Sharing your ideas, thoughts, concepts, and practices virtually is no less than a challenge for many as the audience is not physically present. Presentation creators often have a difficult time creating and delivering presentations for remote audiences. Since the traditional PowerPoint provides only a limited set of slide features, it limits the creativity of the presenter in unimaginable ways. Well, worry not! Are you looking forward to making your next project kickoff meeting a whopping success? Let’s move ahead and explore must-have tools that make virtual meetings a treat for the audience by fostering an engaging presentation experience.

1. Prezi

Prezi is one of a kind presentation tool that provides you a plethora of unique slide benefits. With Prezi, you can boost your meetings by creating slides that are not only zoomable but can be dynamically arranged. The platform allows you to organize your thoughts and present them clearly in the form of beautiful end presentation slides. Being a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, Prezi allows you to create information-rich presentations backed by rich visuals, audio, and video, all remotely. With Prezi, you can get your hands on more choices of sharing. Presenters can host their presentations in the public domain or can also share the slides with their peers, students, bosses, and more. Hence, right from gathering slides, picking the visuals, crafting the slides to presentation hosting, Prezi takes care of it all. Don’t forget to spell check your slides with Prezi’s powerful text editor and spelling checker tool!

2. SlideModel

PowerPoint today has become a vital tool in almost every sector. Be it education, finance, sales, or marketing, a persuading PowerPoint presentation can draw a line between a successful venture and a missed opportunity. SlideModel is one of the biggest providers of state-of-the-art, corporate-grade PowerPoint presentations templates on the internet. The platform houses over 20,000+ high-quality PowerPoint templates that can help you accomplish goals in your virtual meetings.  Be it pitching to a group of evangelists, wooing the audience, or explaining the company’s performance in the last quarter, the platform has a vast repository of pixel-perfect templates. Often presenters struggle to create slides that initiate a call to action. With SlideModel, you can leverage the ready-to-use design, put quality content in the placeholders and move straight to presentation delivery. SlideModel also provides lucrative presentation 3D vector visuals, backgrounds & shapes.

3. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is another popular cloud-based presentation tool that lets presenters around the world create, collaborate, publish and broadcast their presentations. The platform brings aboard presentation elements such as graphics, videos, charts, and tables under the same dashboard and lets you use them dynamically in your slides. Zoho Show allows an in-house collaboration as well. You can connect with your peers, add comments and make real-time changes to the presentation. What sets Zoho Show apart from other presentation tools is its platform-independent ability. You can use the platform through Desktop, Android & iOS apps like a breeze. Zoho unlocks your access to quality customizable templates, a dedicated media library, animations, collaboration tools, audio files, video support, and much more. Professionals can come up with quality presentations without putting in much effort.  

4. Visme

Often presentation creators don’t have the knack for design or struggle to create slides that can woo the audience. Visme is a one-stop destination for creating intriguing infographics and other imagery. The platform helps you visually stimulate interest in the audience through high-quality, pixel-perfect slides. You can create detailed charts, reports, banners, and wireframes. Thus, rather than overwhelming the audience with raw, analytical data, presenters can showcase information engagingly. The platform provides you with superior data visualizations, interactivity slide elements, animations & animated graphics. At Visme, you can explore animated graphics in categories such as gestures, characters, and illustrations. Hence, whatever is the goal of your presentation, you can back your content with quality imagery in all aspects. All slides are 100% editable! You can edit the slides on the move and match your company’s branding without any hassle.

5. Canva

Canva is a design-oriented presentation platform aimed at making presentation endeavors simple for marketing and sales professionals. As soon as you land on Canva, you can start creating your masterpiece through stock templates. With over 30 million users, Canva is emerging as the leading choice for presentation and design enthusiasts across the globe. Canva has never-seen-before photo effects, 400,000+ templates, 75+ million visuals, natural stickers, shapes & icons. Moreover, Canva has a dedicated font library where you can search for your favorite typographies and find dozens of options to choose from. Canva has the popular drag-and-drop feature as well. Simply pick images, animations, and other elements from the sidebar and drop them on your slide template. Canva allows you to create a presentation in minutes. Not to forget, popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In & Tumblr are integrated with Canva and allow one-click social media sharing.

6. Google Slides

Google Slides today has become a leading choice of presentation creators for connecting and collaborating with teams sitting time zones away! The online software has become a cornerstone for presentation delivery, be it in-person or remote. You can leverage Google Slides for your virtual meetings and create engaging presentations in no time. What sets Google Slides apart from other presentation tools is that the platform supports real-time collaboration between people. You and your peer can sit together, create intuitive, information-rich slides, that too over the internet. When it comes to presentation delivery, you can leverage Google Slides to make webinars, investor pitches, board meetings, and other virtual gatherings a success! Moreover, since all Google services are backed from Google Drive, your changes are saved in the background on a real-time basis & you never lose them! This adds the flexibility to share the slides with different team members. You can specify relevant permission groups such as Viewer or Editor as per your custom needs. Hence, Google Slides makes it a piece of cake to present your ideas and woo the audience like never before.

7. Slack

Slack is one of the most popular and widely used team communication platforms in the world. We all have used or interacted with other professionals over Slack at some point in time. As we all know, Slack is primarily known for fostering superior team communication. However, the platform is also a popular choice for presentation collaboration and delivery. The platform makes collaboration a breeze for team members and allows them to create presentations as amazing as they can be.  With Slack, you can connect with peers, post the presentation drafts, gather feedback and make necessary amends on the move. Presenters can set up a channel among team members and discuss the presentation content or layout. Moreover, you can post updates about your seminar or meeting on your Slack channel and keep the audience up-to-date about the important day! Slack also allows you to integrate your work with Google Drive & GitHub. Thus, you can bring substantial value to your technical discussions with this Software as a Service (SaaS). The End Line The above tools help you create compelling presentations, effectively deliver them and inspire the audience for good. One should note that the goal is to engage with the audience beyond the typical bullet-points slides and generate real value for them. Leverage the unique features of these tools to create slides that can have a lasting impact on your viewers.


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