1. Math Solver

Brody Smith offers Math assignment help to students across the world. He suggests Math Solver is one of the best apps to solve Math problems at the high school level. Offered by Pham Khac Canh, Math solver is a free and easy-to-use app that offers step-by-step solutions. “Currently available in English and Vietnamese, you can use this app to get homework help with Math problems like trigonometry, rational and irrational equations, etc. Once you download this app, you can also use it offline,” says Brody.

2. AskIITians

Manisha Agrawal works with a site popular for providing essay help in the US. She is also an engineer from IIT Kanpur. She says, “AskIITians is a very popular exam preparation app amongst Indian students, it offers homework help, online tutoring, and doubt solving services for CBSE students and those who are preparing for competitive tests like JEE, NEET, and SAT exams.” AskIITians is also quite popular with study abroad aspirants in India. Students can check out this app for free video lectures by IITians (some of the best engineering institutes of India), the latest announcements, mock tests, and study notes.  You can also use this app for instant doubt-removal sessions. Its forums are quite active and as soon as you post your question there, you get instant solutions to them by peers and experts – along with sketches and diagrams as required. The moderators of its forums are quite active and make sure that you see the best answers on top.

3. Answer

This user-friendly free Android app can help you solve all your questions and clear all your doubts quickly. It works like a Question and Answer (Q&A) app. Assignment helper Charlotte Montana says, “I post assignment questions, programming challenges, and doubts on Answer app or AskMe app to find quick solutions. One can ask unlimited questions here.”

4. Photomath

Another app is Photomath. It is a free app that you can use online or offline to see exclusive how-to animations and step-by-step explanations to your Math problems here – from Arithmetic to Geometry to Advanced Calculus.

5. HelpMe

Victoria Maines, a Physics assignment help expert, suggests HelpMe see all the formulas you may need in one place. “This homework helper app is 100% free. You can find all Math, Physics, and Chemistry formulas here along with the basics of Biology in one place. It also includes a Pomodoro timer for your convenience. This app is more useful for high school students and above,” says Victoria.

6. Quora

Dissertation writing service expert Christian Booth recommends Quora to get high-quality answers to your questions. He says, “Quora is a powerful app that empowers people to seek and share knowledge. In my experience, it offers helpful, insightful, relevant answers from credible people. It helps me write custom essays for my clients that can win them good grades. Anyone can use to find answers on any subject or topic.”

7. Essay Custom Writing Service

Jasper Horst, a custom essay writing service provider, says, “If you are new to academic essay writing in English, you can try out this Android app. Here you can get fully customized essays with short sentences that are easy to edit. But their essays are too simple and may not be suitable for a graduate student.” You may use this app to buy short essays or find good essay ideas which you can elaborate later.

8. Bartleby Homework Helper

Llona Charles is a mother of two as well as a freelance assignment writer. She says, “If you are looking for textbook solutions or help with school homework, Bartleby is an easy-to-use app that offers 2.4 million+ textbook answers and solutions in several subjects, including Business, Math, Science, Social Science, and Engineering. Simply snap a photo and submit it and get a detailed response from subject matter experts in as little as 30 minutes!“

9. Mendeley

Mateer Neil, a research scholar working on his thesis in the US, highly recommends Mendeley. He says, “It is a great app to help you with writing your dissertation. It allows you to organize your literature and generate references for free. You can annotate your PDFs with highlights and sticky notes and sync them across our devices. It allows me to work while I am commuting and makes it a little easier to meet deadlines.“ Conclusion These were some of the applications that will help you in solving problems and completing your work on time. Make sure to use them wisely and at its full capacity. Also, let us know in the comment section below, which application your liked the most. Stay connected for more such content.


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