The significance of cybersecurity and business security are commonly discussed during the stages of budget allocation and planning. However, companies need to realize that implementing basic security measures such as installing antiviruses and firewalls is not enough today.  This is because cyber threats have greatly grown in strategy, scope, and sophistication. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to clearly understand the magnitude of cybercrimes to realize the growing need and increasing demand for cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Statistics 

It is estimated that damage due to cybercrimes will cost nearly 6 trillion dollars by 2021. However, a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers revealed that at least eighty countries were not prepared to handle cyberattacks. Most cybercriminals usually target healthcare, transportation, financial, government, and manufacturing industries.  Another study revealed that approximately 3.8 billion records are being stolen from businesses every day due to cybercrimes. Therefore, businesses must implement the best cybersecurity measures to protect their confidential data and to prevent the chances of a cyberattack.

Tips To Boost the Cybersecurity of Your Company 

The first and most important thing businesses need to do is understand that cyberattacks put your company at greater risk. Your company will lose data and suffer financial losses and customer trust, which can be quite hard to regain once lost. Here is how you can boost your company’s cybersecurity. 

Two-Step Verification 

Using two-step verification will help businesses prevent cybercriminals and hackers from accessing business and personal accounts even if they have stolen the password. Two-step verification will prompt users to perform an additional action after entering their password.  In most cases, when users enter their password, the two-step verification system will send a text message to the registered phone number. The text message will contain a random and unique code, which must be entered to complete the log-in.

Backup Data 

It is integral for every business to have an excellent data backup implementation strategy and plan. If not, then there are chances for your business to lose all confidential and critical data due to a cyberattack. For example, if your business is exposed to a ransomware attack, it may delete all data.  Businesses that come with a sound data backup plan will not have to worry about such attacks. That said, it is best to avoid storing data in one single place because there is a risk of data loss if that place gets hacked or breaks down. 

Educate Employees 

One of the most important things businesses can do to prevent cyberattacks is to properly educate their employees and staff about the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches. Unfortunately, several employees do not understand that their actions can compromise the cybersecurity of their company.  It would be best if you made sure that all employees do the following things.

Use two-step verificationNever share passwords with anyoneChange passwords once every three monthsDo not open suspicious emailsBackup data whenever possible  


It is also critical for businesses of all sizes to install an SSL certificate. It would help if you remembered that no website security strategy is complete without an SSL certificate.  SSL certificates will offer protection to the communication, which happens between the browser and servers. This means that the communication between the browsers and the servers will be encrypted. Businesses often run multiple subdomains such as,, etc., under one main domain( If they start buying separate single-domain SSL certs for each new first-level subdomain that they add, it will become a costly affair. The Comodo wildcard SSL certificate is the answer to such issues. With this single cert, businesses can secure unlimited first-level subdomains under the chosen primary domain at an extremely low cost. 

Use The Updated Version of Antivirus Software 

Most people often whine about how the latest antivirus software update has slowed down their laptop or computer. As a result, several individuals are hesitant to install new updates to avoid such issues but using an older version of the antivirus software is not a good idea.  Developers regularly update antivirus software systems for addressing structural weaknesses and to improve their efficiency. The updated version of antivirus software systems will also contain new features for countering progressions in computer viruses. 

Do Not Ignore Physical Security 

As more and more businesses have focused on website security and cybersecurity, they often tend to ignore physical security. However, if you want to ensure greater security to your business, you should never overlook physical security issues or risks.  There are several different types of physical security lapses, and some of the most common ones are as follows.

Writing down passwordsStoring sensitive and confidential business data in the openRogue employees with access to sensitive business files

Always Use Strong and Unique Passwords 

Strong and unique passwords will offer great protection to your business from cyberattacks and data breaches. Encouraging your staff and employees to use such strong and hard-to-crack passwords that feature a combination of special, numeric, and alphabetic characters is something that all businesses should do.  Final Thoughts  Most modern companies operating digitally do not have the luxury of choosing if they want to implement cybersecurity measures.  In other words, implementing cybersecurity measures is essential for all businesses because hackers and cybercriminals can target anyone. 


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