Discord has every feature every chatting platform should have, commands. And we can expect that from an amazing app that even has a built-in text-to-speech feature. What’s more, Discord even allows you to give commands while doing something else. All you have to do is give your input, and Discord will follow it. Let’s explore more about what Discord commands are and their types. So scroll down to learn about what discord commands are and how you can use different Discord Commands.

What Are Discord Commands?

As you might already know, commands are simple requests for quick action. And Discord commands are a collection of actions you can take by inputting a certain number of characters. For instance, you can send a gif using the Discord app by simply typing “/giphy” and selecting the gif you wish to send. This means you can send a gif without having to write numerous lines of code or using a third-party app! To give you a more personalized and spectacular experience, Discord has a number of these Discord commands, divided into categories like text commands, slash commands, etc. So let us see how these different Discord commands are used. 

What Are Discord Chat Commands?

Discord chat commands are the Discord Commands you can use without using a bot, both in your servers and when sending a DM to another user. You can use Discord chat commands by directly typing the command into the text box using the slash symbol. This means you type the command’s name after the forward-slash (/) to see and use the commands. However, some might not function on a mobile device and may only work on a desktop, and this drawback sometimes stops the player from using these Discord Commands. Also, read How to Set Up Discord Notifications for Facebook Gaming | On Discord & Facebook

How Are Discord Commands Used?

It’s relatively easy to use commands in Discord. You simply need to enter your Discord command into the text field on the server. And while you only need to press the slash (/) key to start some Discord commands, you must manually input the whole Discord commands for others. This means that you can use different Discord commands, like shortcuts, while using the app. You might also simply use controls to interact with the other people on your server.

Discord Commands List (Slash and Text Commands)

Below is the list of Slash and Text Discord commands.

Slash Discord commands:

Below is a list of Discord slash commands. You can use these by using the command and then following it with your text message.

Text Discord commands:

Below is a list of Discord text commands where you directly enter the command in the specified syntax. Remember that some of these commands are only available on the desktop. Also, read How to Make an Invisible Discord Name & Photo | Hide Discord Profile

What Are Discord Bot Commands?

As seen in the Discord bot store, Discord has an extensive selection of bots that can carry out a wide range of tasks. It is impossible to list the commands for every bot in this blog, but I’ll list out the best and most used ones for you. First, we’ll talk about the Discord commands for the Dyno bot. I’ll also talk about how you can use Bot Commands on Discord.

Frequently used Dyno bot commands:

The Dyno bot is a very active Command bot that features Discord commands that users and admins can use to carry out various functions. How to Use Dyno Bot Discord Commands: To make it easier for you, I’ve listed the most frequently used Dyno Bot Discord Commands in the table below. Discord Dyno Bot Command List: Also, read How to Check if Someone Left a Discord Server | Via PC, Mobile & Bot

How To Use MEE6 To Program Discord Commands?

It’s not the easiest thing, creating custom Discord commands because it requires some coding. So, it’s better left to developers. However, you can use a bot, MEE6 that you can use to set up react roles, listen to music, record your voice as mp3 files, and much more. But remember that to do so, you must be the bot’s owner or moderator. How to Use MEE6 To Program Discord Commands: Note: You will require the premium edition of the bot to select anything other than “Text Command.” Also, read How To Make Music Bot Discord 2022 | Get Discord Music With or Without Coding

Watch What Are Commands In Discord

Wrapping Up

This was all about what discord commands are and how you can use them. Save or screenshot important information so you don’t forget or lose it! As always, Path of EX is an open space. Comment if you have any doubts, and read out guides for tips, tricks, and more!


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