Online multiplayer arenas require tactics, strategies, and teamwork, to out best your enemy in order to win the game. Be the ultimate asset to your team with the best iOS MOBA games playable over your iPhones and iPads.  The basic idea of these MOBAs is the same. Choose a unique character with special moves and powers and team up with players worldwide in one of the epic and immersive action-filled gameplay. Read along to figure out the 7 best MOBA games for iPhone and iPad.

7 Best MOBA Games for iPhone and iPad in 2022

With PC-like action and gameplay, these mobile MOBAs have set a benchmark among their own genre. With the original PC developers entering the smartphone gaming scene, these multiplayer battle arenas are growing in terms of popularity with some of them including Vainglory, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Paladins Strike, and more. Some of these games also have a foot in the competitive esports scenario which clearly explains the craze behind MOBA games. Now, without further ado, let’s dive right into the main part of our article and check out the best MOBA games for iPhones and Ipads.

1. Vainglory

Vainglory is an award-winning Best Mobile Game. With its cross-platform accessibility, Vainglory made it easily on our list. The ultimate MOBA game lets you team up with your friends and take on battles with other players across the world over desktops or mobiles. Vainglory comes with one of the best action modes ranging from fun spars in 5-minute BRAWLs to more competitive 25-minute 5v5 battles. You can choose among a roster of over 48 unique heroes and outsmart your enemies in one of the best graphics-supported gameplay with up to 120FPS. App Store Rating: 4.7/5Developer: Super Evil MegacorpReleased: 2014

2. Arena of Valor

If you want to show off your skills, Arena of Valor is the game for you. Look out for threats while uncovering the secrets of the jungle in this classic 3-laned arena battle. Experience one of the best action MOBA gameplay against real players in 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1 battle modes.  Explore and select among a set of over 100 characters with special abilities and assemble your perfect team to crush the enemy and be the ultimate victor. If you want to enjoy fast and short action-packed matches under 10 minutes, give this a try. App Store Rating: 4.7/5Developer: TiMi StudiosReleased: 2016

3. Paladins Strike

Choose your Paladin among 20+ characters or champions, each with their own weapon and special abilities, and go on a Paladin Strike. Show off your unique style with looks ranging from pirates to rockstars, and many more.  With the traditional MOBA gameplay, experience real-time 5v5 battles against players from around the world. Join the adventure in an exciting fantasy world of the Paladins is one of the best MOBA games for iPhone. Developer: Hi-Rez StudiosReleased: 2018

4. League of Legends: Wild Rift

The next game on the list is still inaccessible and under pre-registration across most of the globe. As the mobile version of the already famous League of Legends, Wild Rift has gained massive traction in the MOBA universe. Experience similar PC-like action of the classic 5v5 arena on your iOS device/smartphone. To turn the tides of the game in your favor,  develop your character’s skills and strategize your gameplay with tactics to outplay your enemy. App Store Rating: 4.1/5Developer: Riot GamesReleased: Beta, 2021

5. Heroes Evolved

With Heroes Evolved, enjoy one of the best strategy and action MOBA gameplays. Choose from over 100 unique heroes and team up to battle against real players from all over the world. Enjoy the classic PC-like MOBA experience on your iOS devices. Select your play style from Assassin to Support and make the most of your skills, and intelligence to survive in 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and other custom modes. Outsmart and destroy your enemies in intense battles with your best strategies and excellent teamwork. App Store Rating: 3.4/5Developer: NetDragon Websoft IncReleased: 2017

6. Heroes of Order and Chaos

Team up with your friends in the exceptionally rich and addictive gameplay of Heroes of Order and Chaos. Choose from 57 unique Heroes and upgrade equipment while working on your skills to overpower your enemies and be the ultimate victor.  Enjoy fast-paced battles with real players around the world. Choose between 3 maps in 5v5, 3v3, and 1v1 modes and battle it out against enemies in one of the best immersive MOBA games for iPhone. App Store Rating: 4.4/5Developer: GameloftReleased: 2011

7. Legend of Ace

Legend of Ace provides an ultimate MOBA action with extremely detailed graphics. Team up and battle it out in the action-packed 5v5 mode in under 10 minutes. You can choose from a variety of characters with roles like Tank, Healer, Shooter, Mage, and Ganker. Overpower your enemy while developing your skills and carry your team to victory with teamwork, intelligence, and strategies in one of the best MOBA games for iPhone and iPad. App Store Rating: 4.5/5Developer: Still Gaming 

Wrapping Up

This concludes our article on the best MOBA games for iPhone and iPad. Each game on the list brings out the amazing PC-like arena action in the palms of our hands with rich and detailed graphics and action-packed gameplay. Let us know your favorite MOBA mobile games in the comment section below.


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