But that being in one of the most doesn’t mean the platform is error-free.  For instance, the friends’ list of many Xbox users is now broken or empty due to a glitch. The xbox friends list not working and some are experiencing xbox friends list glitch. So let’s look into this issue in deep and fix the xbox friends list glitch issue asap.

5 Easiest Ways To Fix Xbox Friends List Glitch 

Numerous reports state that the problem has plagued Xbox users for several hours. At this time, they are unable to see the people on their friends’ lists. At first, the problem solely applied to Xbox consoles’ friends’ lists. But now the Xbox app is also affected by the problem. Xbox friends list glitch is becoming serious now.

1. Hard Reset

Press and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds to hard reset your console. Disconnect all of the power wires after the Xbox has powered down. Reconnect all the power cords after a little delay. Check to see if the friends list has been updated by turning on your Xbox. Continue to the next step if you are still unable to see your friends’ profiles as being online. Try this method & see if it solves xbox friends list glitch.

2. Power Cycle Router

It is typically a good idea to power cycle your router to resolve any connectivity problems on your network. This is a pretty simple method for resolving any momentary connectivity problems. Switch off your router and unplug the power cords. After some time has passed, reconnect everything. Switch on your router to see whether the problem has been fixed. Continue to the following step if you are still unable to view your Xbox pals list. If this method fixes your xbox friends list glitch problem, good, But no? Try out other methods. Also, read 10 Best Xbox Games For Girls Listed by Female Gamers in 2022

3. Relog into account:

Log out of your Xbox account if you’re having trouble. Restart your Xbox, then sign in once more. Any issues with your account settings need to be resolved by doing this. Your friends’ list should be visible when you log in, and you should be able to connect with them without any issues. See if this solves the xbox friends list glitch problem.

4. Remove your Account

You ought to attempt deleting your account from your Xbox console entirely as well. Check to see whether your Xbox has any information about your account stored. After entirely deleting your account, sign in again to see whether the issue still exists. Don’t worry even if this method doesn’t solve xbox friends list glitch issue, try out our last method.

5. Factory reset

This is not the approach on this list that is best recommended. The hardware of several users’ consoles has reportedly been harmed via factory reset. To put it plainly, some users claim that a factory reset is not a good idea for the long-term health of your smartphone. However, if none of the aforementioned solutions works, your options are severely constrained. We advise you to wait a few days and trust that the issue will go away on its own. Only then should a factory reset be considered if the issue still persists after 48 hours. Go to Profile and System > Settings > System > Console details > Reset console > Reset and keep my games and applications to do a factory reset. Your console will be reset and your friends’ list will be fixed. Also, read 3 Ways To Report Players In MultiVersus | Xbox, PlayStation, Steam

Is Xbox Friends List Glitch Happening With Everyone | Friend List Not Working?

Don’t worry it’s just not you. The problem is not from your end. The problem’s root cause is unknown but the problem is definitely from Xbox’s end. As Xbox’s support team tweeted.

Wrapping Up

So these are all the ways and information you had to know about Xbox friends list glitch, try these methods out and fix your issues of xbox friends list not working yourselves. Hope this article was useful and your issues are already fixed. Stay updated with Path of EX for more updates. Happy Gaming!


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