Now, what does AIO do? Basically, AIO means  (All-in-one) Liquid Cooler, and it has a type of computer liquid cooling system that, features all the essential parts to be mounted on a single block. All the 120  AIO I am talking about is available at a reasonable price and are easy to install. They mount as simply as any other AIO water cooler but also provide features not so often seen in other regular water blocks, such as RGB lighting, pump controller, and other innovative ideas. Let’s take a look at this exciting new technology! So, if you are a gamer and dream of building a gaming PC, then these low-cost options of 120mm AIO coolers are must-haves. I have chosen the 7 best 120mm AIO for you, which includes an RGB fan and many more features. 

7 Best 120mm AIO  Liquid CPU Coolers 

AIO liquid cooling systems are a big trend in the CPU cooling market, launching in almost every brand. All of them promise great performance, low noise, and no maintenance at all.  As a gamer, this sounds great. But how do those AIO liquid coolers perform in real life? Which one is the best for you? For that, I have selected the 7 best 120mm AIO coolers with all the detailed features so you can try and improve your gaming performance. To compare these 7 best 120mm AIO, I have designed a table for you that you can go through for better selection. So, let us start the hunt for the best 120mm liquid cooler. Also, read A Detailed Guide on Quad Channel Memory | Single Channel vs. Dual Channel Memory (2022) 

1. NZXT Kraken M22

This time around, I will be talking about the NZXT Kraken M22, which is one of the best 120mm AIO I’ve seen. You might be thinking about the performance of the NZXT Kraken M22 so let me tell you NZXT can give good competition to 360mm AIO and 240mm AIO. If we focus on the fan speed of the NZXT Kraken, it has a higher fan speed than Corsair H60. If you are in favor of a quiet CPU cooler, then M22 is definitely for you. The best part about M22 is it comes with a 6-year of warranty which benefits users. The compatibility of your AIO is very important M22 goes with both kinds of processors, Intel and AMD. The M22 has an RGB lighting feature on the top which makes you feel like a mini-ITX PC.  Overall, if you need high efficiency and the best 120mm liquid cooler, then NZXT Kraken is for you. Price: $219 Buy Now:NZXT Kraken M22 Also, read 5 Best Cheap Gaming Chairs of 2022 | Detail Guide of Cheap Gaming Chairs

2. Corsair H60

Corsair’s H60 is another option for AIO. Corsair’s H60 can win the game of best 120mm AIO with all its features. If we talk about the price, Corsair’s H60 has the same price range as Kraken M22 and it offers the same cooling effect too. If you need a high-speed fan then Corsair’s H60  will not work for you because Corsair’s H60 has a low fan speed in comparison to Kraken M22. The Corsair’s H60 comes with year lesser (5-year warranty ) warranty than Kraken M22. One more downside of the Corsair H60 is its design. Corsair H60 comes with a black-and-white design, so maybe some users will not like it. While the Kraken M22 has all -a black professional look that can help more color schemes.  Ultimately, both 120mm coolers can become your favorite option from the list according to the price and performance. So, you can add Corsair’s H60 to your best 120mm AIO cooler. Price: $109 Buy Now: Corsair H60 Also, read 7 Best FPS Counter Apps for Windows in 2022

3. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L

MasterLiquid ML120L has RGB lighting, which can try for your PC building. If you are looking for the best 120mm AIO then MasterLiquid ML120L is a small AIO and perfect for your tiny setup. In fact, I would say the MasterLiquid ML120L is the best option from the list of the best 120mm AIO and worth paying. The price of the MasterLiquid ML120L is $60 only so we can consider it the second cheapest 120mm AIO liquid cooler. MasterLiquid ML120L has an RGB lighting feature and a high-speed fan. The speed of the fan is almost 1800 RPM. The MasterLiquid ML120L has a quiet running system so the noise of the AIO will not bother you. Price:$69 Buy Now: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L Also, read 7 Best Custom PC Builder Websites to Build PC (Updated 2022)


