Using these codes, you can change the color of the chat, teams, and message of the day. This makes Minecraft’s color codes one of its most amazing features. And what’s more, accessing the game gets easier with Minecraft color codes since you can select a color directly! So, if you are looking for a list of Minecraft color codes that will help you customize your game, you have come to the right place. We have listed down a list of  Minecraft color codes and how to use them. You can use it in a variety of ways, so scroll down to find out how!

List Of Minecraft Color Codes To Use In 2022

There are several installed color codes and format codes in Minecraft that you can use within chat and game commands for multiple purposes. Here are some of the uses of Minecraft color codes:

To change the color of dyed leather armor  To assign different colors to different teams To make colored signs  To add color to server messages. 

And to change colors in the game, you obviously need to know the Minecraft color codes.   So, here’s a list of Minecraft color codes to spice up your gaming experience: Also, read Minecraft | How To Play Minecraft Online On A Browser

How To Use Minecraft Color Code?

The Section Sign (§) followed by a Hex Digit can be used to change the color of Minecraft text. The most difficult challenge players face while using Minecraft color codes is figuring out how to type the § symbol, which people don’t commonly use. To use the § symbol for Minecraft color codes, follow these steps: (Press Fn key + NumLk to turn on Num Lock for laptops that don’t have a numeric keypad).  To type this symbol on Mac, press Option+6 or simply cut and paste.

3 Ways You Can use Minecraft Color Codes:

Using Minecraft Color Codes in Chat.

Using Minecraft color code can add a bit of flair to your chats. You can change the color of the words in your chat message by using color codes in the chat box. Select the desired color code, press enter, and then type your message to color the text to the shade you choose. To return your text to its default color and style, enter the code §r.

Using Minecraft Color Code With Items.

You can use Minecraft color codes in items like signs, books, and other items that let you write text in the game. This code is useful for activities like creating instruction manuals for items on your server. 

Using Minecraft Color Code in MOTD Server.

To add some color to your MOTD (message of the day,) use a section sign (§) and follow the same instructions as above.  Also, read How To Install Minecraft Mods | Guide To Use JDK & Forge

Wrapping Up

Wooh! You got the list of Minecraft color codes. Now enjoy using these codes while gaming with your friends. They’ll help you access the colors easily and more conveniently. And so you know their full potential, we’ve also mentioned all the ways to use them. Check out Path of EX to learn about Minecraft and other gaming platforms. Let us know your favorite Minecraft color code in the comment section! Happy Gaming!


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