You can make your PC components selection very easy with these websites. If I give you an approximate idea, it will hardly take one hour of your time to get the best parts for your PC. You must be thinking, what is the benefit of making your own PC? Well, let me tell you there are many reasons to do it, but one of the main reasons is to save money and get the satisfaction of using good components. I also wanted to make my own PC but was confused about where to start. Then I got these 7 amazing websites that are the best PC builders, so it will help you also in the same way. The list of these 7 best custom PC builder websites will make your PC-making process much easier, so let us get started to know more about each website in detail with its do’s and don’ts.

7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites to Build PC 

We will talk about the 7 best custom PC builder websites today. The PC-building websites will guide you for each and every part of your PC so you can easily use your custom-built gaming PC. No matter whether you are building your own PC for the best gaming or any other work, your performance will definitely improve with these customized parts. Let’s take a look at each of these websites in turn. Moreover, I will describe how this website works and what you might like or dislike about it. So, let me show you the best building sites. Also, read Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming? What is Responsible for FPS in PC?

1. Build My PC

As one of the best custom PC builders, Building my PC is a good choice. It is necessary to build custom PCs with useful components. The best part is the website has different category options for the component, so there is no chance for you to miss out on any required PC parts. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use this best PC building site perfectly. Best of Build My PC  What We Don’t Like about Build My PC Also, read Dedicated Graphics Card vs Integrated: Which One is Better in 2022

How Does Build My PC Work?

Step 1: PC builder website gives you options, so choose the best components out of them and add them for your use if you are a beginner.  Step 2: Next, they will provide test results to you that the components you have chosen are compatible with other parts or not.  Price: This is a free website to check the compatibility of your custom PC. Link: Build My PC

2. iBuyPower

If we talk about the best custom PC builder then, iBuyPower is a good option. It is known for building good gaming PCs and laptops. iBuyPower makes the compatibility and installation process quite simple for users. It suggests good options for PCs that have high performance. The best part is, you can choose the components easily as per your gaming needs.  Also, read SSD vs HDD Gaming Simplified: Is it Good to Have SSD For Gaming Best of iBuyPower

What We Don’t Like about iBuyPower

How Does iBuyPower Work?

Step 1: Order custom PCs from the website menu or other PC gear. Step 2: The website will verify your address details and the PC parts you have ordered so they can check if there are any incompatible parts. Step 3: Your order will be passed off to the team, who will start collecting all of the components you’ve selected and their team will verify whether the system is working properly or not. Step 4: Your custom PC will go through the stress test in the burn-in station. Step 5: In the final stage, your PC will be delivered to the boxing station, where it will be packed for shipment. They will also send you the tracking number so you can check the status of your parcel.  Price: The gaming PCs’ price will start from $899 and be as high as $1000.  Link:iBuyPower Also, read How Much Does it Cost to Build a PC in 2022? Ultimate Guide to Build a Gaming PC


If you are looking for an option that has value for money, then BLD is one of the best custom PC builders. They provide the best custom Pc options for hardcore game players. This custom PC builder tool offers a heavy game that you can play, and it also offers a good hardware selection so you will not regret it.

Best of BLD By NZXT

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What We Don’t Like about BLD By NZXT

How Does BLD By NZXT Work?

Step 1: Browse the parts in the search bar of the website. Step 2: Set a price range and choose your required part. Step 3: Now, select all the components which you need to build a PC. Step 4:  Wait for shipment for some days to experience your own PC. Price: 

Starter PC series – $1,099Creator PC – $3999Streaming PC series – $1799H1 mini PC series – $1,399

Link: Nzxt

 4. CyberPowerPC

CyberPowerPC is well known for its extra wide range of multiple-core components. It can be a good option for the best custom PC builder. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of custom-built high-end desktop computers. This custom PC builder website offers amazing performance, custom workstations, and custom desktops. Which are especially useful for businesses, schools, and governments. Also, read 5 Best 1440p 240Hz Monitor for Gaming in 2022 

Best of CyberPowerPC

What We Don’t Like about CyberPowerPC

How Does CyberPowerPC Work?

Step 1: Launch the building website first. Step 2: Search from the categories for the PCs. Step 3: Choose the components, and sign up on the website. Step 4: Now, place the order for your PC. Step 5: Check your order status through the website. Step 6: Enjoy your own PC now. Also, read How to Fix GPU Fan Not Spinning | Find Out Why Your GPU Fan is Not Running Price: 

Syber gaming starts at $579.Gaming PCs start at $819.Gaming laptops start at $899.affordable solutions starting at $499.


5. Falcon Northwest

Falcon Northwest is on the list of best custom PC builders because it gives the best gaming experience. You can also enjoy power here for a long time. Also, the website evolves with time, and the system is perfectly integrated according to modern technology and trends, including RGB lighting customization options.

Best of Falcon Northwest

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What We Don’t Like about Falcon Northwest

How Does Falcon Northwest Work?

Step 1: Launch the website. Step 2: Go to the desktop or laptop menu, as per your need. Step 3: Select from the available range and click to confirm. Step 4: The Falcon Northwest sales team will give you guidance for the rest of the process.  Price: 

Custom-built desktops start from $2200Custom-built laptops start from $2500


6. Xidax

You can count Xidax as one of the perfect custom PC builders. This website is famous for all beginners because it suggests the best PC components. Best of Xidax Also, read Is G-Sync Worth It | Learn More About G-Sync

What We Don’t Like about Xidax

How Does Xidax Work?

Step 1: Visit the Xidax website by following the link below and selecting the category for your device.  Step 2: Choose any of the models you are searching for.  Step 3: Next, select the features of the products you want to add to your PC. Step 4: Your own PC is ready now. Price: 

Gaming desktops start from $654.Gaming PCs start from $954.Workstations start from $1837



ORIGIN PC websites have 1000s of products that help you to get the best PC for you. We can consider ORIGIN PC as a good option for the best custom PC builder because it offers perfect compatibility. It is best to even for a non-technical person, it gives all the product information in detail. Also, read How to See What Motherboard I Have | Secret Tips & Tricks

Best of  ORIGIN PC

What We Don’t Like About  ORIGIN PC

How Does ORIGIN PC Work?

Step 1: Launch the ORIGIN PC website first. Step 2: Search the product from the categories which are in the menu. Step 3: Select the parts you want to add to your PC. Step 4: Add each component one by one to the cart to buy. Step 5: Now, checkout and wait for the delivery of your PC. Price: This website is totally free. Link: Origin PC Also, read PC Cable Management: How to Manage PC Cables Like a Pro?

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned about the best custom PC builder websites which you can use to make your own PC. All these websites have different features to help you so try each one of them at least once. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!!



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