Uncharted is a game famous for its third-person, single-player, action-adventurous nature. Uncharted players are fascinated with its story-rich plots. There are games available that will provide you with the same type of experience. Well, nothing to worry about, certain games are having the same interesting features as games like Uncharted. Make sure to read the article till the end to gather vivid information about them.

Top 8 Games Like Uncharted You Must Give A Try

Here we have sorted the best games like Uncharted, which are caple of providing the level of attraction you are looking for. Let’s see what are they.

1. Tomb Raider

If you are a fan of pc games like uncharted, playing Tomb Raider will give you a mind-blowing adventurous experience. The reason why it is compared with games like uncharted is because of its-

Impressive storylineCaptivating settingSense of pacingFocus on immense detailingDazzling graphics

2. Assassin’s Creed

Another one of the most exciting games is Assassin’s Creed. Here are the features why you can try this as a fan of games like uncharted for pc.

A diverse range of civilizations. Kinds of missions. Actual Ancient Egypt Wide Open.Advanced graphics.Smooth controlling system.Strong story ground.

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3. Batman Arkham Series

Batman Arkham Series is a great alternate for people who love to play games like Uncharted.

The Batman Arkham video game series by Rocksteady is unparalleled in quality. The gripping narrative of the Dark Knight defending Gotham is told in the grim, grimy open-world games. As a lover of games like uncharted, you will have these amazing features in Batman Arkham Series. The well-written story, the character designs, and even just the game regions that players will explore in Arkham City’s virtual environment all make for enjoyable experiences. It is not surprising that the game has gotten widespread praise, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t put it at the top of your list of must-play games.

4. Just Cause 4

Here are the reasons why Just Cause 4 will give you a feel like playing uncharted.

Just Cause 4 is a delightful ride of mayhem and turmoil because of its over-the-top actions and characters. Part of what makes the characters in games like Uncharted so endearing is the way they respond to bizarre circumstances. You can’t be serious all the time after all if you’re running after a legend that may or may not lead you to a treasure trove while being shot at by a bunch of people. If you enjoy the tone and action of Uncharted, Just Cause 4 elevates it to a new level with a protagonist named Rico who resembles Nathan Drake’s long-lost sibling.

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5. Far Cry 4

An uncharted lover must give a try to Far Cry 4 because Far cry 4 is an amazing game like Uncharted that has many intriguing features.

You can’t go wrong with Far Cry 4 if you want more action-packed adventures in a dangerous location. The sheer size of the environment you may explore makes it worthwhile even though the plot isn’t as good as in games like Uncharted. You’ll have plenty of chances to drive a vehicle throughout the huge Kyrat landscapes if you enjoyed doing so in Uncharted.

6. The Last of Us

The storyline of ‘Last of Us’ is set in a post-epidemic situation. As per the story, a real-life parasitic fungus has turned large numbers of people into a raving horde called “the infected”. If you love playing games like Uncharted, Last of Us will be your next favourite and here is why:

Impressive detailing of visualsAttractive environmentsGreat emotional portrayalsRealistic expression of the charactersGreat image qualityApt use of dynamic and ambient light sources Realistic charactersHigh-quality animationExtensive use of AI

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7. God of war

Uncharted and God Of War both employ a similar strategy, but God Of War places a strong emphasis on melee fighting. Nevertheless, it’s a third-person, linear, character-driven action-adventure game. It also has several cuts, a huge cinematic value, and a linear design over many episodes.   Here are some reasons why you would prefer God of War if you are a fan of games like Uncharted:

Stunning and beautiful visualVariety of backgroundsChance to explore beautiful locations like Midgard- Lake of Nine, Alfheim – Ringed Temple, The realm of fire – Muspelheim, Niflheim – the Maze, Midgard – Witch’s cave etc.Full of adventure and mysteryInteresting charactersAn epic storylineYou will get a consistent forward rhythm experience from the game as it happens in a single shot.

8. Quantum Break

Another fascinating game that deserves to be mentioned among games like Uncharted is Quantum Break. Here is why an uncharted lover would prefer Quantum Break:

Quantum Break is a fantastic substitute for games like Uncharted if you’re looking for another story-driven adventure that takes a different turn.As a dramatic action-packed experience, the fighting isn’t a million miles from the gun-toting action of Uncharted, except that here you have time-bending skills you can employ to identify enemies and evade bullets. It has a distinct vibe because it’s more of a sci-fi adventure than treasure hunting in exotic locations, but you’ll still climb your way through places and engage in a lot of third-person shooting.

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Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the best recommendations for you to help you in your search for adventurous games like Uncharted. To select games like Uncharted you need to list down the attractive features of Uncharted first. For example, you can look for the same plot which will be story-rich, a mix of fiction, history, fantasy and folklore.  Hopefully, the above-mentioned games will give you an overall noteworthy experience in terms of scenarios, platforming, exploration, cinematic value, and character-driven stories just like you get in playing games like Uncharted.


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