If you’re finding a white pair for your PC building, then you should go with DEEPCOOL’s CAPTAIN 120EX because it has a white design. Even though some black is mixed into the aesthetic design (on the fan blade and pump hose), this is one of the few 120mm AIOs that has a mostly white look. Looking at the performance, DEEPCOOL’s CAPTAIN 120EX  offers the best cooling system. The fan speed of the DEEPCOOL’s CAPTAIN 120EX can bit the 1800RPM speed. We can not say it is really quite AIO, but yes, it is still not that noisy. The most important thing is it does not have any RGB lighting feature.  If you are looking for the best 120mm AIO with a white design, then you can easily pair it up with your PC.  Price:$89 Buy Now: DEEPCOOL CAPTAIN 120EX Also, read Does RAM Affect FPS in Gaming? What is Responsible for FPS in PC?

5. EVGA CLC 120

The EVGA CLC 120 is the cheapest 120mm AIO you can get if you need a small cooler with no huge budget. The price of an EVGA CLC 120 is the lowest of all the best 120mm AIO lists. It costs only $55 so it can create a budget PC for you.  The low price, however, shouldn’t mean you can expect top-notch cooling. Compared to a similar-priced air cooler, you probably get better cooling. In contrast, if you prefer the simple design of an AIO cooler, this will blow your mind. You can not ignore the compatibility factor  EVGA CLC 120  is only compatible with Intel processors. So, if you are finding a budget AIO cooler that can work with an AMD processor, too, then find some more options from the list of the best 120mm AIO coolers. Price: $109 Buy Now: EVGA CLC 120 Also, read Dedicated Graphics Card vs Integrated: Which One is Better in 2022

6. Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2

Corsair Hydro Series wins the best 120mm AIO game because of its high quality. Well, you must be thinking why this amazing AIO is so last on the list. Yes, it is because of its expensive price. Of course, Corsair Hydro has all the features, but just because of the higher price, it is not the favorite for everyone.  Moving on to the features of Corsair Hydro, come with a heavy radiator with  2x120mm along with an exhaust fan which gives exceptional cooling.  Price: $32 Buy Now: Corsair Hydro Series H80i v2 Also, read 5 Best 1440p 240Hz Monitor for Gaming in 2022 

7. Thermaltake TH120

You can easily upgrade the cooling capacity of your PC with Thermaltake TH120. It comes with a compact design, so your setup will look more good. I have included Thermaltake TH120 on the list of best 120mm AIO just because of its affordable price and easy operation. Additionally, the Thermaltake TH120 is a very efficient computer, and its core temperatures are not really a concern.     Thermaltake TH120 has multiple RGB lights on the top, and it has dual pipes also. The fan of the Thermaltake TH120 has the ability to make the airflow high, and it can be used with much RGB software.  Price: $72 Buy Now: Thermaltake TH120 Also, read Cheap Gaming PC Build: Here’s How To Build Your Best Gaming PC

What is the Best 120mm AIO Cooler?  

As of now, NZXT Kraken M22 or the Corsair iCUE H60 coolers come to our mind first when we think about the best 120mm AIO. Even if you’re on a tight budget, the EVG CLC 120 is a great 120mm AIO cooler at a reasonable price. There are many AIO coolers that offer affordable prices and good cooling. In this guide, I have listed the 7 best 120mm AIO, which have different features, prices, and designs. You can choose them according to your need. No matter if you are new in the market, you can still read about all these features and select the best 120mm AIO for you.  Also, read PC Cable Management: How to Manage PC Cables Like a Pro?

Wrapping Up 

In this article, I have included the 7 best 120mm AIO with different designs and features. All the AIO are can give you good cooling and RGB lighting features. But they have different prices, so choose the best 120mm AIO for you; follow Path of EX for more tech articles and a step-by-step guide.


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