Warzone brought a lot of new ideas to the tried and tested battle royal formula, with bunkers being one of the main attractions of the game. These had some nice loot, but it was not easy to access them as you had to find their locations and complete certain steps to unlock them. Well, if you are not in the mood to explore, I am doing a comprehensive guide on the Warzone bunker locations and will help you know where all the fun stuff is. Whether you have been playing the game for some time or have just started, this is where I come in to help as I am going to assist you. Update 1: Before we do anything, I am going to start talking about changes that were introduced across the updates. Updates are also referred to as new seasons often, so make sure that you are not confused. The first season brought about a lot of welcomed changes. The most notable changes were the inclusion of new Operators to the available maps, as well as modes, and a progression integration feature across both Cold War and Warzone. Update 1 also defined that the developers of the game are serious about the game and are looking to make it an even more enjoyable experience for everyone. Update 2: Season 2 was also called Reloaded, and it brought about several new modes to the games. You also got access to new Operators in the games, and if you are looking to try out something different, the ZRG 20mm sniper rifle is something that is promising that you can use. The update has been out for some time now, and there was no major change to the bunkers and how they work. All these changes started coming in season 3 of the game, but that is likely to change as future updates are released. Update 3: Warzone’s third update saw the biggest changes in the game, aside from John Rambo and John McLane making their way to the game as operators. The update also ended up closing all the bunkers in the game, and the red access cards were also removed. With that said, this does not mean that these bunkers or the red access codes are going to remain inaccessible for the entirety of the game, as they are likely to come back at some point. Possibly with a new update or a patch. Update 4: Season 4 is something that a lot of people have been waiting for a long, long time, and the update finally landed only last month and brought about a lot of changes, new maps, weapons, and more. If you are looking for bunkers, they are still there, and I will be going on about the location and other aspects of the bunkers soon, but if you are looking to go ahead and try it, you should get things sorted and start visiting your favorite bunker. Update 5: Lastly, we have season 5 or update 5. This is scheduled to be released later this month, but there are already a lot of rumors surrounding this update regarding new bunkers or other similar options. So, you will have to wait and see how this turns out. More guides: Best Call Of Duty Games Globally – (2021 Updated Rankings)Best FFAR 1 Loadout Warzone: Attachments & Perks – (Pro Guide)“Modern Warfare Unable To Access Online Services” – (Solved)Best Controller Settings For Warzone In 2021 – (Updated)Aim Response Curve Types Explained – (Choose The Best One)

What Are Warzone’s Bunkers?

Ever since people have started playing Warzone, bunkers have been a massive part of the game and how people play it. Sure, season 3 changed a lot because the map got a 1984-themed overhaul, and that changed a lot of things on the map. However, before the changes, bunkers were essentially massive weapon caches that were found around the map. Each bunker held a lot of amazing loot, so much so that it was impossible to loot all of it on your own, and if you managed to loot the entire bunker with your squad, you would be armed to death. Additionally, bunkers also had a certain mystery to them and were used to tease new story additions. When Verdansk came out, the game had a total of 14 bunkers to check out. 12 were numbered, and the remaining 2 required some leg work and exploring.

How To Open Warzone Bunkers?

As far as the opening process of bunkers is concerned, things are not as easy as they might seem. Don’t get me wrong, opening the bunkers on their own is fairly easy, but the Warzone developers like to keep shuffling things around to keep the players guessing, and that often causes confusion amongst the masses. The bunkers can be opened using key codes or red access cards. However, some bunkers are often locked, and some bunkers require no codes whatsoever. The reward ratio is something that varies across the bunkers but for that, you will have to do some exploring on your part and figure out which one you are going to go to and which one you are going to avoid. All of these are important, and you should not be even worried about finding the bunkers as they are not that hard.

What’re Inside Warzone’s Bunkers?

Warzone bunkers are heaven for a lot of players, and especially those who are looking to get an edge over their opponents. The bunker has a lot of great tier loot that you can pick up, and there is often so much loot that it becomes impossible for a single player to loot. That is why it is better that you should be focusing on looting with your squad because that way, you will always be armed and prepared for any situation. However, just remember that because you know what bunkers do not mean that other players don’t. These bunkers are often literal warzones riddled with countless players that are trying to win the spoils of war, so you always have to know what you are getting into before you start, as it is very, very important that you are focused on this.

