You can change your graphic card to upgrade your system and your game performance. We will talk about some affordable options for graphic cards today. The best thing about these graphic cards is that you can play your favorite games with minimal settings, and multiple options exist. If you are using an ultra-cheap graphic card to replace your older system, then let me tell you that you can no longer run games on a 1080P. You got the idea that using an affordable graphic card is always good, but you should not give too much on the gaming performance. So I have listed the seven best budget graphics cards to take your gaming performance to the next level.

Top 7 Picks for Best Budget Graphics Card 

When choosing a perfect and best budget graphic card, You have to research because there is no scoring on it. If you are planning to buy a new affordable graphics card, you have to check the price and performance. You need to do a very straightforward calculation to get the best performance.  I have a straightforward formula for you to define the best and most affordable graphics card. We’ve listed the top budget GPUs. The best GPU under $150, the finest entry-level GPU, and the runner-up pick are our choices for the best graphics card under $200 overall. So, I will show you which are the best cheap GPUs. Also, read The Best Fan Control Softwares of 2022 | Control GPU Fan Speed Optimally

 1. PNY GeForce GTX 1660 Super

PNY GeForce can is a slightly over-budget graphic card for you if you are looking for a budget-friendly graphic card. Generally, budget graphic cards come under $200, but this one is more than that. However, it can be the closest option to other graphic cards on the list. If you can increase your budget limit, then this is a good option. You can expect this GPU to work max on 1080P for better gaming. Check out some specifications of this GPU. Price: $200 Specifications of PNY GeForce GTX 1660 Super Also, read Best Noise Canceling Earbuds Under $250 | Trending in 2022

2. XFX Radeon RX 6500 XT 

If you do not want to use $200 for your graphic card, then you will definitely like this Radeon RX 6500 XT from XFX. This is from the best budget graphics card. The RX 6500 XT is not from an older generation card like RX 5500. The RX 6500 is very easily available on the market. So, it can be the best budget-friendly option for you. This GPU is worth trying and is the cheapest GPU for gaming. This GPU has lower RAM than other GPUs. It has 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM. It is powerful enough and allows you to play games on a 1080P. Price: $179 Specifications of XFX Radeon RX 6500 XT Also, read How Old is my Computer? 4 Ways to Find Out Age of Your Computer

3. XFX Radeon RX 6400

If you are very particular about your GPU budget and do not want to spend more than $150, then RX 6400  is the best budget GPU, and this option will help you. XFX Radeon can help you to play all the games on medium settings. This card comes in a compact look so it is best suitable for small systems. RX 6400 can run on an a1080P monitor. Basically, if you do not have the budget to buy GTX 1660 Super, then RX 6400 is the best budget graphics card option in the market. It gives good performance and has a reasonable price. I am mentioning the specifications of this GPU below.  Price: $150 Specifications of  XFX Radeon RX 6400 Also, read 5 Best Security Camera 2022 | Affordable Wireless and Indoor Cameras

4. PowerColor Radeon RX 550

If you do not want to spend more than $100 on a graphic card, then you will get a few options that you can try from this list.  RX 550 can be one the best budget graphics card.RX550 is the low-profile GPU currently on the market. This graphic card is specially designed for a mini gaming PC. You can use lower setting mode on 1080P to run games from this GPU. So, you can try out this cheapest GPU for gaming until you do not buy the expensive one. Price: $100  Specifications of Powercolor Radeon  RX 550  Also, read 10 Best Budget TVs Under $259 You Need to Get Right Now

5. EVGA GeForce GTX 1650 Super

GTX 1650 is higher than the $200 price. This is also a good option for all gamers. If you get the RX 6500 XT at the same price as GTX 1650, then the chances are higher you would choose GTX 1650 super. So, it is up to you. Either you can pay a little higher and get GTX 1650 super for better gaming performance, or you can get RX 6500. I will mention the specifications of the GTX 1650 super below to help you to get the best budget graphics card. Price: $160 Specifications of EVGA GeForce GTX 1650 Super Also, read 5 Best Wireless Charger | Compatible With Android & iOS (2022 Updated List)  

6. PNY GeForce GTX 1650

This one is another NVIDIA card that does not fit into our budget graphic card list just because of the price. If we talk about the performance, then RX 6500 XT gives a better performance than GTX 1650. So, this option can also be on your list of the best cheap GPU. You will agree with me that RX 6500 XT has the better performance among all the GPUs we have seen on the list. Price: $149 Specifications of PNY GeForce GTX 1650 Also, read 5 Best Wi-Fi Extenders Under $100 | Trending in 2022

7. Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030

GeForce GT 1030 is under $100, so we can easily say this is the best budget graphics card on the list. It is the most affordable option on the list. This graphic card is especially for those people who are very specific about their budget and still want to use good graphic cards. Basically, this one is the entry-level graphic card which is not perfect for every single person. Price: $133 Specifications of Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 Also, read Best Small Smart TV in 2022 | Trending Under $200

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have checked the best budget graphics card you can try for gaming. I have mentioned all the prices and specifications for the top 7 budget graphic cards. You can choose an affordable graphics card that gives a good performance. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!!


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