The Fall Guys season 2 theme is Satellite Scramble this time, with new events, rounds, and of course, the Battle Pass to proceed through. Satellite Repair, an in-game event, was used as a teaser, it’s pretty bizarre and it shows the improvement itself. So let’s see what are all the improvements this Season will bring and every detail whatsoever.  The second big update to Fall Guys since its free-to-play relaunch earlier this year is Fall Guys Season 2. Yes, when Fall Guys got introduced to new platforms like the Xbox Series X|S during Season 1, it also saw the incorporation of a free-to-play business model. What are the major Fall Guys season 2 updates this time? Let’s find out below.

Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date | Exact Time Of Satellite Scramble Launch

The official release date of Fall Guys season 2 across all the platforms is Thursday, September 15, 2022.  As usual, Mediatonic, the creator of Fall Guys doesn’t inform us when the new seasons go live. The best estimate for the release time of Fall Guys Season 2 in these regions is as follows –

UK: 10 am (BST/UK)Europe: 11am (CEST/West Europe)East Coast US: 5 am (EST/East Coast US)West Coast US: 2 am (PST/West Coast US)

Watch Fall Guys Season 2 Trailer

All Upcoming Features Of Fall Guys Season 2 | New Updates

As per the game’s director, there are a lot of changes and new features incorporated in this new season. Let’s see all the new features and improvements of Fall Guys Season 2 below. Also, read Fall Guys | Play Fall Guys Online on Browser For Free

All New Fall Guys Season 2 Stages | 8 New Stages in FG2

Let’s learn all the 8 new stages of Fall Guys Season 2 –

Cosmic HighwayFrantic FactoryHex-a-TerrestrialHypedrive HeroesPixel PaintersSpace RaceStarchartTiptoe Finale

So, these are the 8 new stages added in Fall guys 2 which you can explore with new updates and regions. Also, read How To Win Fall Guys Ring Hexathlon Show | Step-by-Step Guide

New Feature Updates In Points & Rewards Of Fall Guys Season 2

Let’s learn some of the new updates and features in the points and rewards area.

Space Bean Nickname: 200 Points earned200 Kudos: 300 Points earnedSatellite Explorer Nameplate: 500 Points earnedSpace Icons Pattern: 800 Points earnedSatellite Backpack: 1000 Points earnedA brand-new Season battle Pass with more than 100 levels of prizes and unlocks, including outfits for characters like the Xenomorph, Hatsune Miku, and Spock.

The Fall Guys Season 2 will be released on Thursday, September 15, 2022, across all the platforms. With new features and exciting new reward updates. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready for another epic fall of your lifetime.

Wrapping Up

So, this is everything you should know about Fall Guys Season 2. We looked at the new season’s release date and some new features. Now, all we can do is wait till the official release and see for ourselves. Visit Path of EX in case you have any queries, ok? Happy Gaming!


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