All Warzone Bunker Codes

At the time of writing, there are 6 bunkers in the game that are going to require access codes. The rest are either open or can be opened using the red access cards. Remember, the more difficult a bunker is to open, the better loot you are likely to find inside the bunker, and that is what makes it so well. With that said, you can look at all the bunker codes below along with their corresponding names, where you can just go over and get started.

Prison – 72948531 Farmland – 49285163 South Junkyard – 97264138 North Junkyard – 87624851 Park (nuke) – 60274513 TV Station – 27495810

At the moment, these are all the bunker codes that I have for you. Again, I would highly advise you to be careful, or else you would be in a world of trouble if someone catches you off guard and takes all the loot after all the work that you have put in.

What About The Red Access Card?

Sure, now you are aware of the fact that Warzone has some nice codes for bunkers that are available across the map but remember how I’ve said that some bunkers cannot be unlocked with codes, and they require red access cards? That is the case. Now, the red access cards were inaccessible, but that does not mean that I cannot talk about them. These are used to open the bunkers that cannot be opened by any other means. As they should, these bunkers contain even better loot and blueprints that are on the rarer side, so it is better that you are looking at all the options that are available because it works well, and you are all settled once you do find the loot you want.

All 13 Bunkers Locations In Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 3

Located south of Hills, in Sector D8 (0)

The bunker 00, or technically the first bunker, can be found with ease. If you are wondering about where to find the bunker, it can be found in South of Hills in Sector D8. This is one of the easier bunkers to find, so you really should not have any issues. Just keep your eyes peeled, and it should be right there in front of you, and you can get access to it.

Boneyard bunkers (1, 2 & 3):

There are three bunkers that you can find in the boneyard/scrapyard/junkyard. I used three different names because that is how people are aware of them. The first one is located between the racing track and the junkyard that can be found in Sector B7. The second one can be found north of the junkyard in Sector B6, and the third one can be found north of the junkyard in Sector B5. It should not be difficult at all.

Summit bunker (4):

Moving onto the 4th bunker, this is called the summit bunker, and you can look for the south of the Dam, and if you are wondering, the sector that you need to go to is Sector D2. Once you are there, finding the bunker is not going to be difficult either, as it is an easy process. Find the bunker, get your things, and get out of the place because, of course, you do not want to lurk around for too long.

Located south of Military Base, in Sector E3 (5):

The 5th bunker is something that can be difficult because you are taking a trip to the military base, and I am not saying that you will be welcomed by a lot of NPCs there, but you do have to understand that military bases are generally areas where you are going to find a lot of other players, and they would want to have a piece of you and your loot more appropriately.

Salt Mine bunker (6):

The salt mine bunker is also easier to find. If you have been looking for it, you will need to head southeast from the Quarry in the game, and once you are in the sector H3, you should be close to the bunker. Finding this one is not at all difficult but keep your eyes peeled if this is your first time.

Karst Bridge bunkers (7 & 8):

The next two bunkers are located close to each other, so you will not have any problems finding these bunkers. For starters, bunker 07 can be found in the south of Quarry, and you will have to be sure that you are in Sector H4, so you can start looking for it. The next bunker is also located south of the Quarry. It is next to bunker 07, in Sector G4. Finding this one is not going to be that hard.

Prison bunker (9)

The 9th bunker can be found near the prison that is located in Sector I8, so you should go ahead and get access to it right away, and you won’t have any issues.

Located south of Park, in Sector F8 (10):

Moving onto the 10th bunker, this one can be found in the South of Park in Sector F8, and finding this one is not going to be that difficult either.

Northern Military Base bunker (11):

The 11th bunker is perhaps the most prestigious in the game, with a lot of amazing stuff and the hardest bunker to access. For those wondering, it is located at the top of the map (North West of the Military base), and you will need a code. There is also a second door within bunker 11 that cannot be opened at the moment.

