Dave Instant Loan App protects you from walking through these emergencies without sinking in debt with its interest-free cash advances. Dave is the most popular app in the entire country; however, it still is not the best choice for all. One may think to have lenders who provide extra cash or personal loans. You may not be comfortable paying monthly membership charges to be eligible for a loan. Sometimes, you don’t like the standard three-day processing time that Dave takes to approve the Loan, specifically when an emergency is at your toes. That is why it is essential to look for more potentially good options like Dave. I will be taking you through some of the excellent Instant Loan Apps like Dave, who gives everything to make you comfortable to go through emergencies.

6 Best Instant Loan Apps like Dave 2022

Instant Loan Apps are also known as Payday apps. Instant Loan Apps provide borrowers the choice to get money in advance against the work they have done. The unique feature of the Instant Loan App is that it enables its users to get $100 to $200 from another paycheck to take you out from emergencies. E.g., a user can take $100 from the Instant Loan App well before the work. Once the user accepts the cash from the app, it will be deducted automatically from the next paycheck.

1. Chime

For the last decade, Chime has been in the business of Fintech and now acting as an online lender account. People at Chime can directly deposit, send cheques, transfer money to another, pay electricity bills, medical bills online, and cash in advance when sufficient funds are not available. Using Dave charges a monthly fee of $1 to sustain the account balance and another charge as express fees ranging from $1.99 to $5,99 to fasten the advance cash processing. Also, read How To Get A Loan From Dave in 2022 | Easy Advances for All There are nil charges to use Instant Loan App like Chime. Its users do not have to pay maintenance charges, minimum balance charges, transaction charges, etc. Chime Instant Loan App can be a great help during an emergency, as it lends up to $100 to its users during the crisis before your salary comes. Chime Instant Loan App comes up with another feature called Chime’s Spot Me Feature. One can take a loan amount up to $200 subject to the repayment history while using Chime’s Spot Me Feature. Chime’s Visa Debit Card gives access to 38000 Visa Plus and MoneyPass ATMs throughout the U.S free of cost. Moreover, those areas which do not come under the coverage of Chime’s network withdrawal fees will be applicable there. What Chime offers and Dave lacks is its spending accounts and automatic personal savings. At the time of opening an account with Chime, it offers 0.5% interest against the saving account balance.

2. Earnin

One can get an advance on the awaiting earnings while using Earnin App. Users at Earnin can take a loan amount ranging from $100 to $500 for a day against the salary or wages yet to be paid without having to go through terrible fees and interest rates. One has to download and then log in to the Earnin Instant Loan App to use this app. Earn Company will prompt you with essential information like where you work, the name of the company, and the bank. The Earnin will use your location to precisely determine the total time you give to your job a day. After this, you would require to figure out the working hours with your working rate, and then Earnin will transfer the amount you earned that day within 1 or 2 working days. Also, read How To Borrow Money From The Dave App | Loan Approval Eligibility You get deducted for the amount you borrowed from Earnin when the paycheck is deposited. Moreover, there are no hidden charges or other fees, unlike Dave with Earnin.

3. Axos Bank

Axos Bank provides faster access to its users to their paychecks. When a user opens a saving account and maintains it well, Axos Bank automatically qualifies that user to the Direct Deposit Express Feature. You have to set up a direct deposit for your account to use this feature, and Axos will handle the rest. You’ll get an advance on the money you’ve already earned before the actual check arrives in your account. Axos Bank’s Cashback Checking gives you the chance to earn 1% cashback on your transactions, similar to its Dave counterpart. Additionally, Axos Bank does not charge you a monthly service fee or require a minimum balance to operate an account. Axos Bank also offers investment options personal financial management services and lets you pay your bills on time. You can deposit checks, transfer money, and pay your bills via Axos Bank ATMs in the U.S.

4. Empower

Whenever you need money, Empower lets you borrow as much as $250, and you can receive it instantly as cash into your Empower checking account free of charge.  You can even receive it two days earlier if you opt for Empower’s Early Paycheck Deposit service. Also, read How Do Dave Advance App Work | 7 Features Of Dave Advance To qualify for and remain eligible for cash advances from Empower, all you have to do is regularly deposit funds into your Empower checking account. To prepare and stay eligible for cash advances from Empower, all you have to do is periodically deposit funds into your Empower checking account. It also provides a cashback offer of 10% for eligible purchases at the stores, gas stations, and other premises linked to it. Empower has another unique feature that is known as Budget App. The Budget App feature helps you maintain your spending according to your income, monthly reports, and automated savings.

5. Even

To handle the uncertainties of life is most often a challenging task, and only those succeed who plan well and with the right choice. If you are looking to pay your medical bills electricity bills, you are at the gas station to fill the tank or deal with any other surprise of life; Even Instant Loan App is always there to assist you with all surprises. You get cash in no time once Even Instant Loan App is in use. Even Instant Loan App will advance you up to 50% of your paycheck if you work for an eligible company depending on your salary status.   In a similar vein to Dave, Even Instant Loan App does not charge interest rates or taxes for money advances.  However, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the service. For $2 per week, you will have access to the full Even Instant Loan App service, including several financial planning techniques.

6. Affirm

Affirm is an Instant Loan App that uses a unique approach slightly in giving the Loan to its users. It does not work as Dave does, e.g., providing money in advance; instead, it gives a virtual credit card to the users. With this virtual credit card full of the money you asked for, you can outrightly settle your expenses. Moreover, we make it easy to plan repayment according to your spending habits and workload. You just need to select the choice that fits your needs and begin enjoying your money advance. One can buy whatever fits the Affirm Instant Loan App wherever and whenever. One has to fill in the shopping amount into this app and then set up a payment plan month-wise so that the payback process gets easier. Also, read 7 Best Instant Loan Apps in the US 2022 | Cashout $50-$500 Immediately Affirm Instant Loan App compared to the Dave stands best concerning access and speed. Unlike others, Affirm Instant Loan App processes money transactions within a few minutes without waiting for days to complete the transactions.


The market is full of lenders who offer financial assistance to online and offline people.  However, only the proper knowledge and research about financial institutions can guide you better in selecting the correct lender. Moreover, you may decide to get a cash advance through apps like Dave in need of financial assistance. You can browse their offerings and pick the one that fits best for you. Instant Loan Apps in this article also offers many other features, such as entry to financial tools, banking, savings, etc.  All information for the Instant Loan Apps included in this list is accurate, and for common awareness objectives, simply.


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