Internet today, is surely your best friend. You can do almost anything with it or learn to do so in a couple of minutes. And when it comes to learning to make tasty food, then what can be better than YouTube, where you can see what are they are teaching? There is a lot of food YouTube channels that deliver easy yet mouthwatering food recipes. But not all of them are the best. Only a few chunks are responsible for delivering the best content to the viewers. But what is so special about these channels? Why only these marked their name in the list of the Best Mexican Food Youtube Channels? How many subscribers do they have? What about the views? Find out the answer to all these in the post below.

Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels To Follow

No matter you are a pro chef or a noob, you can master the art of cooking awesome and tasty Mexican Food right from your kitchen with the help of the Best Mexican food YouTube channels. There are a lot of channels that can help you in creating magic with flavors in your dishes. The Mexican food is more than just the tasty tacos and appetizing salsa. These Mexican food YouTube channels will tell you about all those with the easiest possible methods to prepare them. Read along the post to know about these channels and why they have grown up so well.

9. Cooking With Vianey | 5.42K Subscribers

Why Cooking With Vianey is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? What comes to your mind when you think of a food channel? A huge kitchen setup? Oh, God! Plenty of spices on the table? A professional chef? But, Cooking With Vianey doesn’t fall under any of these. Yes, it is true! The channel is owned by a passionate chef, Vianey! She has turned her passion for cooking into a profession by creating recipe videos of inviting Mexican food. She being from Mexico loves to share the native recipe video to the globe via youtube so that anyone can feel the richness of food of her hometime. Her videos are quite simple with no fancy setup. Just she and her kitchen. Also, read Top 8 Best Korean Food YouTube Channels You Can Follow The most popular video of the channel is How to Make Green Salsa – Salsa Verde which has got 240K views since Jul 2013.

Joined on: 12 Nov 2008Subscribers: 5.43K subscribersVideos: 74 videosViews: 3 Million viewsLocation: United States

8. Keto Mexican Recipes | 6.64K Subscribers

Why Keto Mexican Recipes is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? Go with the Keto! Keto Mexican Recipes is an awesome youtube channel that holds the vision to make people fit and healthy with its extraordinary recipes without grains! Yes, no grains at all, Just ketos! The channel is specifically designed to deliver food recipes to people fighting against serious health disorders like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and a lot more. Well, it is shocking to note that this channel has only 11 videos, and still ruling the internet world. The most popular video of the channel is KETO: Mexican Tamales or “Ketamales” which has got 39K views since Dec 2018.

Joined on: 11 May 2017Subscribers: 6.65K subscribersVideos: 11 videosViews: 59K viewsLocation: United States

7. Mexican Made Meatless | 12.3K Subscribers

Why Mexican Made Meatless is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? Mexican Made Meatless is the next choice for the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels. You can learn a lot of meatless recipes from the channel. Mexican Made Meatless comes with the thought of delivering quality videos to the audience that aims for vegan and vegetarian Mexican recipes. It has recipes of vegan menudo to carlota de Limon cake, from vegan tortillas to mangoades’. You will surely fall in love with the way of creating such hamper full dishes after learning the tips and tricks from the channel. The famous video on the channel is How to Make Flour Tortillas | Vegan, Cheap, Quick & Easy. Isn’t it a great topic? And because of this video, it has gained 294K views since Jan 2018, when it was uploaded.

Joined on: 21 Nov 2016Subscribers: 12.5K subscribersVideos: 79 videosViews: 633K viewsLocation: Mexico

6. 5 Mexican Guys | 35.8K Subscribers

Why 5 Mexican Guys is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? 5 Mexican Guys is the channel created by a group of 5 friends who were raised in the delightful city of Mexico. The boys thought of creating this channel to let the outer world know more about the rich colors and traditions of the old Mexico city along with the recipes of the beautiful Mexican food through the internet. They wander the streets, go to a lot of restaurants, take up funny and interesting challenges and celebrate their love for food by sharing the recipes of the same. Also, read Top 8 Japanese Food YouTube Channels You Must Watch The most viewed food Youtube video of 5 Mexican Guys is EXTREME MEXICAN MEGA-SANDWICH!! | State of Puebla tour, part 2. This has gained 40K views since its upload in April 2018.

