As Apex legends is available on a wide range of devices like mobile, PC and PS4, problems like lagging are growing. If only symbols could come with alternate texts, it would be easier to understand and fix the problem. Understanding an unknown symbol is problematic. But it’s ok; we will help you by telling you exactly what the problem is and why these Apex Legends red symbols pop up from nowhere. Let us work on fixing your issue right away.  Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends has several different new ‘lag symbols’. Fixing other issues like loading screens or glitch issues is easy compared to this Apex Legends red symbols popups. These Apex Legends red symbols are usually the visual indicators of a connectivity issue that players may experience in case of slow internet issues. So here, we’re running through all of them and explaining what they mean from which you can fix the issue in no time. So let us find out All Apex Legends Red Symbols and their meaning.

6 Apex Legends Red Symbols With Their Meanings

Lagging in the middle of the Apex Legends game match is frustrating, right? So let us work on fixing the issue by knowing all the Apex Legends red symbols and their meanings.

1. UCMD Delay | Input Lag

A circular icon with a zig-zag patterned line in the middle of the circle represents UCMD Delay. This Apex Legends Red Symbol means there is an input lag between the player and characters of Apex Legends entering their command, and it occurs in the game. Input lag can have a variety of causes, but it is easily fixed by using a cable controller connection or a gaming display. Also, read 8 Best Perks of Shaggy In MultiVersus | Scooby-Doo Strategies & Attacks

2. Lag Compensation Error

Again a circular icon with a ‘rewind’ symbol in it next to two rectangular file keys represents a Lag Compensation error of Aplex Legends. This Apex Legends Red Symbol refers to the server processing a user command in a way that reverses time in order to recreate the situation that existed at the moment the player issued their command. Several issues with this Apex Legends Red Symbol rewind might show up, but the most involve the player’s game jumping and glitching.

3. Data Error

A Data Error Apex Legends Red Symbol is depicted above by the huge microphone-shaped icon. It indicates that your game’s connection is suffering as a result of your game’s difficulty processing pertinent data. Unfortunately, there is no obvious reason or solution. We advise contacting Respawn if you’re having trouble doing this consistently. Also, read 10 Best Perks of Harley Quinn In MultiVersus | Strategies & Attacks

4. Starvation

This Apex Legends Red Symbol stands for Starvation. It is indicated above by the sign of a blank clock next to a microphone. This is a term used in computing to describe a situation in which a procedure cannot be finished due to a lack of resources. Again, a specific explanation for this issue is not known, although it may pertain to the players’ internet connection not being powerful enough to execute the orders and the online games.

5. Issue Marker

The fifth new Apex Legends Red Symbol displays a microphone adjacent to a location pin drop. It denotes a marker for an issue. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a known reason for or solution to this problem either.

6. Limits

Limits are represented by the sixth and final Apex Legends Red Symbol sign, which has escalating bars adjacent to a speaker. This is believed to be a reference to a player’s internet reaching its limit and having difficulty completing the necessary in-game action. Also, read 3 Best Perks Of Arya Stark In MultiVersus | Free & Unlocked

Wrapping Up

So this was a complete list of all the 6 Apex Legends Red symbols and their meanings. From now on don’t panic if you encounter an Apex Legends Red symbol pop-up. Now be confident and fix the problem right away as you know Apex Legends Red symbols meanings. Use this article and share this with those who are in need to fix the issue and help them. Stay connected with Path Of EX for more updates.


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