AIO CPU Coolers are the most efficient way to cool your CPU. These smaller liquid coolers are a perfect fit for Intel, AMD, and even NVIDIA graphics cards! The ability to close off all the air inside the case makes it much easier to clean out of dust build-up that collects inside the case. I have tested 7 of the best 240mm AIO coolers in order to find out which stood head above the rest and which were the best 240mm liquid coolers. These are all the newest models based on personal experience, reviews, and feedback from multiple users. Whether it is an affordable AIO or an expensive one I have covered everything for you. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list and find the perfect cooler for you!

7 Best 240mm AIO CPU Coolers

The best 240mm AIO cooling solutions are the ones that provide a balance of features, performance, and value. While a few great solutions exist on the market today, finding the best 240mm AIO for your build isn’t easy.  AIO stands for All-in-One and covers products such as water cooling kits, radiator systems, and more. There is already plenty of the best 240mm AIO cooler on the market, but which is the best? We’ll be running through everything from their operation to performance and sound evaluations. Also, read Is 60hz Good for Gaming | Make a Smart Gaming Monitor

1. Corsair iCUE H100i

Corsair’s iCUE H100i AIO cooler is top on the best 240mm AIO list. The iCUE H100i offers 2400 RPM speed because this cooler comes with two 120mm fans which is helpful for better speed.  If the CPU is going from a lower load, then the fans will automatically enter Zero RPM mode and will shut down. The best thing is that the H100i can offer you a quiet and easy operation because of its shutdown capacity. The H100i has a five-year warranty benefit, and it can perform with AMD and Intel processors. According to the cooling factor of the H100i, this is a good option from the best 240mm AIOs available now.  So, the conclusion is if you are in search of the best 240mm AIO for better cooling performance and which costs under $100, then the Corsair iCUE H100i is a must-try. Also, read 7 Best FPS Counter Apps for Windows in 2022

2. NZXT Kraken X53

Kraken X53 is the second on the list of best 240mm AIO. The Kraken X53 is a high-end AIO CPU cooler by Newegg that aims to provide the best cooling performance available. It features an incredible design and five high-performance heat pipes to provide efficient heat dissipation.  No matter what CPU cooler you choose, they all have one thing in common: they cool your CPU. Many AIOs also come with integrated reservoirs, but the Kraken X53 offers more compatibility than most. The Kraken X53 is an excellent choice for those that want to build a custom water cooling loop. The cooler is capable of being compatible with both AMD and Intel CPUs, although you’ll have to install some adapters if you’re trying to cross-platform. If you’ve been an AMD or Intel CPU user in the past, then you know that they can get very hot and loud. And while some people may not mind the extra noise, others might not want to deal with it. That’s where Kraken X53 comes into play. It is one of the fastest, smallest GPU-sized CPU coolers from the list of the best 240mm AIO on the market. Also, read 7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites to Build PC (Updated 2022)


The CORELIQUID 240mm cooler from MSI is going to blow your mind if you have a high-end system. This is not just another CPU cooler; it is from one of the best 240mm AIOs. It can easily run at Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs’ stock clocks, even when overclocked. Undoubtedly, this will be a handy review for anyone who wants to know more about the CORELIQUID 240mm AIO CPU cooler by MSI. CORELIQUID was established in 2015 and focused solely on providing its customers with high-quality products that allow them to achieve maximum overclocking results while maintaining minimal noise levels. So, this can be on your bucket list when you think about the best 240mm AIO liquid cooler. Also, read Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming? What is Responsible for FPS in PC?

4. Corsair H100i RGB Platinum

Corsair H100i  is another CPU cooler from the list of best 240mm AIO. Corsair H100i has the feature of RGB lights which performs amazingly. The H100i RGB Platinum is not that suitable for all users as it comes in a high-end CPU cooler list. But those who love the white PC setup will definitely fall for it because it has a white design. There are two 120mm fans on the H100i RGB Platinum that can spin at up to 2200 RPM and max out at 36 dBA. Despite being one of the best-performing 240mm AIO coolers available, the H100i costs between $40 and $100 more than the other coolers in this article. So, if you are a fan of a white gaming PC setup and need the best 240mm AIO, then this product comes with no regret.  Also, read Dedicated Graphics Card vs Integrated: Which One is Better in 2022

5. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

Do not worry if you are confused about choosing the best 240mm AIO. You will be surprised to know that you can get the best 240mm AIO with the RGB fans only under the price of $100. The best thing about this cooler is it is exactly the same as MasterLiquid ML240L. Furthermore, the MasterLiquid cooler offers excellent cooling performance. The MasterLiquid ML240L provides decent overclocking potential and can run fans at speeds up to 2000 RPMs. I agree it is not that cooler, which can impress you so much, but, according to the price, you can not expect too much from $75. It’s true that if you’re looking for an affordable gaming PC and thinking of including this cooler, then you will love to use it. MasterLiquid will give you quite better cooling than other stock CPUs. Also, read 10 Best APK Apps For Free Streaming In 2022   

6. 240mm AIO D-RGB

People who are passionate about water loops will be familiar with the D-RGB AIO and its high-quality features. This brand also offers some ready-made solutions for the users, so it is the best 240mm AIO. If RGB is your jam, this is the best 240mm AIO you can buy, not to mention the most durable and effective model. The best thing about these AIO is the solidity that you will get. It comes with an attractive acrylic square top, which helps the AIO perform as an RGB diffuser. The controller does not provide subtle fan curves or color adjustments unless you buy a separate unit. There’s nothing a bit of motherboard tweaking can’t fix, but still. Also, read SSD vs HDD Gaming Simplified: Is it Good to Have SSD For Gaming

7. MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2

Its uninspired lighting and mediocre specs didn’t attract much attention when the MasterLiquid ML240L RGB was released. This CPU cooler can also be the best choice for those looking for the best 240mm AIO. In the second version of the product, Cooler Master made a host of improvements without raising prices. You will get impressed with this AIO, which is the best 240mm AIO because it has an affordable price. The first cooler only includes a puck-shaped pump head and a standard radiator. In order to maintain the flow of water, the pump has undergone the biggest redesign, which has resulted in an increase in volume and longer impeller blades. This feature helps the PC to run more smoothly without any noise. Also, read 5 Best 1440p 240Hz Monitor for Gaming in 2022 

What is the Best 240mm AIO Cooler?

Both the Corsair Hydro Series H100i and the NZXT Kraken X61 are excellent 240mm AIO coolers. Both offer great cooling performance and are very easy to install. However, the Corsair H100i is the better choice for most people. It has a better pump and better fans and is a bit easier to install. It’s likely that you can find the best 240mm AIO that will meet your requirements no matter what (other than extreme cooling performance, where a 360mm or 280mm cooler would be a better choice). 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned everything about the best 240 AIO. I have listed the seven best CPU coolers with all the features and prices. Choose the best CPU cooler for you and make your gaming experience more interesting. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!!


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