The 5e Burning Hands Spell has to be cast effectively and efficiently. This ensures the positioning of the target. The target damage increases remarkably after the character crosses the certain level.  Read along to know the intricacies of the 5e Burning Hands Cone Spell, its damage and the saving throw. Pro Tip- Do not scroll too much because this includes everything that you require to know. 

5e Burning Hands Cone

DnD Burning Hands Cone 5e is a spell that turns every inch of damage into fire damage with the presence of Hand of Vengeance. As you touch your thumbs together and spread the fingers, while you cast the spell- A thin sheet of flames discharge from your fingertips. To make it work well, a creature within a 15-feet cone needs to make a Dexterity saving throw.  The targeted creature deals with a 3d6 fire damage with every hit, on a failed saving throw. It can also be the 50% of that damage if the saving throw is successful. Any flammable object, that hasn’t been carried within the range, gets affected by the fire. 

Attributes of DnD 5e Burning Hands Cone

The spell 5e Burning Hands Cone DnD initiates its effect at the very first level. The casting time is one total action, within the range of 15 ft. Components of the spell are Verbal and Somatic.   As per the Rule Book of DnD  Also, read DnD 5e Spell: Word Of Radiance 5e | Use, Suitability & Drawbacks

Burning Hands 5e Cone DnD At Higher Levels

With the DnD Burning Hands Cone 5e Spell, the damage of 3d6 rises up by 1d6 after you reach up to the 2nd level of the spell slot. This means that the damage of the spell shoots up by 1d6 after a character crosses the 1st level spell slot. 

How to Practice the 5e Burning Hand Cone Spell in DnD? 

When a spell caster puts the Burning Hand Cone 5e spell to practice in DnD, one has to undergo through the following steps: After the targeted area takes the damage, a spell caster revamps to another level. After the upgrade, the damage also increases by 1d6. The target area has to be within the range to make a melee attack. The player earns an opportunity to leave the area for once, before the area gets burned, if the target area is much close enough to the spell caste. As according to the level of the target of the spell cast, the width of the damage is also most likely to spread its effect.  

Can the Spell Caster of Burning Hand Cone 5e Change the Direction of the Damage Effect? 

Yes, The direction of the damage can be updated by the caster. However, the burning bolts ought to be around the caster. He can also stop the effect if the target is passing through a lot of racks. 

Significance of Hand of Vengeance

Hand of Vengeance plays a significant role in the Burning Hand 5e Spell. It allows the character to emit the Firebolts with the spell. However, this build of spells must be put to practice while: 

Maintaining an appropriate positioning .Target and the Caster have to be aligned face to face.

The range of the casting works directly between the target and the caster. So, this becomes a complicated clause in the DnD Burning Hand Cone 5e Spell. Nevertheless, the cast can make a big fiery attack if it is cast correctly.  There can be only one spell caster who can use the Fire Bolts at a particular point of time.  Also, read What Are The Strange Rules Of Feather Fall 5e DnD | New Spell Alert

Wrapping Up

So Fighters…All set to Build a Fire on the range? I bet you are. This is a powerful spell according to me. It becomes stronger when the burning hands combine with the element spells. However, a spell caster must spot the right target that is right at your center.  I suggest, pre-plan your strategy systematically because rushing into it can surely burn the effectiveness of this spell.  Also, do let us know your take on this one. And, if you need some assistance on any other spell, drop the name below and we will help you out in every possible way.  Adieus!


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