanding the operations in its subsidiary in Chengdu. Apple has invested NT$753 million to work on its processors and speed up the process.  This Apple iPad Pro will not be the only device coming up with mini-LED displays, there are also rumors that Apple will be launching a pair of redesigned MacBook Pro that too will come up with mini-LED displays. MacBook Air with the same mini-LED display is planned to be released in 2021. This whole information was provided by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.  The analyst also mentioned some other points he noted in April of this year. They are focussing on the LED mini displays.  The mini-LED display by Apple’s development will be more identifiable in the next five years. Apple is currently working on six mini-LED support products.

The six products by Apple

12.9-inch iPad Pro27-inch iMac Pro in 4Q2014.1-inch MacBook Pro(it was updated from 13.3-inch)16-inch MacBook Pro10.2-inch iPad7.9-inch iPad mini

Although nothing is official at this point in time. All the sources say that Apple will release its iPad Pro in March 2021.

Apple Pencil

One of the important things that you need with the Apple iPad Pro is an Apple pencil. This is a perfect iPad accessory. Apple launched this pencil or third-party stylus in 2020.  It will definitely help you in turning your iPad into an art tablet. You will be able to draw certain things with it. Apple pencil tends to about $99 but you can grab them at a great price on sale at just $80. This pencil is similar to any other physical pen or pencil that you have but it is in a digital form. Any artist can use it for their profession with their iPads. Also, it is a great idea for those who carry a diary and a pen with themselves. They just need to carry an iPad and this pencil for journaling and they will definitely love it. There is no need for pens, papers, and stamps when you have this great tech with you that can be a great replicate for them.  You can go for this when you are buying the new iPad Pro in 2021.  Check out, Beats Studio Buds | Best Apple Headphones for Android

Apple Magical Keyboard

Apple has also launched Keychron K1, a wireless keyboard for their users. It is just like a magical keyboard that users will fall in love with its slim design and the comfort it will provide to its users while typing. It is a mechanical keyboard with multiple design types and comes with customizable options. But the most popular model is the Keychron K2. If you are going to work professionally on your iPad so you should buy this additional keyboard with it. 


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