In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, there are an enormous number of TMs—171 to be exact—distributed all around the Paldea region. TMS is still hidden within luminous yellow Poke Balls throughout the world, albeit some of them are given away as rewards, and some can be made. A small number of TMs will already be in your TM inventory when you start the game. In any Pokemon game, Technical Machines, or TMs, have long been among the most helpful items. So let’s learn everything about TMs locations of Scarlet and Violet in Pokemon. These goods will teach your Pokemon incredibly strong moves, enabling them to learn skills that they might not have previously been able to.

List of All TMs in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet | 171 TMs Locations

If you’ve ever played a Pokémon game, you are aware of how important TMs are to the series. There are no exceptions to this rule when it comes to Scarlet and Violet Pokemon locations. It’s the main method for teaching Pokemon new skills, including ones they might not naturally be able to learn. They’re an excellent approach to focus on vulnerabilities and provide your Pokemon more variety for various types of encounters. List of all Pokemon Scarlet and Violet TM locations- In this list, I have listed the location of the TMs Scarlet and Violet that I have found in Paldea, along with instructions on how to make them. Since Paldea’s universe is so large, you’ll probably need to put in some effort to find or unlock these, but if you need a TM to help you through a challenging situation, it will be worthwhile. This list will be updated as more TMs are discovered. Note: TMs locations Scarlet and Violet are once-use-only items. Finding TMs throughout the Paldea Region or creating them at a Pokemon Center are two ways to acquire them. You will receive items that you can use to create TMs when you defeat or capture a Pokemon. Also, read Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Stake Locations | All Stake Shrine Locations

Wrapping Up

This was all about TMs locations in Scarlet and Violet. So explore the places and go to the locations in Scarlet and Violet. Also, be alert while choosing your location as few things can mislead you. You can check out more such platforms on Path of EX and enjoy them while playing and making friends.  Do mention the locations you explored while playing the game in the comment section. Happy Gaming!


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