Grand Theft Auto has been a long-running series that actually has a lot of solid mainline titles under its wings. Even if you end up completing all the interactions, you would automatically end up looking for something more. It’s quite a decade since the previous iteration was released, and waiting for the next one isn’t that easy.  It’s a good thing that there are a bunch of games like GTA which would help distract you from the horrendous waiting period for the next part of the GTA series. This is why let’s not make you wait anymore and let’s dig into the list of top seven games that could act as GTA alternatives. 

Best Free Games Like GTA To Have Your Fill Of Thrill | iOS, Android, PC

We’ve mentioned all the best and leading games like GTA in the following list, which you should definitely not miss out on. Check out these GTA Alternative games and comment on which game you think is the best?

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Developer: Rockstar Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One It’s pretty obvious as to why this one is on the list of best games like GTA. Both the GTA series and the Red Dead are made by the same studio. Even with the early 20th-century setting, the Red Dead Redemption 2 (and the previous one as well) epitomize the values of the freedom of players in a wide free world which feels too real. In simple words, you can just take this game as Grand Theft Auto (just with a bunch of horses).

2. Saints Row: The Third

Developer: Volition Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch Saints Row actually began as a dull copy of GTA, which at first seemed like it was copying Rockstar’s designs in a desperate way. This game ended up becoming a boring game with no effort. But everything changed when Saints Row: The Third came along. If you’re into similar games like GTA which include robbery and gangs, but with an even better twist, then this GTA alternative is meant for you. The players even have the choice to play the small-scale zombie apocalypse if they want to. Also, in this interesting game like GTA, you get to dress up in novelty costumes.  Although many alternative games to GTA tend to be serious and all, Saints Row’s goal is to be as crazy and silly as it can be. Yes, it may be an older game, but to everyone’s luck, it’s compatible on Xbox One and was even ported to Nintendo Switch in 2019.  Also, read How To Complete Ditcher Side Quest In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands | Spot The Treasure Chest

3. Just Cause 4

Developer: Avalanche Studios Platform(s): PC, PS4, Xbox One Another similar game like GTA on your list of GTA alternatives is Just Cause 4. It brings you such crazy levels of chaos that cannot even be competed with. This is accomplished by giving you an absurd amount of freedom to do pretty much anything. You want a Wingsuit? You got it. You want a grappling hook? You got it. Ever wanted the ability to manage to surf on cars while a humongous and terrifying tornado takes them up in the air, I guess you have the opportunity to fulfill that fantasy as well now. But, to be crystal clear, Just Cause 4 doesn’t exactly have that great of a storyline or even the mechanical callirties of Rockstar’s signature franchise. But, the sky high approach to producing massacres is definitely there. I feel that you should definitely not miss out on this gem if you’re in the lookout for games like GTA. 

4. Watch Dogs 2

Developer: Ubisoft Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One The original Watch Dogs was an extreme disappointment to hardcore gamers searching for games like GTA. But, Ubisoft ended up taking this criticism to heart, which its sequel Watch Dogs 2 made pretty clear. You’ll probably notice how the sentiments and tone of the Grand Theft Auto title is pretty visible throughout this entire alternative game to GTA. But, Ubisoft actually used its stage solely for biting satire. Interesting, don’t you think? Then, stop waiting and run off to play this ironic game like GTA.  Also, read 5 Best Potions To Brew In Minecraft | Premium Minecraft Potions

5. Yakuza 0

Developer: Sega Platforms: PC, PS4 It’s a well known fact that Grand Theft Auto is widely celebrated for the way that it manages to bring cities to life, and putting in a lot of side activities into its virtual worlds. Yakuzo 0 is actually inspired from this very same GTA concept and has designed its entire philosophy like this. If Grand Theft Auto V contains tennis, yoga, stock brokering, Yakuza actually provides karaoke, pools, arcades, wrestling, bowling, dancing, gambling, etc. Although you should keep note of the fact that this PC game does not make all its side activities extremely tasteful, in fact the amount of side activities is pretty amazing. Yes, the scale may not be able to compete with GTA, but Yakuza 0 manages to make up for it in quality. Makes sense why this is among the best games like GTA, right?

6. Sleeping Dogs

Developer: United Front Games Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One Proudly sticking to its name by forming into a humongous hit back in 2012, Sleeping Dogs provides players with martial arts and B-movie stunts to the conventions of the completely open and wide universe of the crime genre. In simpler words, it’s basically the Grand Theft Auto game with touch-ups of Bruce Lee films. But this is exactly what built its place among the best games like GTA. Unfortunately, the sequel that was supposed to come afterward got canned in the initial stages of its development. It would’ve actually included a co-op campaign, but all the gamers just ended up with this rare gem which actually should get much more appreciation and applause for the various ideas that it put forward. The game was even released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014.  If you are in search of similar games like GTA or GTA alternatives with a twist of criminal vibe, then I guess you have officially found your pick.

7. Mafia 3

Developer: Hanger 13 Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One There is not a single Grand Theft Auto game that doesn’t involve a clash with the Mafia at some point. This naturally provides a strong point to begin 2K’s Mafia series. If you’re an open-world enthusiast with a thing for organized crime, then buddy, I have some great news for you. Mafia 3 would be the perfect game like GTA for you! Although these alternatives to GTA are undoubtedly much more organized, you’ll easily manage to hear the echoes of the titles like San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4. The Godfather and Goodfellas-inspired game is definitely worth adding to the list of best games like GTA! You won’t regret playing this one for sure. Also, read 10 Best Speedrun Seeds in Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Editions | Top Minecraft Speedrun Seeds

Wrapping Up

This list includes plenty of games like GTA, filled with missions and amazing graphics. Not a single one on our list is going to disappoint you; I can bet on that! You should definitely not miss out on all the games that we’ve listed above as GTA alternatives. If you have any more suggestions for alternative GTA games or games similar to GTA gameplay, feel free to comment and share with us! 


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