Comic Books have given us so many magical and fantastic stories over the years. It has been in play for a very long time now and many people have constantly gone towards comic books to get some inspiration and stay entertained. Infact, you could say, Comic books are the only books that are preferred by children as well as adults. Especially when they are in the form of E-readers, which you can access anywhere and anytime, these best comic book apps give us our fair share of entertainment. And you don’t have to worry about carrying them So, when you do not have enough physical space to carry a comic book or don’t want to run to stores for your favorite comics, our list of the best comic apps for Android of 2022 will help you to keep updated with all the latest comics.

Best Comic Book Apps for Android 2022 To Get All Your Comics At A Click.

Yes..!! You no more have to run from store to store, to look for your Favourite Comic Books, rather enjoy reading them through these best comic book reading apps of 2022 from your Android phone while sitting cozily on your bed or from a relaxing traveling trip. These apps will help you stay in the loop even when you don’t have any book, magazine, or comic in hand. (And No touching means no corona!)The list of these comic book apps for Android 2022 has been tried, tested, and well used. Best Comic Book App For Android Users To Access Unlimited E-Books Pros:

You can increase and decrease the font size.Search for any book.There are a lot of free comics in Comic Book App


There are not a lot of comics to choose from.Using it for a long time can strain your eyes.You cannot share the books with other accounts or people.

2. Marvel Unlimited

The Best Android Comic Reader App For Marvel Fans If you love the Marvel comics this is the right comic app for you. It has a wide collection of Marvel comics to read. They have extended stories and will keep you entertained with the best Marvel stories. Spiderman, X-Men, get deep into their world and read all that is available to them. The comics in this best comic App for Android are updated so more than often, you will have something new to read. Marvel Unlimited is Walt Disney’s Marvel Comics packaged in its digital subscription-based forms. Though it is a paid app, it is not very costly. Once you’ve bought the subscription, you don’t have to pay for individual comics. The platform is described as ‘unlimited’ because, with a single subscription, it gives you unrestrained access to the Marvel Comics imprints. There are more than 28,000 of these digital copies available to every subscriber 

Features of Marvel Unlimited Comic Book App 2022:

You can sync it with various devices.Hundreds of comics to read.Catch up on missed series by reading it. 


You do not need a constant internet connection.Cheaper than buying individual comic strips.It has a deep comic book library.


It is not available for free, you will have to pay for using it.It is strictly available for only Marvel Comics.The offline reading is limited.

3. DC Universe Infinite

If you are on team DC with your favorite heroes-Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and friends, then you need to download this Best Comic Book App for Android 2022. This comic reader app provides a more diverse offering than just comics. Along with its reads, DC Universe also gives its subscribers access to a rotating selection of DC TV shows and movies. Another intriguing factor of this comic app is that it can operate like a comic book social media platform. Using this you can connect with other DC Universe Infinite subscribers and share ideas with them in a live chat – like discussing the events in a story. Woww..!! That would be amazing. DC Universe Infinite is the digital subscription version of Warner Bros DC Universe comics. Just like Marvel Unlimited, this best comic Book App is described as ‘infinite’ because a single subscription gives you access to DC Comics’ library of over 22,000 imprints and more adding with every update. Features of DC Universe Infinite Comic Book App 2022:

Provides all the Dc comic booksIt gives its subscribers access to a rotating selection of DC TV shows and movies It operates somewhat like a comic book social media platform.Enable you to follow your favorite comic heroes and heroinesDownload the comics and read them offline


Log into your DC Universe Infinite account using your social media accountsAccess to DC Comics’ library of over 22,000 imprints Connect and share ideas with other DC fansAvailable ffor offfline mode


It is not available for free, you will have to pay for using it.It is strictly available for only DC Comics and moviesDC Universe is currently only available in the US.DC comic collection pales in comparison to its Marvel competition.

4. Comicat

Best Comic Book App For Android Users to sort and catalog Comic books ComiCat is one of the most famous and popular free comic book apps for Android in 2022. It is loved by adults and kids alike. It is a comic reader and a catalog managing app. This best comic book app scans various books on your devices and catalogs them for easy movement. this comic reader just takes a tap of a button to have your device scanned and all your comics nicely arranged on the virtual bookshelf. It can read various formats of books so whatever way it is downloaded, chances are you can find it here. There also is not any concern with where the comic book is stored. It searches from device storage, SD Card, and saved documents so you are saved the hassle of manually looking for the books. ComiCat comes with lifelong free updates that bring in new exciting features and usability improvements.

