Open AI ChatGPT is made to respond to all your follow-up questions, reject improper requests, acknowledge errors, and can even challenge false assumptions. It made a lot of hype that it became popular in just five days of the launch and gained more than 1 Million subscribers. Now, as the user base is peaking, many wonder whether ChatGPT is safe. In this article, you will learn about the 9 Things You Can Do With ChatGPT in an all-inclusive manner.

9 Things You Can Do With ChatGPT

No wonder ChatGPT is a boon who are looking for the answers to their queries in a competent manner. The following are the 9 things you can do with ChatGPT, and you will be surprised to see the unbeatable potential of the newly introduced OpenAI ChatGPT. Let’s look out for each one of them.

1. Swiftly Write a Customized Resume And Cover Letter

In case you are looking for a job, the most important part is to write a personalized Resume and cover letter that would impress the employer. Unfortunately, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to make the Resume an cover letter for every job. ChatGPT does this job quite well and relieves you from the burden of writing a resume and cover letter in a matter of seconds. Also, read ChatGPT Extensions for Chrome You Don’t Know You Need in 2023 The Following is the example in which I punched down the query by asking, “Write a Customized Resume for a Technical Content Writer.” you can see the response in the screenshot below. I have also raised a query to write a cover letter for me by asking, “Write a cover letter for a technical content writer.” You can see the response from ChatGPT, which is quite beneficial.

2. Write Song in Any Genre

What better than having the song’s lyrics at your tip? Never doubt the caliber of the ChatGPT. It can generate any song, rap or pop song, in seconds. The following is the example in which I have asked the ChatGPT to write a song on Merry Christmas. Here is the example shown below. Also, read Fix Internal Server Error ChatGPT Under 5 Minutes

3. Write Essays on Any Topic

After witnessing the writing abilities of the newly launched OpenAI ChatGPT. Academic writers, journalists, and professors fear losing their job in a few years. People are stunned by noting the exceptional capabilities of the ChatGPT. ChatGPT can write essays on any topic, and here is what I have asked: “Write an Essay on Women Empowerment in 1000 words.” The ChatGPT will write the essay on the given topic in just a matter of seconds and provide the essay as promised. It could be 1000 words or 2500 words as per your requirement. Also, read ChatGPT is At Capacity Right Now: When Can You Use It Again?

4. Explain the Complex Topic

So many complex topics are head-spinning and hard to understand. ChatGPT helps to simplify complex topics such as Dark matter, Black Hole, etc. Here in the given example, I asked the ChatGPT, “Explain the Wormhole like I’m 7.” and the ChatGPT proceeded with simplifying the concepts of Wormhole as I am just 7 years old. Also, read ChatGPT Login Portal: How to Use ChatGPT (2023)

5. Aptly Write a Love Letter

Writing a love letter can be an arduous task if you don’t know how to convey your feelings in a written format. Now, In the era of Artificial intelligence, you don’t need to worry about that. ChatGPT has a solution for this, and it can easily handle this task. I have asked the ChatGP to write a Love letter for my crush, and here is what ChatGPT responds. Also, read You Can Bypass OpenAI ChatGPT & It’s Dangerous AF!

6. Write and Debug Code

ChatGPT also has the potential to generate even complex codes and present them to you in no time. If you are a software developer or a data analyst, then ChatGPT can give you a helping hand in generating and even debugging the code without any trouble. In the following example, I have asked the ChatGPT to write a code on Binary Tree. Here is how ChatGPT responds Also, read Err_too_many_redirects ChatGPT Error: What Do Too Many Redirects Mean?

7. Ability to Generate Poems in Multiple Languages

You can also generate poems in multiple languages as per your choice, and hatGPT will not disappoint you at all. Here in the given example, I have asked the ChatGPT, “Write a short 50-word love poem in English and Chinese and Pretend you are a Shakespeare.” Also, read Can I Use OpenAI Without a Phone Number | ChatGPT Updates of 2022

8. Ability to Write Tweets in the Celebrity’s Style

That was seriously not expected from the ChatGPT! Who would have thought that it could write tweets in the style of their favorite star? Yes! ChatGPT can do this in seconds. Here is an example of the tweet Also, read Error: “Too Many Requests In 1 Hour Try Again Later” In ChatGPT! How To Fix This Error?

9. Get a Relationship Advice

As we already know that, AI can not understand human emotions, but if prompted in a righteous way, then ChatGPT can be the relationship expert for our family and friends. However, it can be your personal therapist too. All you need to give a command, and ChatGPT will give you the best relationship advice These are some of the 9 things you can do with ChatGPT. There are a lot more things that you can do besides this, given an example, and you will be amazed at how cool and useful ChatGPT is. You can also use ChatGPT to try different approaches, and you will get the answers swiftly and aptly. Also, read Is ChatGPT Down? Know Everything About AI Chatbot Server

Cool Things You Can do With ChatGPT

Wrapping Up

In the article, I have discussed the 9 things you can do with ChatGPT in an all-inclusive manner. There are many more interesting examples that are roaming around the internet, and people love them. Comment down if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on the new Open AI ChatGPT and the best ChatGPT examples.


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