Launched in March 2020, Clubhouse surely is on the verge of getting viral. At first, I wasn’t sure if this is a truly useful app or just a toxic one like every other social media app. But as I used it myself, Clubhouse is nothing of the sort internet users have ever seen before! Your only medium for communication is through your voice. It might sound weird but trust me it’s not. This app has great potential to grow and many people have already started their money-making journey on Clubhouse. So what are you waiting for?  Let’s start the insider tips on How to get more followers on Clubhouse and it won’t be long before you are a Clubhouse Influencer. 

How to Get More Followers on Clubhouse in 2022? 

Gaining more followers isn’t easy but it isn’t really tough if you look into it. Just a little bit of consistency (no need to be there every day) and playing around with the app can boost your reach to millions. Don’t believe me? Use the app for 2 days and tell me you’re not addicted.  

1. Start Early

The first step to getting more followers on Clubhouse would definitely be starting on the app early. It is still not too late. Getting on Clubhouse early will not only give a boost to your account but will also give you enough time to gain followers on Clubhouse.  Since the Clubhouse app is still invitation-based, you will basically get exclusive access to the app. Get on it early so that you will be rewarded later. Remember people who got on TikTok early had more followers. The same is the case with Clubhouse.  Checkout, Top 10 Most Followed Accounts On TikTok If you are a Social media enthusiast, then there is no chance you can miss being on the Clubhouse app. So get on Clubhouse right now! 

2. Choose Your Clubhouse Profile Pic Wisely

Now, as you might know, Clubhouse doesn’t work on sharing text messages or calls, the only audio sounds are allowed on the app. So every little thing that is in your control becomes super important. That means you can and should use your profile picture to get more followers on Clubhouse.  While choosing your Profile picture on Clubhouse make sure you think smartly. Your background in the picture, your pose, eye contact, and picture quality are extremely important. If you present yourself as an artist, make sure your art pieces are displayed in some way in your profile picture, either on your background wall or in some other way. You might be interested in How to Make Money on Instagram with 500 Followers? It’s a great place to get creative. Adjust the borders of your picture according to the frame on the app. This way anyone who drops to your account will get a hint of your identity. If they relate then can follow you and thus profile pictures can help you to gain followers on Clubhouse. 

3. Optimize Your Clubhouse Bio

As I said before, Clubhouse gives you a small space to act. You cannot put stories like Instagram on the app.  Audio is the only medium of communication. In this case, you should optimize your Clubhouse bio as much as you can.   Also Read, Discover 5 Best Social Media Platforms to Make Money in 2021 Write a short and crisp introduction about yourself, your awards, and your skills. Make sure you include words in your bio that define your identity, like Artist, Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer, or any profession you are in. This will attract the right audience towards you.  Your audience will know who you are and what you do from your bio, so make sure you utilize it fully to get more followers on Clubhouse. 

4. Invite Influencers to the Clubhouse

You get inside the Clubhouse through an invitation only. As you stay active on the app, you will be granted 3 extra invites. Yes, you will be able to invite three more people. If you have reached up to here on Clubhouse, hold on and think. There might be a way for you to gain followers on Clubhouse using your 3 invites.  Clubhouse really takes into notice whether you are devoted to the platform or not. If you invite an influencer to the platform, they will make a good impact on the app through hallways or conversations in rooms. If that happens Clubhouse will recognize you as a trusted user and will boost your account even more.  Don’t miss out on the List of the 50 Most Followed Accounts on Instagram Moreover, Clubhouse gives credits to the users who invited more people to the app. If you open any profile on Clubhouse you will see Nominated by XYZ. So if an influencer is invited by you, then their profile will also specify your account in the same way. Hence making a way for you to get more followers on Clubhouse. 

5. Attend and Raise Your Hand

Another great way to get more followers on Clubhouse is by actual communication. Luckily at Clubhouse, there is no end to talking and talking. Use all the features of the Clubhouse app abundantly and make sure you attend different conversations.  When you attend and join a room, you try to be as inclusive as you can be. Don’t just listen, Raise your hand, and if you get the chance, add value to the conversation. Ask questions, give your constructive view and express gratitude for giving you a chance to speak up. I got many followers while I was during a chatroom, I think it was because of my communication and insight.  Raising a hand and putting value to a conversation will undoubtedly lead you to gain followers on Clubhouse. 

5.1 Pitch Yourself Wisely

When given the chance to talk, you will do it smartly. In the first 10 seconds, you will tell about yourself, no detailed introduction is needed. Just a few things about yourself, who are you what you do and what do you wanna talk about.  People won’t even just love it, they will be glued to you because of your exact verbal communication and contribution to the convo. Eventually leading you to get more followers on Clubhouse. 

6. Host Panels

After getting your hand around the app, you would want to have your conversation on Clubhouse. Now you see not many speakers/moderators give chances to users to talk. In this kind of space, when audiences don’t get the chance to talk around often, you can follow a different format to gain followers on Clubhouse.  Do you know Instagram Is Working On Its Own Clubhouse Clone: Guidelines? Make a room with your following friends, make all the speakers on the panel Moderators, add an MC to host the event. Whenever a member wants to say anything they will raise their hands, after completing their question, the MC pushes them down to the listener level. This format makes everything sorted and easy.  You don’t need to make your Clubhouse awkward and full of all kinds of voices (trust me, I know). So, try this format and see if this works for you. I am sure you will definitely get more followers on Clubhouse by using this format.  

7. Apply to Form a Club

On the Clubhouse app, there are many Clubs based on the same interests, and people of that niche can join them. This can help you gain followers on Clubhouse immensely. As you will be getting yourself into a group full of people, that like what you like plus if you prove to be of a little value they might give you follow.  Think about it, at the end, it’s just about how much present you are at the platform. On how many different places you are seen. If you make yourself available to as many groups (or clubs in this case), I am 100% sure,  you will get more followers on Clubhouse.

Wrapping Up

To get more followers on Clubhouse, you will need to get on the app ASAP, get a nice profile, set your niche and start communicating right away. Conversations are the most influencing factor in the process to gain followers on Clubhouse. This is the perfect time for you to get in the app and make your way to the top. It’s almost like now or never. So don’t miss any chance of using the new app. Hope this write-up helped you to get more followers on Clubhouse. Drop a comment down below. Stay Home! Stay Safe!


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