Warzone Season 3 Secret Bunker

As of writing this, the secret bunker that the internet is talking about is the 11th bunker that can be found in the game. The secret here is that aside from having a very complicated way of opening the bunker, you are also going to get access to another door, which cannot be opened at the moment. So, yes, there are a lot of mysteries surrounding the secret bunker, and I cannot wait for more information to come out because it will be worth it for sure.

Bunker 11 Easter Egg Explained

Bunker 11 remains a mystery to a lot of people who have not been able to enter it, so let’s do some unwrapping. When you finally get into the massive bunker 11, you are going to find tons of loot, but you will also come across the Mud Dauber MP7 blueprint. However, the most terrifying part about the 11th bunker is the hidden nuke, which itself plays the role of an even larger mystery. The bunker should be opened in the Plunder mode as it is easier that way. Opening the bunker will require a few activation phones that are spread across the map. You have to look at phones are ringing and something is being spoken in Russian. You will also get to hear some Russian numbers, a sequence of 3 numbers to be exact. You will then have to hunt down the phones with the right numbers, and once the right one is found, a Morse code will play. Inside the bunker, you will find everything. The Easter Egg here is that there is a nuclear warhead that has gone missing, and that could change the map forever in the future updates. So, I am looking for more information and seeing how it evolves the game. However, the game quickly evolved into something that managed to become an amazing experience full of thrills and mysteries for everyone to seek out and enjoy. With this article, I wanted to help everyone find the right bunkers and have no issues whatsoever whenever they are playing the game.

#1 – Are the bunkers still open in Warzone?

Yes, for those who are looking to take the strand and find the bunkers, they can be accessed, and the requirements are more or less the same, so you do not have to worry about anything going wrong or out of place when you are trying to open these bunkers.

#2 – How many bunkers are there in Warzone?

There are multiple reports about how many bunkers can be found in Warzone. Official numbers state around 11 bunkers, but some say that there are a total of 14 bunkers, with some of them being hidden away or being entirely inaccessible. Therefore, you will have to keep playing to properly find out.

#3 – How do I get into the Warzone bunker?

Getting into a Warzone bunker is not at all difficult. You just have to look for the codes that are required to open the bunker, and some bunkers require red access cards. At the same time, you will come across bunkers that require neither, so you can open them with ease, and you will not have any problems.

#4 – How do I open the bunker 11 Warzone?

Opening the bunker 11 is the trickiest so far. This bunker has become a part of a larger mystery that has something to do with the future of the game. You will have to find phones scattered around the map and then find the right combination code, and only then you will be able to open the bunker with ease.

#5 – Where are the phones for Bunker 11?

The phones that can be found for bunker 11 are scattered across the map, and finding them can be a challenging task. Therefore, it is going to take some time before you are finally able to get your hands on all the bunkers with ease, and there will not be any difficulties, either. So, it is better that you are keeping this in mind.

#6 – What’s the code for Bunker 11?

If you are not someone who wants to indulge in the mystery that surrounds the 11th bunker and just want to look for something good, you can head over to bunker 11 and input 346 as the code and you will get access to it. It is not fun to do, of course, but gives you quick access that should make things easier for you.

#7 – Where is the bunker behind Boneyard?

If you are looking for the bunker that is behind the Boneyard, you are most likely looking for the bunker that is located in Sector B7 in Verdansk. You will need to head to the lower-left edge of the map, and you will have a lot easier time finding the right bunker with ease. There is a keypad there, add the right codes, and you will be good to go.

#8 – Does bunker 11 still work?

Bunker 11 has been accessible for some time now, but the one thing that most people fail to understand is that it is more than just a bunker. There is an Easter Egg inside of it and another door within the bunker that cannot be opened.

#9 – Does bunker 11 work in plunder?

Most people do suggest that you try and open the 11th Bunker in Plunder as it becomes a lot easier than to open it in some other game mode.

#10 – Which bunkers open with red keycards?

Some bunkers require access codes, and some require red cards. You can find bunker numbers 0, 4, 5, 6, and 9 as these will be opened with the red keycards.

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