Joined on: 28 Jan 2018Subscribers: 36.2K subscribersVideos: videosViews: 461K viewsLocation: Mexico

5. Pati Jinich | 67.6K Subscribers

Why Pati Jinich is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? Pati Jinich is a renowned chef who has won million hearts at the start of her celebrity chef career with a popular award-winning TV series Pati’s Mexican Table. In her YouTube Channel, Pati Jinich puts her heart out while preparing the flavorsome food. Be it Soup, cake, or a classic Tequilla recipe, you will find all this, on one channel. Her channel covers every aspect of cooking. She is a versatile chef and has a lot of connectivity with her audience. Her videos are full of fun and happening things that involve the audience wholesomely. The most viewed food Youtube video of Pati Jinich is Pati Jinich – How to Make Carnitas. This particular video is so much popular among viewers that it has gained 380K views since its upload in May 2017.

Joined on: 5 May 2009Subscribers: 69k subscribersVideos: 252 videosViews: 4.4 Million views

4. True Mexico | 96.5K Subscribers

Why True Mexico is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? True Mexico is an obvious entry in the list of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels. The channel is owned by Paul who is a die-heart fan of Mexican food and holds the vision of showing the happening side of the Mexica with his inviting street food recipes and reviews about them. He along with his camera walk along the streets of the UK and get the best videos out of the street about Mexica and the famous Mexican food. But, this is not a wholesome food channel, instead, it has a flavor of it along with the culture out there. Also, check out Best Italian Food YouTube Channels You Should Watch The most viewed food Youtube video of True Mexico is Things You CAN Do in Mexico (You CAN’T Do in the United States). This video has got more than 175K views since Jul 2017.

Joined on: 7 Apr 2015Subscribers: 97.7K subscribersVideos: 130 videosViews: 10.2 Million viewsLocation: United Kingdom+

3. Rick Bayless | 104K Subscribers

Why Rick Bayless is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? Rick Bayless is a professional celebrity chef who wears a lot of hats of being a trainer, author, Tv personality, and a popular restauranteur. Oh! It is correct to say that he has the perfect taste of authentic Mexican cuisine and has won the title of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters with his high confidence and incredible taste in Mexican food. His channel has a perfect schedule for videos. His series of Taco Tuesday gained a lot of popularity wherein he teaches several different methods to cook tacos with a unique twist every time. The most viewed food Youtube video of Rick Bayless is Taco Tuesday: Baja Fish Tacos. This video has got more than 375K views since its upload in October 2016.

Joined on: 21 May 2014Subscribers: 107k subscribersVideos: 260 videosViews: 6.2 Million viewsLocation: United States

2. Pisuarez | 165K Subscribers

Why Pisuarez is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels in 2022? Pisuarez is an amazing YouTube channel that speaks out for the passion and Pisuarez’s love for food. His channel is more about Mexican street food and Bushcraft videos. The channel doesn’t have a great set or a professional chef, nor he cook food himself. But he roams to the street of America and gets the real-time recipes of the food being prepared by the street food cart owners and reviews them all. Also, read Best Chinese Food YouTube Channels You All Need To Know The most viewed food Youtube video of Pisuarez is TIPPING $100 Dollars – MEXICAN Street Tacos – MONEY Sent From SUBSCRIBERS!!! This single video has gained more than 1.9 million views since April 2018.

Joined on: 21 May 2007Subscribers: 165k subscribersVideos: 381 videosViews: 40 MillionLocation: United States

1. Rockin Robin’s Cooks: 267K Subscribers

Why Rockin Robin’s Cooks is one of the Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2022? The Topmost Mexican Food YouTube Channel that rule’s the kitchen of every food lover with its mouth-watering Mexican food recipes is Rockin Robin’s Cooks. This channel is best known for its step-by-step tutorial recipes with detailed emphasis on minute details. The channel is owned by a professional chef, Robin. He grew up in a family of reputed chefs and learned the restaurant business from there. But, his crazy love for food dragged him to the way of creating this Mexican Food YouTube Channel. The idea of the Channel is to deliver flavourful food directly from the chef’s kitchen to your table, but keeping the health count in mind!!! Also, check out Top British Food YouTube Channels You Need To know The most viewed food Youtube video of Rockin Robin’s Cooks is Ward Off Colds & Flu With Turmeric Tea | Boost Your Immune System Naturally. Oh gosh!!! This video has got crossed 1.8 Million views since its upload in Nov 2019.

Joined on: 25 Sept 2010Subscribers: 267 subscribersVideos: 618 videosViews: 34 million viewsWebsite:

All Best Mexican Food YouTube Channels In 2022

Wrapping Up

So these are the Best Mexican Food Youtube Channels to follow in 2022 along with the essential details. In my personal opinion, the Rockin Robin’s Cooks channel and the Pati Jinich are the best channels that you must follow to win people’s hearts with Mexican food. So, Emerging chefs, Now it is your turn to grab the recipe from these channels and rock the party next time. Enjoy!!!!


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