As is clear, the original Wordle is all about having fun with a problem without going overboard, sort of like a passive mental workout to wake up your vocabulary every day. If you couldn’t win the day’s Wordle, your kids still have plenty of chances to get even by winning other games like Wordle for kids. These educational and mentally taxing online word games can be played by the entire family, and some parents might even prefer them to the originals.  Several games like wordle for kids of different reading levels are available online. Although some of them could be too difficult for them. Early children who love words grow up as lifelong readers and geeks. This is because playing with words and playing word games makes kids love words. In this article, we have gathered the top 8 games like Wordle for kids. Continue reading to know them.

Top Wordle For Kids | Wordle Games Your Kids Must Play

This list of top 8 games like Wordle for kids can be very beneficial for your kid too. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Wordle for Kids

Wordle for kids resembles the original Wordle the most. The main distinction is that youngsters can still play after finishing the word puzzle. They save to their profile data like victory streaks, win percentages, and the number of games played.  Also, read 10 Fascinating Games Like Heardle | Heardle Alternatives

2. Kindle

Then, we have Kindle which is a great game just like Wordle for kids. There is a free Kindle app for Apple and Android as well as a browser-based game. Users can pick between 3-letter and 4-letter words and can choose the maximum number of guesses from 4 to 8. Play is unrestricted.

3. Spellie

Each day, Spellie offers three distinct words of varying complexity, which can be beneficial, just like wordle for kids. Easy just comprises four letters, the first of which is one the player already knows. Without the initial letter being revealed, the medium difficulty has five letters. Hard has words of six letters, some of which lack the initial letter. Kids receive an emoji when they correctly guess a word. The collection tab allows them to view all of the cool ones they’ve gathered. Also, read 10 Intriguing Games Like Dordle | Dordle Alternatives

4. Wordle Jr.

This Wordle for kids is simpler to play than many of the others on this list. It’s simply a 4-letter term instead of a 5-letter one, and you get seven guesses. Two hints are also permitted. Each day a new word is added. This is a terrific first game to play with young children who are just beginning to spell. 

5. Foodle

In the fifth position, we have Foodle on the list of games like Wordle for kids. Food-related terms are present in this mouthwatering Wordle edition. Because there is only one Foodle every day, as opposed to some other games on this list, youngsters learn to like the game and check in regularly. Also, read 10 Best Word Games Like Canuckle | Canuckle Alternatives

6. ESL Wordle

Eight categories are available for children to choose from irregular verbs, prepositions, the body, food, sports, countries, and animals. When a word is finished, a new one will immediately appear. It is a far more enjoyable approach to learning English than phonics worksheets! Try this Wordle for kids now!

7. Wordle Play

For young children from practically any place in the world, here is a Wordle kiddie version. Wordle for Kids is a proudly self-sufficient Wordle version that boasts 18 different built-in dictionaries to pique the attention of young players worldwide in word games. Also, read 10 Word Puzzle Games Like AntiWordle | AntiWordle Alternatives

8. Flaggle

Do you consider understanding national flags to be cool knowledge to possess when we’re talking about learning experiences? If you nod in agreement, then take advantage of this opportunity to provide your child with the knowledge without any hassle or stress.  Every day, participants are given the randomly selected flag of any country, which they must decipher in six tries in the daily guessing game known as Flaggle. This can be a great replacement for Wordle for kids. Also, read 10 Puzzle Games Like Quordle | Quordle Alternatives

Wrapping Up

So, this was all about the best games like Wordle for kids. Let us know which one is your favorite and why in the comment section below. Keep sharing this article on the best games like Wordle for kids with your fellow gamers. Also, stay tuned to the Path Of EX website for more such details. Happy Gaming!


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