Nier is a short-lived series. It’s also not a large “franchise.” Instead, it’s a self-contained two-part story told through excellent RPG games. Nier is published by Square Enix, the makers of Final Fantasy. Both series belong to the JRPG genre. Thus, we may say they are similar. In any case, Nier, like most Square Enix IPs, places a major emphasis on stories and people. Nier games can be perplexing. If you’re not familiar with the series, the name is based on storytelling purposes. Thus, you might get confused. As you can see, the first game was released in 2010. The name is just “Nier,” but in Japan, it is known as “Nier Gestalt.” Nier is a semi-linear action RPG. There is no turn-based combat; instead, the gameplay is centered on hack-and-slash techniques. Without further ado, let’s dig into the list of Nier games in order.

All Nier Games In Order Of Release

Yoko Taro, the series creator, saw Nier as a spin-off or spiritual successor to the Drakengard series. Drakengard is also supported by Yoko Taro and Caia games. As a result, Nier follows the fifth ending of the previous RPG. The setting begins a thousand years after the preceding story, with the Earth in decay.  Below are the Nier games in order of their Release date:

1. Nier – 2010

Nier, released in 2010, is the first game in the Nier games in order list. NieR was released in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Cavia created the game, and Square Enix published it.  Storyline:

The plot revolves around a protagonist couple attempting to find a treatment for the Black Scrawl sickness.  Using the Grimoire Weiss (a talking book) as a guide, the father and daughter set out to find a solution.  The adventure leads them to the other characters, Kaine and Emil, who become comrades. It is the year 3,465, and humanity is surviving in small, low-tech villages surrounded by industrial civilization’s ruins.  Shades abound in the rural areas between towns.  Yonah contracted the Black Crawl deadly illness many years ago as a result of a Shade attack. 


The setting provides a fast-paced action-adventure game with role-playing components.  From a third-person perspective, the player controls a nameless protagonist. Nonetheless, he has the ability to switch places with the other characters throughout the voyage. The world is three-dimensional. Players move freely through open-ended areas to complete objectives, and they can run, walk, climb, and jump.  However, the camera switches to 2D in some areas for platforming segments.  There are also battles with the camera pulling up for a birds-eye view and shooting them up combat.  Nier is a hack and slasher otherwise.  Large animals, robots, and Shades are frequent adversaries.  Players can wield one-handed or two-handed swords or a spear, as well as customize their weapons and cast skills or magical spells. In a role-playing game, vanquished opponents drop loot and experience points.  As a result, the characters can level up to get more power. The characters, on the other hand, can only gain magical spells by completing special battles.  Nier has both the primary quest and side quests. Side tasks grant experience points as well as in-game cash.  The game includes five endings, and you can replay it as many times as you want to view each one. A second playthrough, on the other hand, may feel repetitive.

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2. Nier: Automata – 2017

NieR: Automata is the second game in our Nier games in order list, which was released in 2017. It was released for PlayStation 4 and Windows in 2017.  Storyline:

The story begins with the Proxy War, a conflict between alien-created machines and human androids.  You begin the story as Androids 9S, 2B, and A2, all of whom are fighting for the human cause.  This story is set thousands of years after NieR’s fourth ending, which could be considered the “canon” ending.  Furthermore, it is revealed that NieR takes place in an alternate timeline within the Drakengard series. In the year 11,945, two emotionless androids are tasked with driving back the Machines.  Unlocking the complete tale and the genuine ending, on the other hand, requires playing the game multiple times.  Each playthrough may yield a different conclusion. There are 26 endings and an epilogue; however, most are spoofs or jokes.  To see the “real” closure as the fifth ending, you must first unlock four endings. For example, the first and second playthroughs take place from the perspectives of 9S and 2B.  After the titular Androids discover a “Glitch” in the Network, the third game begins elsewhere.  It introduces a fresh plot in which your choices eventually determine the fate of the world. 


Nier: Automata, like its predecessor, is an ARPG.  The Androids are controlled by the players in an open environment with a complex storyline.  Players can ride wild animals or fly flying mechs into battle. There are also platforming sections, side-scrolling sections, and shoot ‘’em-up scenarios.  It’s a hack-and-slash title elsewhere. Fast strikes, heavy attacks, evade, and counterattacks are all available to players.  There’s also a flying support Pod.  It can help you develop a number of defensive and offensive skills. There are also side quests from NPCs all around the place. They grant XP and gold, which can be used to purchase swords, bracers, and spears.  As players level up, their defenses, health, attack power, and other benefits improve.  Chips, which you can place into the characters to improve and add traits, are used for player customization. The number of Chips a player can install is therefore restricted by the number of slots available.  As the player advances in level, the number of available spaces increases.  Chips can also be obtained from vendors or as loot from vanquished opponents.

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3. Nier: Automata Become as Gods Edition – 2018

Nier: Automata arrived on Microsoft’s Xbox via the Become as Gods Edition. It first appeared on Xbox One in 2018. This is the same version that is available on Steam for Windows. It includes six DLCs for accessories and clothing that players can use:

Machine Mask Accessory Retro Grey Pod skin Grimoire Weiss Pod skin Retro Red Pod Skin Valve Character Accessory Cardboard Pod Skin

It also includes the NieR: Automata 3C3C1D119440927 DLC. It’s a set of new subquests that reward NieR: Replica costumes and clothing. Give this game a try if you want to know if it’s worth being in the Nier games in order list or not. Also, read Injustice Games In Order Of Release Till 2022 | Timeline & Release Order

4. Nier Replicant Ver.1.22474487139 – 2021

NieR: Replicant is our fourth pick-up to carry on the list of Nier games in order. In 2021, the NieR: Replicant remaster was released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows. It’s also retro-compatible with Xbox Series.  Features:

It is, as previously stated, an improved version of the Japanese version. It means that the protagonist is a young man rather than a middle-aged man. Instead of his father, the new hero is Yonah’s brother.  Regardless, the story remains the same. However, with its recent upgrade, you can now enjoy it at 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. The game supports 4K resolutions on Windows as well. The weaker Xbox One, on the other hand, can only handle the title at 720p dynamic resolution.

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5. Nier Reincarnation – 2021

Our list of Nier games in order of release date comes to an end with Nier Reincarnation. The latest game in the series was released in 2021 for Android and iOS. Square Enix and Applibot collaborated on this mobile RPG.  Features:

The Cage plays a basic game. You seek redemption by following The Girl of Light, guided by “Mama.”  As the plot progresses, you gradually learn more about the protagonist, Mama, and the circumstances. It’s a turn-based mobile RPG with auto mode.

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Every Nier Game In Chronological Order

Here is a list of all the Nier games in order of their chronology. Read further to know more.

Nier – 2010 Nier: Automata – 2017 Nier: Automata Become as Gods Edition – 2018 Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139 – 2021 Nier Reincarnation – 2021

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Wrapping Up

So, that was all about Nier games in order of their release date and chronology. Now enjoy the game as per your preference. Also, do share this article with your friend and family. You will find many games in order articles on the Path of EX website. Happy gaming!


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