1. Compare

This first step, and probably the most important, is to go online to a server such as select and search for cheap internet providers in your area. Take notes of the prices that are being offered from some of the cheapest ones, and then read through the policy plan that they are offering. 

2. Type

The type of broadband that you choose may be out of your control, but it is still important to go through the contract. The National Broadband Network (NBN) has taken over most of the country, if not all of it. Copper wires were replaced with fiberoptic cables in most areas. In rural areas, you may have to go with satellite links. Either way, make sure that your carrier has upgraded to this new and improved delivery service. 

3. Data Plans

If you truly want to save money, this is the aspect of the service that will make the most impact. The lower the amount of data that you need, the lower the cost of the service will be. Be careful here, though. If you have a houseful of people that like to stream movies having a rock-bottom data plan will end up costing you more in overage fees. To find a cheap internet provider that will fit your needs, you need to dig a little deeper into the data plan that they are offering you. 

4. Length of Plan

The length of the plan can make a difference in the price you get. Some companies will give you a discount for a longer contract, such as a year, while others will lower prices for a month or two. This is common marketing to get you as a new customer. Once you have signed a contract, though, they may raise the prices. Read all the policy details, even the fine print.

5. Cost of Service

If you did the research in step one you already know the cost of the service providers that you are looking into. Online companies that do the comparisons for you are by far the easiest way to get prices from all the providers in your area. Make sure that they are not getting kickbacks to point you in the wrong direction, though. 

6. Extra Costs

This is where a lot of companies will get you. They will offer you a great deal, but then add extra service charges on the back end of the contract. Check for all extra fees that are listed and add them up to see what your monthly cost will be. Cisco claims that over the last five years internet users have grown 27% every year. With the increase in demand comes an increase in providers. This is a good thing for a thrifty person. The more providers that are in one area, the better the deals that you can get. 


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