I remember when I finished watching Inception (for the first time), apart from the fact that I was still confused about the ending of it, one more thought that was popping in my head was “How do these guys make such complex visual effects?”. If you, too, have felt like this and wish to learn about the editing that goes behind such scenes, we are here to help you out.    We’ve made a list of YouTube channels to learn video editing that will not only discuss the working behind those mind-bending scenes but also teach you the basics of video editing if that is your area of interest.  Let’s begin with our journey of finding the right video editing YouTube channel for you.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Video Editing

Read along with the list to find out the best YouTube channels to learn video editing. All these YouTubers are amazing with their work. You will end up learning so many new things! Also, read Best YouTube Channels to learn Animation

1. Cinecom.net: 2.26 Million Subscribers

Why Cinecom.net is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? The content on this channel is rich in informative videos and tutorials. Most of their tutorial videos are based on Adobe Premiere Pro software. Cinecom.net features a variety of series of videos from short films to Superhero visual effects tutorials. In addition to the above videos, their content also includes filmmaking and visual storytelling tutorials. Cinecom.com has gained over 155 million views along with 2.22 million subscribers. Check them out for various tips and tricks for cinematography and editing.

2. TutVid: 1.15 Million Subscribers

Why TutVid is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? Nathaniel Dodson started this channel in 2006. Nathan uploads tutorials for various editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Adobe After Effects as well as Da Vinci Resolve.  The playlist is well versed with Adobe software training videos. The channel currently has 1.15 million subscribers and a total of 111 million views. Also, read 9 Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iOS 2021

3. Justin Brown – Primal Video: 991K Subscribers

Why Justin Brown is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? Justin Brown – Primal Video is run by two brothers – Justin and Mark. If you are still confused about which editing software you should choose, these guys have it covered in their playlist of best video editing software.  The content on this channel not only provides the tutorials for learning but also gives marketing tips and strategies to improve the results along with better quality edits. They have about 84 million views and 954K subscribers on their channel.

4. Justin Odisho: 875K Subscribers

Why Justin Odisho is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? Justin Odisho uploads training videos of standard industry softwares like Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. The tutorial playlists consist of videos like color grading, Photoshop filters, film looks and effects, Premiere Pro tools, meme editing and much more. Justin also puts out reaction videos on his channel and analyses viral music videos. He also does podcasts regarding how to improve marketing skills and how to level up the quality of the content. As for the stats, the channel has 95 million views along with 866K subscribers. Also, check out Top 5 Laptops for Graphic Designing and Editing

5. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor: 637K Subscribers

Why Wondershare Filmora Video Editor is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? This is the official YouTube channel of the Wondershare Filmora editing software. Here you’ll find out a lot of filmmaking techniques, video editing tips, camera tricks along with Filmora editing tutorials. This channel has a subscriber count of 626K and total views of 56 million. The channel also features updates regarding the latest effects, features as well as giveaways.

6. JustAlexHalford: 329K Subscribers

Why JustAlexHalford is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? Alex Halford creates tutorial videos for software such as Sony VEGAS Pro, Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Movavi Video Editor, and many more. Alex started his YouTube journey at a young age in 2012 with Car tutorials. The channel’s current stats sit at 328K subscribers and 64 million views in total. Along with these, his channel includes content like Photoshop, deep web, and OBS – streaming tutorials. 

7. Bai: 303K Subscribers

Why Bai is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? Bai is one of the best YouTube channels to get yourself acquainted with many different video editing software. From Adobe Premiere Pro to VSDC, Bai covers a lot of guides and tutorials to get started in the editing field. Bai started on their teaching journey on YouTube in 2013. Their content is full of short and precise videos to gain new skills in photo-editing and video-editing as well as audio production. The channel has around 298K subscribers and over 65 million total views.

8. Adobe In A Minute: 165K Subscribers

Why Adobe In A Minute is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? As clear by its name, Adobe in a minute puts up quick, comprehensible and frequent tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop. The channel’s biggest pro point is the digestive nature of the videos.  All of the content on the channel is in concise videos of 2 to 10 minutes on Adobe software. Adobe in a minute was created in 2016 and currently has 154K subscribers and a view count of 23 million. Also, read 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Androids 2021: Professionally Recommended

9. Chris’ Tutorial: 75.3K Subscribers

Why Chris’ Tutorial is one of the best YouTube channels to learn video editing? Chris’ tutorial was started in 2014 and the content range on the channel is quite diverse. From Game development tutorials to browser and VPN reviews, Chris tries to cover almost every software related topic. You can find a lot of DaVinci Resolve’s video editing tips and transition tutorials on this channel. Chris’ tutorial has a count of 73.58K subscribers and 23 million views in total. Chris also teaches some advanced courses on other platforms like Skillshare and Udemy. Wrapping Up: This is the end of our journey for this article. We hope that you find inspiration and learn from some of these best YouTube video editing creators and start working on your own special project. Let us know your favorite video editor in the comment section below.


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