Twitch users communicate with one another using thousands of emotes per second to express a range of feelings and ideas. Even the most well-known Twitch emotes can be confusing to a beginner due to the sheer number of emotes available on Twitch. So understand & learn the 8 best & most used twitch emotes. You should know which twitch emote means what and which are the most used twitch emotes before you use them to express your emotions; otherwise, you and your emotions can lead to misunderstanding. So learn some of the best & most used twitch emotes in this article. So let’s scroll on further.

List Of 8 Most Used Twitch Emotes In  2022

Let’s look at the list of the top 8 most used twitch emotes with their proper meanings & usage.

1. Forsen5G

Total Users: 4,506,473,000 This most popular Twitch emote features the Forsen face, which is currently one of the most popular memes in the online community. It did not, however, reach number one by using conventional methods. That’s true, it’s been claimed that the top 3 entries of the below-given list of Most Used Twitch Emotes list all used bots to inflate the emote counts. So this forsen5G emote is at the top of the list of most used twitch emotes. Meaning & Usage: The use of this Twitch emote is comparable to that of the original “forsenE,” which Forsen’s admirers have employed to irritate, annoy, troll, and harass other communities on the platform.

2. HomyLol

Total Users: 4,200,000,000 This emote is definitely utilizing a bot to spam the emote as many times as it can to become a part of the most used twitch emotes, at a rate of more than 1,000 per second. This can be seen on the StreamElements website, where the figure has been surging rapidly for the past several days, apparently. The emote was created by an Italian streamer who specializes in gambling, although it’s unclear if the streamer or a fan is intentionally increasing the emote’s popularity.  Meaning & Usage: The streamer’s followers appear to use it, like the traditional smiling emoticon, to express their joy. Also, read How to Sell Twitch Graphics in 2022 | What & Why to Sell on Fiverr?

3. R )

Total Users: 3,747,006,000 Due to its extremely specialized use, this emote is the only one on the list without a defined purpose or usage. The picture is just a modified version of the platform’s iconic emoticon face with a patch over its left eye. This rise in usage can very well be the result of an automated machine spamming the emote as much as possible. This eye-patch-wearing emoticon was either very popular, or it was overused to the point where it displaced other entries on this list of most used twitch emotes.

4.  TriHard

Total Users: 3,741,593,000 This is a platform-approved emote that features the streamer TriHex’s face from an old photograph that was discovered in 2012. Meaning & Usage: It’s a way of showing excitement and is shown when a streamer makes a significant announcement. Thankfully, it is not frequently applied in a racist context. Also, read Actual MonkaW Meaning In Twitch | Origin, Controversy & More

5. ChipsaKEK 

Total Users: 3,492,196,000 This pixelated face may look familiar to certain people because it is based on the model for the KEKW emote. The Overwatch streamer ChipSA, who almost solely plays Overwatch, is the source creation of these emotes. Meaning & Usage: Like KEKW, it’s used to convey amusement at what’s happening in the stream or at what the viewer just typed.

6. Twitch Heart 

Total Users: 1,018,548,337 The Twitch heart emote is called a “Twitch purple” heart in colour. It became popular when BTS, a Kpop band, announced their love for their fans as Purple.   Meaning & Usage: It can be used to convey feelings of love, joy, harmony, thankfulness, or empathy. Also, read 10 Best Twitch View Bots To Grow Audiences And Views In 2022

7. MonkaS

MonkaS, one of the most popular Twitch emotes, is frequently used in the chat window by viewers to convey worry over anything occurring in the gaming streams. On every Twitch channel, you’re likely to see this emote being used, whether the viewer is actually feeling anxious or they are just caught up in the moment. Meaning & Usage: When a broadcaster is experiencing challenging or stressful gameplay moments, they frequently use the BTTV and FrankerFaceZ emote MonkaS in the Twitch chat. When streamers are agitated or anxious, they frequently spam to convey their anxiety.

8. MonkaW

When a player is engaged in a demanding game, this popular Twitch emote MonkaW is frequently repeated in chat. A zoomed-in variation of the MonkaS emote, which originally gained popularity on 4chan and then on Twitch chat, is used in this phrase. Meaning & Usage: The MonkaS emote has a zoomed-in counterpart called MonkaW. Both emotes FankerFaceZ and BTTV (Better Twitch TV) are frequently used when a streamer finds himself in a stressful circumstance. It can also be used to simulate anxiety. The artwork is based on the figure of Pepe the Frog who is sweating. This is why MonkW is among the list of most used twitch emotes. Also, read How To Change Your Twitch Name On The Mobile App | 9 Simple Steps!

Watch Most Used Twitch Emotes & Their Usage

What are Twitch Emotes & How To Use Twitch Emotes Correctly?

Twitch Emotes come in handy when there is a clear goal of an emotion or the proper usage in mind. For instance, LUL is frequently used when people are laughing, Kappa is frequently used when people are joking or being sarcastic, and HeyGuys is frequently used when people are introducing themselves. While spending time on Twitch and understanding the context usually suffices to teach you how to use the emotes naturally but you can also use this above-mentioned list of the most used twitch emotes. The most used twitch emotes on Twitch are forsen5G, homyLol – 4,200,000,000, R ), TriHard, chipsaKEK, Twitch Heart, MonkaS & MonkaW. Among these Forsen5G is the most used Twitch emote.

Wrapping Up

So this was the ultimate list of 8 Most Used Twitch Emotes with their proper usage and meanings. Hope you understood every emote clearly and use them according to the situation, and you can never go wrong. So that’s it. Don’t forget to check back Path of EX for more updates. 


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