As a digital marketer, it is needed that you make sure that your client’s work is presented well. You might be working for a clothing company or cosmetic company. The sales will depend on how well their products are presented to the audience. Another way to use a video collage maker is for your portfolio. As a painter, writer, or illustrator, your digital portfolio will need a quick introduction about yourself and your work. A video collage can easily portray your personality & your working style. A digital marketer or an artist, a video collage will make your work seem attractive. You can use the video collage maker to build your audience on your Youtube or Instagram. A video collage used for your company’s website will make the site stand out from its peers. Even a freelancer should use a video collage to showcase your portfolio.  Now, let me tell you about the video collage apps that I love and would recommend to you. Here is a list of the best video collage maker apps

6 Best Video Collage Maker Apps

With so many video collage maker apps claiming to be the “#1 go-to app”, here are some of my favorites. Let me tell you why I use these apps based on the ease of use & their features.

1. Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate

The first one on my list is Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate. It is easy to use. You can get accustomed to its interface within no time. It’s an all-in-one-video processing tool whenever you want to convert video to MP4 or any other video/audio formats for easy playback, edit video effects, enhance video quality, make video collages, make GIFs, compress video size, create 3D videos, edit ID3 tag of audio files, etc., you can count on this video converter app. It also has a Toolbox with a dozen of video tools to let you trim, merge, crop, watermark video, correct video color, control video speed, and more. It has presets for editing your videos and images as well. This video collage maker allows you to put up to 13 videos or images on one screen, and there are various video layouts for you to choose from. You can follow the detailed guide below to learn the easy steps to make a video collage with Apeaksoft Video Converter Ultimate. Step 1. After downloading and installing this video collage maker, select the Collage tab on the main interface. Step 2. There are more than 30 templates for you to choose from, just select the video layouts you like. You can also adjust the layout ratio, border size, and color at your will. Step 3. Click the add button (the plus icon) on the left layout to add the video or image you want to use to make video collage one by one. Step 4. Hover your mouse over the video or image you added, and you will see a floating bar, where you can silence or enable background audio, edit the video or image effects, clip video, reset scale and position and replace the file with another one. While adjusting the video effects, you can click the preview button on the right side to see the output file. Step 5. Click the Export button to export the video collage if you are satisfied with its effects, you can select the video format, frame rate, resolution, quality, and location of the output video file. I believe this video collage maker will make your video collage an eye candy for any user that visits your website.

2. PowerDirector

The next one is PowerDirector. With PowerDirector, you can make videos that have great transitions. The app has transition presets. Along with this feature, you can add ready-to-use  effects and filters to your videos. You can add music tracks to your videos from the music library in the app. The app is easy to use. You can make a customized video collage in PowerDirector.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a professional video editing app. You can edit high-quality videos on the app without any problem. Adobe Premiere Rush offers a great library of filters & effects that you can add to your videos. You also get a sound library to choose from. This app is the best if you want creative liberty to try making videos that haven’t been done before. You can experiment with the transitions, speeds, and frame ratio in Adobe Premiere Rush.

4. Magix Movie Studio

Magix Movie Studio lets you edit videos the way you want to. The app has a free trial version. You can add various templates and effects from the presets in the app. You can stabilize your videos and automatically match the shots on two different farmers in the app. Magix Movie Studio offers a paid version as well. The paid version lets you buy the app for various membership periods.

5. Movavi Video Editor

Next on my list is Movavi Video Editor. The one feature that I like about Movavi Video Editor is that you can don’t have to worry about searching for good intros for your videos. You can use the intros from the app library. Other than this, you can also add animations and special effects to your videos.

6.  Canva

Last but not least on the list is Canva. You can use Canva for making your video collages. This is an easy-to-use app, especially if you are a beginner. You can start by making video collages from their vast library of ready-to-use short video templates. You can use Canva to make presentations for work. You can also make documents such as resumes, graphic illustrations, and other content with Canva. Video Collages give your simple film a professional edge. Even a simple video can look like a well-planned and shot movie when edited right. It all depends on which video editing app you are using. These are the apps that I use to edit my videos. The presets in these apps let you cut your editing time. So, you don’t have to manually set the speed in each clip for transitions or adjust each video frame.


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