We may forget Agent 47’s personal story because the primary story is divided into mini-series. The hitman games are divided into small levels where the goal is to kill the target and escape undetected. The game already sounds interesting, right? Detective and role-playing games are more fun if we know the primary story of our main character. For that, you should know all the hitman games in order. Do you remember the first Hitman series which was released 20 years back, Hitman: Codename 47 from the year 2000 all the way up to the most recent game in the series, Hitman 3, which was released in 2021? I don’t remember maybe I don’t have a good memory to remember the story of a game from 20 years back. That’s why I am here writing this article for me and for you to remember the storyline of all the hitman games chronologically.

All The Hitman Games In Order Of Their Release

The Hitman series debuted with Codename 47 in 2000 and has acquired a significant fanbase thanks to its intricate level layouts, semi-open environments, and distinctive ragdoll psychics. However, the gameplay has evolved in some intriguing ways over time which we will encounter in this Hitman Games In Order section. The list of all the Hitman Games In Order is as follows –

1. Hitman: Codename 47

Release Year: 2000Supported Platforms: PCIMDb Ratings: 8.1/10

About: The first game in the Hitman Games In Order series, Codename 47 introduced us to the secretive International Contract Agency (ICA). Additionally, it was the debut game by I0-Interactive, which introduced the world to the stealth gameplay and disguise system of Hitman.

2. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Release Year: 2002Supported Platforms: PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCubeIMDb Ratings: 8.3/10

About: The use of the fiber wire, a compass, and binoculars were some of the new gameplay additions made in this second Hitman games in order sequel. Additionally, ratings for players’ aggression and stealth were added. Players can access new weapons by earning the Silent Assassin rating in this series. Also, read All 11 Ratchet And Clank Games In Order | Timeline & Release Order

3. Hitman: Contracts

Release Year: 2004Supported Platforms: PC, Xbox, and PlayStation2IMDb Ratings: 8/10

About: Players could relive levels from the original game through contracts with better gameplay and visuals in this Hitman: Contracts series. It also has an enhanced AI, which is very controversial. Now let’s look at the next game in the list of Hitman Games In Order.

4. Hitman: Blood Money

Release Year: 2006Supported Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox & Xbox 360IMDb Ratings: 8.8/10

About: An updated currency system and a new engine were used to build the Blood Money Hitman series. This time, Agent 47 was also notably more agile, thanks to contact-sensitive controls. Additionally, it had an intriguing narrative technique that told the tale from the eyes of a reporter and a man on the inside who was looking for him. This Hitman: Blood Money has the best tale in the list of Hitman Games In Order. Also, read All 18 Mortal Kombat Games In Order | Timeline & Release Date

5. Hitman: Absolution

Release Year: 2014Supported Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360IMDb Ratings: 8.2/10

About: The fifth in the Hitman Games In Order is Hitman: Absolution which saw the game ditch the larger sandbox objectives typical of the franchise in favor of more linear level gameplay. The disguise mechanism of Hitman is back, but NPCs wearing the same outfit can now detect the trick more quickly. Additionally, it included “Contracts Mode,” which let users create their own missions.

6. Hitman

Release Year: 2016Supported Platforms: PC, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, & Xbox OneIMDb Ratings: 6.2/10

About: For the next generation of consoles, This Hitman games in order series served as the launch title for the new World of Assassination trilogy. This Hitman series entails more teased information about 47’s background is present, and the sandbox gameplay that players adored is back. Also, read All GTA Games In Order | First, Second & Third Generation Timelines

7. Hitman 2

Release Year: 2018Supported Platforms: PC, macOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, and Google StadiaIMDb Ratings: 8.2/10

About: In the 2018 Hitman games in order sequel, 47 tries to figure out who the “Shadow Client” is.  After its initial release, it had a number of add-ons and DLC made available, including Hitman locations updated with the game’s latest features. It was the first game entry in the Hitman series following Io-acquisition Interactive’s of Square Enix’s Hitman copyright issue.

8. Hitman 3 

Release Year: 2021Supported Platforms: PC, Epic Games Store, Steam, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox series X, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Nintendo SwitchIMDb Ratings: 8.5/10

About With six brand-new levels and the option to “import” regions from the first two games, Hitman 3 served as the last installment of the World of Warcraft trilogy in Hitman games in order list. Also, read All Zelda Games In Order Till 2022 | Timeline & Release Order Diana Burnwood lends her support as 47 pursues The Partners.  It has challenging missions that may be performed in a variety of ways, as well as gorgeous, expansive-level designs. It is unknown if Agent 47 will make another appearance, but if Hitman 3 is his final appearance, it will be a fitting farewell.

All Hitman Games In Order Of Timeline

Not all the Hitman games in order series stories are linear from game to game. For instance, Tomb Raider Games in order series jump around in time and is broken up into reboots and trilogies. On the other hand, Hitman, like Call of Duty Games in order series, has a rather distinct historical timeline. Although it’s unclear whether Blood Money or Contracts comes first, the games are listed below in approx chronological order. All the 8 Hitman Games In Order Of their Timeline are –

Hitman Codename 47: 2000Hitman Silent Assassin: 2002Hitman Contracts: 2004Hitman Blood Money: 2006Hitman Absolution: 2012Hitman: 2016Hitman II: 2018Hitman III: 2021

Watch The Evolution Of All The Hitman Games In Order

Wrapping Up

So, these are the correct sequence of all the Hitman Games In Order in accordance with their release dates and in order of their timelines. I hope you have gathered some helpful information from this article. I want you to check out some other articles on the games in order to from Path of EX. You can reach out to me on any matter, as the comments are open to everyone.  Enjoy some of my other articles on Path of EX, and take care. Till then, I’ll make sure to come up with yet another Games in order article about your favorite game. See you next time. Happy Gaming!


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