Absorb Elements has the power to let players do so much power with the casting of spells. It can be done by raising your hands and pushing back against the element attack to absorb any kind of energy. Artificers can use some gadgets or shields to catch the attack. Make a note: You can try to limit your character but anything that it is allowed to do to resist the attack but don’t stop the description of the spell.  Absorb Elements 5e DnD is a lot than you assume. It can give you the power to escape any fireball or lightning bolt. Continue to read to know how Absorb Elements 5e DnD can affect the game.

What are Absorb Elements in 5e DnD?

Absorb Elements 5e in DnD is the ultimate spell that allows the players, non-players, and monsters to capture and resist some of the incoming energy or damage. If you are wondering, ‘How’, DnD 5e has the resistance to fine-grained time analyses. It somehow blunts the effect of the damage and stores it for your next melee attack.  The resistance, anyhow, remains until you make the next turn. In other words, when you are attacked by any of the damage, you receive a dual effect. You can resist the damage until the start of your next turn, and store some energy. This means that with your next melee attack, the target will capture an extra 1d6 of the damage type with the regular damage.  Also, check out Everything to Know about Crossbow Expert 5e Feat in DnD | Use Crossbow Expert with Sharpshooter Suppose you are attacked with a lightning bolt. The moment you see it coming, you cast the spell to absorb the damage. Now, you are confined to resist the lightning damage until you make your next turn. The moment you will see the enemy, you make your next turn. This will use all of the absorbed energy in your melee attack. It gives you an extra 1d6 lightning damage to your attack. With this, the spell ends. 

How Does the Resistance Works in DnD Absorb Elements 5e?

Resistance and Vulnerability: This doesn’t only make the DnD challenging but also highly interesting.   Absorb Elements 5e DnD spell allows the target to be defensive. A targeted player can cast this spell as soon as he gets triggered by the damage. Making sure that the spell only deals half damage, the targeted player absorbs the energy with his somatic movements and the usage of the spell. As it does only half damage, a damage type is reduced to half points. Suppose you are targeted by a lightning bolt. When you cast this spell, the 36 pointer damage gets reduced to 18.  This gives you resistance until you make the next turn and you loose the energy when you hit your next target. However, some animals harm when they are targeted. The exact amount of harm depends upon the rules variant. 

How to Deal with the Damage in DnD?

Dealing the damage can be a problem here as the larger number of people who are casting the spell is either caster or ranged fighters. It lets them put up their entire combat energy in this which reduces their will to hit their target with a melee attack. However, this may work for the casters who are not new to the melee attack.  It is like resisting and absorbing the attack, taking the elemental damage, and attacking with the same. Although, if you upcast the spell, it lets you have the 1d6 worth of damage or more. However, the monsters also can resist the damage they are striking you with.  Also, read Can Detect Magic See Invisibility 5e in DnD? Benefits of Being Invisible in DnD 2022 To add on, the damage can not be stacked with 5e Absorb Elements dnd spell. 

What is the Take of Reaction of Absorb Elements 5e in DnD?

Absorb Elements 5e in Dnd allows the players to react. A reaction is merely an impulsive act when damage is triggered on the players, whether during their own turn or anybody else. It can be an opportunity attack that doesn’t take a charge on any of the regular actions of the player. This allows the player to take two movement actions, with an attack action. A player has the idea of when to cast the spell. He can absorb the element damage of the attack until he has the 1st level spell slot.  Whenever a player is triggered with any of the six damage types, the readies action allows him to cast the spell and react instantly. It can be made when an enemy leaves your zone or attacks you. 

What Kind of Damages are there in DnD | Damages in DnD

There are basically 13 types of damages in DnD. It includes- To absorb the damage, DnD 5e Absorb elements give resistance to every monster, PC, and NPC. It does have some implications though.  Mainly, there are a total of 5 types of damages that get triggered by the Absorb Elements 5e the in DnD spell. It includes-  Damages like bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing have no magic behind them, so they have nothing to absorb.  Mind and soul are triggered by Psychic damage and toxin damage. This means that any damage that affects the mental state cannot be sent back with the melee attacks.  Lastly, radiant and necrotic damages are extremely powerful on their own. They don’t need to be absorbed.  

Is the Absorb Elements 5e an Overpowered Spell?

Absorb Elements 5e doesn’t seem to be an overpowered spell as it limits the harm and allows to use of 1d6 per spell level on to the next melee attack. It is the first level choice whenever damage is triggered on the players. When players make their next turn, they use a 5d6 extra damage. But after spending the first two-level spell slots. Therefore, Absorb Elements 5e DnD feat

Wrapping Up

Absorb Elements 5e in DnD is terrifically cool. It has the capability to give back the enemy, what he hit at you. Though it is limited to some damages, it is enough to resist the major ones.  If you ask us whether it is worth using, we say ‘Hell Yes’. So don’t think much you dungeons dude. You know you need this. Don’t forget to reach out to PathofEx. We would love to listen to you. Good Luck Champion!


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