Given the nature of Wordle, you might assume that English-speaking countries would predominate the competition, but this couldn’t be further from the truth—only three of the nations that made the top 10 Wordle-solving countries speak English as their mother tongue. Let’s find out the US and other countries’ position in Wordle stats. What more data can be found on Wordle score statistics? Let’s find out more. If you have been playing Wordle for a while and are curious about your performance in relation to other players. However, Wordle lacks a leaderboard. How can you tell if your winning streak is better than average? Let’s examine Wordle statistics and scores in more detail below.

What Is Wordle Stats?

There is no reliable way to evaluate player performance on a worldwide scale because Wordle lacks an official leaderboard or community hub to track player scores and their statistics. The number of guesses commonly needed by players to complete a Wordle challenge is, however, significantly revealed by unofficial and little-sized data analysis from Twitter shares of Wordle scores. Wordle Stats has been providing daily statistics for Wordle scores by examining more than 200k tweets each day. Wordle Stats is an unofficial source for Wordle’s Twitter score share data. It is a location where you can perform a basic breakdown. Also, read 10 Word Puzzle Games Like AntiWordle | AntiWordle Alternatives

Data Components Of Wordle Stats

Wordle stats provide information that is relevant to your individual performance and streak in the game as a unit. Played games overall, win percentage, current streak, maximum streak, and guess distribution are among the statistics. Data included in Wordle stats –

1. Played Meaning In Wordle Stats

Played is a record of the total number of Wordle games you have played.

2. Win % Meaning In Wordle Stats

Win% is calculated by multiplying the number of games won (W) by the total number of games played (P) and dividing the result by 100 i.e., [W/P*100] Also, read Wordle Color Meaning: Green, Yellow & Grey | Try Out Wordle Color Blind Mode

3. Current Streak Meaning In Wordle Stats

Your current streak keeps track of how many games you have won consecutively. It is specific to the moment and explains every game that has been won in a row without a break. Max Streak should not be confused with Current Streak.

4. Max Streak Meaning Wordle Stats

Max Sequence displays the most consecutive victories you’ve ever had in a single game. It is an unbroken streak, and it’s not always the streak you’re currently on.

5. Guess Distribution Meaning In Wordle Stats

The amount of guesses you need to make in order to complete each challenge is represented by your guess distribution. Like the other components of the scoreboard, the guess distribution chart provides information on all of your Wordle gaming activities, not just the current game.

6. Time & Share Of Wordle Stats

The game will reset and present you with a new challenge when the timer under NEXT WORDLE reaches zero. You may share your most recent score by clicking the green SHARE button. Also, read How To Make Your Own Wordle Puzzle With Free Wordle Makers | 3 Methods

Most Wordle-Played Countries | Wordle Stats

Now that we know Wordle stats and we also know what the Guess Distribution Meaning is. Let’s get into some more fun facts about the wordle. Let’s list out the Top 3 Best Wordle-Played Countries below. World Wordle stats –

The city with the highest Wordle average worldwide is Canberra, Australia (3.58 guesses). With an average of 3.72, Sweden is the greatest country in the world, according to Wordle. With a 3.92 national average for Wordle, the US is placed #18 in the world. North Dakota is the American state with the highest Wordle average (3.65). With an average score of 3.51 in the United States, Saint Paul, Minnesota, tops the list.

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Wrapping Up

So this was all about the Wordle stats. We learned all the data and wordle guess distribution meanings from this article. Visit Path of EX and access more of my gaming articles. Just enjoy our daily puzzle game Wordle, and I will start preparing another useful gaming article for you. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are in need.  Happy Gaming!


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