Features of ComiCat Comic Book App 2022:

No need to manually enter the books.It supports all the major comic book formats like CB7, CBZ, CBR, PDF, CBT, Zip, Rar, 7z Offers high-quality PDF support, so you do not need any plugins.High customization options like removing the taskbar while reading, zoom in, read captions, etc. 


The app comes with password protection.Multiple catalogs and sorting options.Viewing options coming with zooming in and out of the text.Add a cover art thumbnail to make it easy for you to recognize the text.


You can’t buy or download comics in-app.The app is said to be experiencing some amount of lags.

5. Challenger

Best Comic Book App For Android Users To Acess Comic Books in Multiple Formats This best comic book app of Android 2022 is very simple to understand and use. It does not come with complicated or extraordinary features, just some small things that make it stand out from the rest of the comic book apps of Android. It is one of the best comic readers, manga readers, or even PDF viewing apps. No matter what format your next comic book of 2022 is in, this app will take care of it for you. It is a free comic app available for all Android devices.  Challenger Comics Viewer is an app that lets you conveniently read any comic, manga, book, or PDF file, without the need to tap the screen to turn the page. All you have to do is slide your finger up the screen to load new pages automatically. This comic reader app of 2022 supports is enormous, including JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, BMP, PDF, CBZ/ZIP, CBR/RAR, CBT/TAR, CB7/7Z, and ePUB

Features of Challanger Comic Book App 2022:

No need to download plugins to read comics in various formats.This app has no ads.Scroll horizontally or vertically on the app.Available in English and French.


The app also has great image support formats so it is easy to read comics.Zoom using multi-touch.Multiple page viewing is available on the app.Make use of cloud storage to save your comics.It has an internal comic downloader too.Multi-window features can be applied to this app.


Trying to zoom in trying to zoom in sometimes result in extremely degraded and pixelated images.

6. CLZ Comics

The Best Android Comic Reader App for Keeping track of Your Comic Collection CLZ Comics makes it very easy for you to download and store your comic books. Found a comic in the store that was out of budget !? This app will help you find it online so that you can buy it at a cheaper rate and store it. Read it at your convenience. Just scan the barcode of the comic on your Comic app on your Android phones and you are good to go. This comic book reader app of 2022 will find all details related to it including the cover and print art.  CLZ comic book app database lets you scan your comic book barcodes or enter your title manually. Then, the database will find your comic and download the details so you don’t have to. The app gives you space for 100 comics and unlimited space with an in-app purchase. With a free account, you can also sync your data, create online backups, and transfer details across devices.

Features of CLZ Comics Comic Book App 2022:

Every comic is just one capture away.The online comic database helps you find exactly what you are looking for.Online cloud backup.


Find all the information about a comic here. From the publisher, the number of pages to even the publishing date. Sync your reading progress and continue reading it from any other device.Share your comic list online.Keep a proper track of your wishlist and the bought comics.Sort your comics into various folders.A single $15 in-app purchase unlocks the app for unlimited additions. Also, you can add 100 comics for free.


It doesn’t let you read comics on your device

7. ComiXology

The Best Android Comic Book App For Amazing Collection Of Comics Comixology is another best comic book reader app for Android. This Comic Book app of 2022 boasts a collection of over 75,000 comics from DC, Marvel, and other publishers. Moreover, it has a decent selection of manga.  It also features a panel-by-panel viewing option that makes it easier to read on smaller screens, and has a good selection of free comics to try out too – Another significant feature of this amazing Comic reader App for Android is its ability to sync your purchases across multiple devices. There is also an all-you-can-read subscription service for $5.99 per month.

Features of ComiXology Comic Book App 2022:

Enter the world of Marvel,DC, Manga,Famous publishers and other graphic Novels just with an appComics can be bought on a per-issue basis, or you can subscribe to individual titlesFeatures a panel-by-panel viewing option 


Boasts a collection of over 75,000 comicsAcess to many Independent publishers and graphic novels from all sorts of creators.Panel-by-panel viewing optionAbility to sync your purchases across multiple devicesAll-you-can-read subscription service for $5.99


 It doesn’t feature every comic that you can buy, but the collection is fairly substantial. 

Wrapping Up

You know comics are never going out of trend. Their integration with technology has helped a lot of people to easily access these amazing mystical stories just with a click. Especially in these tough times, we need something hassle-free to keep us updated and more importantly entertained. And these Comic Book Apps provide the best experience of Comic Reading For Free. We hope that this article on the best comic book apps for Android in 2022 was helpful to you and helped you find what you had been looking for. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and read all your favorite Comics..!! Drop your feedback down in the comments so we know what you thought about it. And do share which one is your favorite Comic. Keep Visiting Path of EX


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