The problem is that even though the number of employment sites has multiplied, it does not mean their quality is better. Thus, a certain scale is required to make it possible to filter beneficial job search sources from idle ones.  Since the use of the Internet assumes the speed of the result and ease of manipulation, you mustn’t end up digging the web in search of your dream job. There exist several main pointers that will help assess the performance of a particular platform. This article is aimed at explaining all of them to you. But before learning all the useful tips, make sure to craft a winning resume. It will help you win the attention of potential employers at first sight.  Nowadays, the creation of a quality resume to get promoted is painless. Resume experts from Skillhub help applicants invest in their careers by composing professional documents that open the way to a better future. Indeed, addressing career advice experts does not require any unbearable effort. But it significantly increases one’s chances to get more interviews.

User Friendliness

Who would doubt that clear and simple navigation always attracts users? Overloading with information and lack of brevity in the construction of the interface – all this frightens off the applicant. Thus, it cannot but affect the popularity of the resource. Moreover, a decent career service must be equipped with an applicant tracking system. This will ensure data automation and an efficient applicant tracking process. To simplify the process of a job application, a good website provides its users with filters. They can be used to shorten the list of potential vacancies. By using such filters, you let the system know about your career field, key skills, accomplishments, experiences, desired salary, possible duties, preliminary training, and occupations.

Number of Posted Resumes

Another criterion that shows the real popularity of the platform is the number of resumes posted and the statistics of new applications per day. Together with a high rating of targeted visits, this pointer can be an excellent indicator of a resource’s effectiveness. A good site must engage in a constant process of updating. It must cooperate with hiring managers, recruiting firms, laborers, scan a job market to get the hottest vacancies, and post them as quickly as possible.

Narrow Specialization

Sometimes, a pointer for a quality job site can be its narrow specialization. For example, the platform is aimed at hiring IT or finance specialists. In this case, its specialization is already a certain filter – and here, you can safely rely on the statistics of resumes and visits. Actually, the types of specialization may vary depending on the target audience. It may be a website hiring humans for online jobs. Or it may recruit individuals only with high school diplomas who cannot boast extensive work experience. It’s also valuable when a website provides some practical recommendations on how to land a job, impress a recruiter, occupy the desired position, and ensure professional growth. 

“Age” of the Website

It is impossible not to mention such an indicator as its lifetime on the market and the objective activity of users. Of course, well-promoted “long-livers” attract more than fresh jobs websites. Yet, you need to correctly differentiate them and understand that something that has been familiar for a long time does not always work well. Similarly, new projects sometimes provide even more reliable and up-to-date information.

Honest Responses from Real People

A quality website is always full of reviews from people using it. If there is a section where you can discuss issues with people already employed, get professional help, and learn about current demands in the job market, it is a good sign.

Thought-Out System of Communication 

People always want to get feedback as quickly as possible, especially when they apply for a dream job. If the platform is equipped with ATS bots, it must also provide quick responses and ensure communication links between a recruiter and a potential employee. A good job search website must be a platform where HR can automatically land an interview with suitable candidates.  Information for contacting the site administrators should be available for all users. For this purpose, several options may be used: communication via email, by phone number, or through an online consultant. High-quality feedback helps stand out among other work platforms.

Structure of the Site

The site should be well organized so that a visitor can easily find information on a topic of interest through the system of tabs. Of course, a potential applicant is not ready to dive into the complex system of transitions from one page to another. The user prefers simple and straightforward solutions.

Wrapping Up

Searching for a job is easier than it may seem at first sight. However, despite the availability of many resources for finding a workplace, some of them are not reliable and convenient. Before sending your applications to all possible platforms, look through the pointers of a good website. When realizing that a perfect platform is found, don’t hesitate to use all its potential. About the Author Perla Aroyo Content Writer at Skillhub with more than five years of experience in the resume writing service industry. My primary specialization is English and Marketing, but I write on a great number of other topics.


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