The creator and story maker have written a series of questions for you to guess the correct answer to. For every correct answer, you will get points which will help you get ahead in the game. And with it, you might just get a Halo! I have listed out the answers for the Royale High Mermaid Halo 2022, through which you will be able to get high points in the game. So, keep reading this guide until the end to learn more about this interesting game!

All Royale High Mermaid Halo Answers 2022

All the correct Royale High Mermaid halo answers for 2022 are –

Answer C: Enchanted seashell sceptre. Answer C: Monrovia Bizerries: The missing crab, Storm.  Answer A: Pandora, the Water Nymph.  Answer D: Pick a Seashell. Glowing Bottle: – Answer A: Captain Whiskers.  Answer B: Four Mermaids. Answer B: Intense Heat. Answer B: Cake decorating contest. Answer A: Strange seashell. Answer C: The ice cream store. Answer A: Pirate’s lost treasure. Answer B: Summer Fairground. Answer A: Summer Carnival. Answer A: Choose a Cave. Answer D: Sandcastle competition.

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All Royale High Mermaid Halo Answers 2021

All the correct royale high Mermaid Halo answers for 2021 are –

Answer: B. Explore the right passageway, or C: Explore the middle passageway Answer: A. Dolphins or C: Mermaids Answer: B. Mermaid Sculpture Answer: Option A: Find a new shell for it, or C: Find a friend Answer: B. The Tidepool or D: The Open Waters Answer: B. The Glimmering Crystal Reef Answer: C. Suggest baking a cake Answer: C. Approach the crowded field harboring picnic tables Answer: B. The Diamond Answer: A. Mermaid Lagoon Answer: C. The Mother Pearl

Wrapping Up

So follow these Royale High Mermaid Halo answers and get heavy points in your game. Let us know your favorite part of the Halo and how excited you are for the next!  Happy Gaming!


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