Travelling can be a task if you do not book your flights from the right entity. The introduction of the digital world has reduced the number of offline bookings and increased people’s dependency on mobile flight booking apps. So save this list of Best Flight Booking Apps of 2022, you never know when you might need it! We bring you a list of some of the best flight booking apps. You can read on to find out about the Flight Booking apps that come with great offers, easy check-in, faster payments, and cheaper rates. Each app is different, and we help you make the right choice.

Best Flight Booking Apps in 2022 To Fly To Your Dream Destination!

In this article, I have mentioned the best flight booking apps for 2022. These applications can be used on Android phones as well as iOS phones. Choose wisely the right app for yourself.

1. Skyscanner

The first to join the ranks of Best Flight booking Apps for iPhone in 2022 is Skyscanner. Skyscanner is the right choice for you if you’re a moody person. If you don’t yet have a destination to travel to, Skyscanner will tell you one so that you can make your bookings right away! But what if you want to cancel? This Best Flight Booking Apps of 2022 takes care of that too. If you want to cancel any of your trips, you can do that without any extra money. Pros

Cancel/Change the bookings without any cancellation or extra fee.Get the best deals not only on flight bookings but also on hotels.Get rental cars at your service for a better local experience.Customize your search accounting what suits you best.Compare different prices and services of hotels at the ease of your phone!

2. Kayak

Another interesting app to book your flights online is Kayak. With Kayak, you can book your flights, hotels, and even rental cars and save money with easy traveling. It is considered to be one of the best flight booking apps because of the amenities it offers. Kayak will organize all your travel plans in one place, so you don’t have to switch apps for different purposes. That is why it is one of the Best Flight Booking Apps of 2022 People trust Kayak, and that is why it has won 10 Webby awards, including:

People’s Voice Award for Travel Mobile Apps & Other Handheld Devices (2015)Webby and People’s Voice Award for Travel Tablet Apps & all Other Handheld Devices (2014)And many more!


Save money by booking flights, hotels, and cars in one place.Get a personal travel assistant on your phone.Organized traveling.Get real-time flight details, gate changes, and baggage claim notifications.Have a flight tracker in your pocketGet a notification when it’s the best time to book the flight.

3. Momondo

Momondo is one of the most popular flight booking apps for android in 2022. Momondo brings you its best services at your fingertips. Book your flights and hotels all at one place and travel stress-free with trusted services. Pros

Book your flights with the most trusted airlines across the globe.POCKET FRIENDLY! Yes. Momondo is pocket flexible, free, and easy to use.Gets you all the deals from the most trusted airlines so that you choose the best for you.Get the best hotel deals with the comparison.Got a last-minute plan? No worries. Momondo brings you the last-minute hotels so that you have a place to stay.Filter by your preferred category: cheapest, closest, best-reviewed, or the most popular.Momondo shows you honest guest ratings and reviews so that you can check and be assured.

4. Hopper

Want to pre-plan your trip? Don’t worry, Hopper is one of the best Flight booking apps that has everything sorted for you. Hopper is the right app for you if you are almost a perfectionist and a planner. Hopper provides you with flight bookings 1 year in advance and with 95% accuracy! So, if you have a plan right now but time a year later, Hopper is one of the best flight booking apps that you can use. Pros

On-point accuracy on flights.Hold your pocket and save up to 40%.Search flights (both international and domestic) at your convenience.Find the cheapest deals with the best services to travelCompare services and amenities of different lines.Get a 24/7 support agent at your service.NO ADS, NO SPAM, and 100% FREE!


According to The New York Times, “ helps you figure out where you can fly within your budget.” So, it had to be on our list of best flight booking apps. is one of your phone’s best flight booking apps because it provides you with an exceptional travel experience. You can get it all here- flights, trains, and buses. Travel at your convenience. Isn’t this best Flight booking app of 2022 exactly what you were looking for? “So clever that once you understand how it works, you cannot help but be impressed.”-Business Insider Pros

Book everything- flights, trains, and busesGet the best bookings at the cheapest price.Filter by the duration of which you want to travelHave different booking options according to your pocket flexibilityGet 24/7 global customer support.

6. Travel Deals travel deals is another best choice for flight booking apps for iPhone in 2022. If you’re a travel bug and want to keep it all together, lets you do just the same. You can book your whole trip- flights, hotels, and even rental cars using Just use and manage all your bookings on the go! With all its features, is definitely one of the best flight booking apps of 2022. Travel deal is the highest-rated travel app on iOS. It manages your bookings on the go for flights, hotels, and whole vacations. If you intend to spend holidays, plan weekend getaways, or consider a business trip, this app will be a great companion. You are free to cancel out most of the bookings with zero cancellation charges. You can do paperless confirmations for last-minute stays with no booking or credit card fees. This is what makes it one of the best flight booking apps of 2022. Pros

Compare the hotels, prices, and facilities just on your iPhone.Search your accommodation. Choose what’s best for you.It takes proper care of your pocket. So, no worries on that part.See the hotel reviews with pictures so that you know if it’s legit or not.Get app-exclusive deals!

7. Cheap flights

Another amazing app that deserves mention among the Best Flight booking apps for 2022 is Cheap flights. It does what it says. Cheap Flights is best for you if you want to get your hands on the best and cheapest flight bookings. Not just that, get your hotels and rental cars booked as well! Pros

Get the best out of the best deals on cheap flights.Cheap flights give you the live status of your flight.

8. Orbitz flights, hotels, cars

Next on the list of best flight booking apps is Orbitz flights. If you have a last-minute trip to plan, Orbitz is the place for you. It has everything in one place so that you don’t have to do much of the work. You can book your flight, hotel, and rental cars- all in one place. Orbitz flights, hotels, and cars are your safe option among flight booking apps if you have to book hotels and cars along with Flight Pros

Orbitz has free cancellation on most of the deals if any changes in your plan happen.You get last-minute booking for your last-minute plans.You get easy to use the map view to find the right hotel, motel, and inns around you.You can book your activities with Orbitz to enjoy the locality without any stress.You can review and choose where you stay. Look at all the photos and ratings and book when fully assured.

9. Expedia

Last but not the least, Expedia is one of the best flight booking apps for iOS devices in 2022. Expedia has made everything so much easier for you. You can book your whole trip here. Be it the flight, or your hotel, or your car. If you’re up for a fun vacation, Expedia will tell you all the fun things to do so that you can spend the best quality time! Just when a last-minute local plan shows up, Expedia lets you get your car rental within 30 minutes! And this is what made Expedia the Webby for people’s voice- Best Travel App of 2022 Pros

Book a hotel with a free cancellation fee.Get travel advisory with ExpediaKeep on getting trip updates.No need to contact the support team every time. Get a virtual assistant with Expedia.Earn double Expedia reward points and redeem them on your next bookings.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the most trustworthy and the Best Flight Booking Apps in 2022 that can come in handy. There are no second thoughts that more applications are there which provide these services. If you intend to go for domestic flights, then Orbitz flights are best for you, but the recommended one is Expedia for international flights. Install these apps and enjoy amazing discounts on your tickets. I hope you found this insightful. Keep visiting Path of Ex, and do share your thoughts. Auf Wiedersehen, pass auf dich auf..!!


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