Every year Apple releases its collection of new gadgets just before winter and the same is happening. So, why is everyone so hyped about it? The new touch of AR is going to change the outlook of iPhones. Along with AR, there are many other features that will blow your mind for sure. The company is also expected to launch new Apple Watch and Airpod models.  The Easter Egg theme of the Apple Event is doing really well to hype the event even more. Only iPhone and iPad users can view the AR theme on Apple’s official website. There are many announcements made by Apple officials that tell you way more than any leaked news. Let’s quickly go through every detail and check out everything about the Apple Event. 

What is the Apple Event 2021? Official Tweets By Apple

On September 7, precisely at 11:51 PM, Apple announced from its official Twitter account that there is going to be an Apple Event on September 14 at 10:30 PM IST. They even used the #AppleEvent in the tweet and it’s trending now.  It is expected that Apple is going to launch the iPhone 13 and everyone is going crazy about it. Many fans are saying it is just going to be the same phone with a little better processor and cameras. However, there is news that the new iPhone 13 will have many new features.  Firstly, let’s cover all the hype about AR. As seen in the tweet, Apple is stressing over the new AR launch whether it is in iPhone 13 or not, we are very excited about it. 

What is the Apple AR Hype About?

Since last year, Apple has been using AR Easter eggs to raise its hype around its annual events. However, this time Apple has aced a bit and improved the whole augmented reality concept.  It is being speculated that the new iPhone 13 will have inbuilt AR apps that will make the whole user experience to another level. This year, the AR Easter Egg can be seen on the official site of Apple on Apple Events. If you are an iPhone user, you can easily view the AR Easter Egg. You just have to tap on the September 14 invite. It will make the AR Apple logo appear on your camera viewfinder. Now, if you zoom in here, you’ll see a lake. Move your device around and you’ll also see “9.14”. Just another way to hype the launch date.    Along with AR, Apple has also incorporated some great sound effects that have spatial audio.  The AR logo specifically uses Apple’s ARKit. This kit is only pre-installed on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. That’s why you cannot get the same AR experience on your android devices or even your computer. Greg Joswiak, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing of Apple, tweeted shortly after the Apple Event announcement.  He writes, “We’re California Streaming on September 14th. See you real soon. #AppleEvent” This is the precise experience we are talking about.  It is also being said that the entire iPhone 13 range is expected to have LiDAR, Light Detection, and Ranging scanning technology. Apple had said that they would offer this technology in iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is this LiDAR technology that is supposed to enhance the whole AR experience. 

iPhone 13 and Satellite Communication

Among many rumors about iPhone 13, the one about satellite communication is getting the most hype. It is expected that iPhone 13 will have a feature that connects them to LEO Satellites. If these features are enabled, the users of iPhone 13 would be able to make calls and exchange messages without any 4G or 5G network connection. This is revolutionary news as there is a chance that every user can now have a satellite phone of its own.  It is also being speculated that the Qualcomm Snapdragon X60 baseband chip will be featured on the next iPhone as it supports satellite communication. iPhone 13 users won’t have to pay anything extra for satellite communication. However, the Telecom Operators would have to make an arrangement with Globalstar.  According to a recent article by Bloomberg, the features can change before the launch. That’s one of the reasons why Apple hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about the whole satellite communication.  If the feature comes out successfully, it is also speculated that Apple will eventually deploy its own satellites for better communication.  In short, Apple is going to bring a whole new set of Emergency features that will actually be helpful in real life. However, there can be many shortcomings of this satellite communication feature. Not every country will allow this. It would depend upon state rules, nation rules, and a lot more factors.  Apple also plans to narrow the display of the iPhone with an updated Face ID feature. Also, both hardware and software enhancements will support the AR in iPhone 13.

Wrapping Up

We cannot wait for Apple to reveal all its products. Can you? Let’s hear it from you in the comment section. Tell us if you would like to use satellite communication that easily.  If we look at the bigger picture, then the hype is totally justified. Share this article with your friends and have fun waiting for the event. Have a Great Day!


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