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Angel Cut With Layers TikTok Meaning

Among the latest hypes on TikTok, the latest is angel-cut layers. This is in vogue as girls are flaunting new hairstyles and capturing their makeover through TikTok videos. Angelmcneil3, a TikToker, posted a video of styling the hair in layers and shared her hairstyle before and after the styling. After that, the trend became viral, and other users loved her look. The users tried the hairstyle themselves at home, filled out the entire makeover process, and posted them on TikTok. Hence, the trend continued, and girls were being berserk. Any form of hair, whether it is curly, straight, long, or short, anyone can do this. The users share their videos on TikTok, where they effortlessly do the curls and bring in a new look. The trend has become viral, and users enjoy every bit of it. Also read, What Does Mid Mean On TikTok & How To Use It (2022)

Distress Call by Using Angel Cut With Layers

Famous hairstylist Leda Fazal, known as Leda hair queen on TikTok, has talked about domestic violence and abuse through her videos. The 21-year-old influencer initiated the code angel cut with layers. She even gave a demo on the hairstyle by making layers.  Whenever any woman goes to their hair stylist and asks how she would like her hair to be cut and if she responds an angel cut with layers, it means that she is seeking help for domestic violence. Leda stresses that every woman should have their own liberty to live their life or choose their hairstyle. She has released a video stating her views on domestic violence and being in an abusive relationship. Her videos have been viewed more than 1.5 million times, and many hair stylists have thanked her for educating them on this issue. 

Wrapping Up

TikTok has innumerable trends that have gone viral all over the internet. The latest one caught the attention of female users on TikTok and even grabbed much attention. Hence, I hope the article helped you to understand the angle cut with layers TikTok meaning. If you wish to know more about the trends going viral on TikTok, then refer to more articles on our website.


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