Some of the popular precast concrete products are Foundations that include Isolated footings, Pocket footings, Combined footings, and Precast piles. The structural beams include RCC beams, Prestressed beams, and Shell beams. Slabs include RCC slabs, Prestressed Hollow Core Slabs, Prestressed Solid slabs, Double Tee Slabs, and Waffle Slabs. Walls include Load Bearing External walls, Nonload Bearing Walls, Precast staircases, Precast stormwater drain, Precast stairs and landings, Ground beams, and Precast concrete balconies. Here is the list that will give you a brief idea about various concrete products. 

Retaining Walls 

You can easily find the precast concrete retaining walls in different settings. These walls include commercial walls, residential building walls, earth panels, sea walls, etc. There are various ways through which retaining walls can be constructed to get the installation easier. 

Structural Components 

Precast Concrete is used in the internal structure of the buildings including floors, beams, foundations, and walls. It is also used in various decorative elements of the building such as fireplaces. Precast concrete is generally used in the retaining walls in the buildings. It is used due to its handling capacity during the construction of a building. Precast concrete is always considered strong enough for such applications. 

Drainage and Wastage solution 

The application of precast concrete is also found in various storm and drainage management structures. These structures include catch basins and manholes. Precast concrete is also used in various underground installations which carries the wastewater away from the businesses and homes. Most of the time it is also used to store the liquid waste before its conversion into the non-toxic state. Hence precast concrete is largely seen using in the construction of pits, tanks, and wells. 

Car Parks 

Most of the multi-story car parking structures are made with precast concrete products. Here the concrete is used for various columns, interior wall paneling, slabs, girders, stairwells, wall panels, etc. Here the separate parts used in the structure of car parking are lifted and slotted into respective places with the help of specialist equipment. 

Transportation Structures 

You would have also seen the precast concrete used in various transportation realms such as barriers that are placed alongside the road or the cordon-off structures of the road. It is widely used in the construction of tunnels, car parks, sound barriers, railway crossings, underpasses, and underground stations. A precast concrete system is also used to protect the buildings from intentional or accidental damage which can be caused due to vehicle strikes. 


Precast concrete structures are also used to protect various communication installations from the environment. Apart from this it also helps to protect the environment from these types of utilities. Most of the time precast concrete system is used for the construction of boxes, transformer vaults, boxes, poles, bases, utility poles, etc. Precast concrete is always considered to be safe for the environment. Apart from this it also helps to contain the contaminants as well as the other risks such as fire. 

Agricultural Use 

Another popular precast concrete application is for constructing agricultural structures. Precast concrete material is known to be ideal for agricultural structures. Precast concrete is always considered a strong and durable material that can withstand rough weather conditions as well as temperatures. Hence it is known to be the ideal one for the buildings which need to face the elements. Some of these products include grain stores, silos, retaining walls, walls, storage bays for feed, fencing, security panels, feed troughs, etc. 


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