The amount of investments in social media marketing (which is approximately over $50 bn) gives lots of food for thought whether to implement it in your marketing techniques or not. To help you with that, we have put together five successful campaigns you can learn from. These five campaigns share one common approach: they rely on graphic design software and produce eye-catching content.  But what makes them unique? Multiple features make every program distinct, effective, and, most importantly, successful.  Ready to delve in? Let’s look at the best social media campaigns that will change your marketing agenda once and for all.

Social Media Campaigns Go Way Beyond Facebook

It would be reasonable to clarify one element, though. Many people think that social media marketing is circumscribed by Facebook. While Facebook is a heavy hitter in the field, it’s not the only player. Several other equally effective platforms exist, such as Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and even audio streaming services, Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal, to name a few.  What’s more, social media campaigns can (and often encourage) entail various platforms. This way, brands manage to cover significantly more customers and followers.  With that being said, let us move to the first efficient marketing campaign.

Dove #ShowUs Campaign

Of all the corporations that value inclusivity, Dove stands out the most. Let’s be honest: many companies jump on the bandwagon of trends that circulate the Internet with one aim in mind – to captivate more customers. But Dove runs such campaigns consciously with no ulterior goals. How can we tell? It has been radiating inclusivity and a positive body image vibe for over a decade.  Since then, the company has generated many commercials and voiced people’s stories and looks. Why is that crucial? Lots of advertisements propagate false beauty standards, thus motivating people to buy their products.  In turn, Dove helps people of other skin and appearance be confident and not fall into the trap. How does the company do it?  The new #ShowUs project has been viral, and it’s for a reason. In cooperation with various brands, Dove accumulated plenty of stories and spread the world of people who might not look the same, yet they are still to be treated appropriately. The hashtag #ShowUs was used nearly a million times throughout the campaign.  The campaign’s success shows that you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune to be noticed. It’s a unique story, sprinkled with high-quality images that matter the most. 

Dear Kitten by Friskies and BuzzFeed

Who on earth would scroll a picture of cute, fluffy cats without smashing at least a like button? Indubitably, it’s hard to pass by such posts, especially when they are interactive and entertaining.  BuzzFeed and Friskies knew that. Moreover, they successfully employed this knowledge, creating a set of adorable videos, which transformed into a great marketing campaign for these companies and other brands (it was used as a franchise). These videos aren’t information-laden. Nor do they call for a specific action. They are fascinating, and through this, people are eager to act, visit web pages, get familiar with the content published earlier, etc.

Carlsberg Facebook Campaign

The Carlsberg Facebook campaign is a fantastic example of appealing to a specific group of people. Several years ago, the campaign supported a Liverpool Football team during the Champions League season. Carlsberg came up with the original red beer (FYI, Liverpool and the red color go hand in hand) and showed where its heart lies.  With a small collaboration with the football team’s manager, the club’s fans appreciated and loved the ad. In the end, Carlsberg had 19 times the return spent on the ad. And that’s not even the best part. The website was bombarded with people’s visits, which boosted the company tremendously.

Red Bull Instagram Campaign

Red Bull has been present in the market since 1987, supplying people with the desired wings to get things done quickly and fruitfully. And although many other brands have started providing energy drinks, Red Bull remains the prototype.  That’s why Red Bull’s wings can be found in almost every country, making the brand focus on local markets and come up with exclusive campaigns. What do they have in common? Simplicity. Yet, every campaign has entertained millions of people. 

DistanceDance by Procter & Gamble

If millions of views are not enough for you, how about over 17 billion? Yes, Procter & Gamble was on a roll with this campaign, letting people feel the same vibe. Was it a complicated campaign? Not at all. P & G teamed up with a TikTok influencer and launched the campaign, naming it DistanceDance. Its primary purpose was to record a short dancing video and use the hashtag.  The corporation has contributed to it, too, donating to Feeding America and Matthew25.

Wrapping Up

With all said, social media campaigns don’t need to be complex. People usually opt for quality rather than quantity. Therefore, make sure you have something unique to say and show. Hopefully, the mentioned examples will help you develop a good campaign and tailor it to the right audience.


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