Finding the best wireless charger can be tedious as there are a few important things to remember before purchasing. Once you use a wireless charger, switching back to a wired charging platform feels like a chore.  Using one charging cable with all your wireless charging compatible devices may result in quick deterioration, but that’s not the case with a wireless charger. It is as easy as putting your charging device on the wireless pad, and ta-da! Your device starts charging. It saves a lot of time if you switch to putting your device on a wireless pad instead of hunting for the cable and plugging it in every time. Here is a list of the 5 best wireless chargers you can buy under a budget of $50.

5 Top-Rated Wireless Chargers Under $50 2022

Among the different sizes, shapes, colors, and power outputs, I have researched extensively to find the best wireless charger for you. Here is the list of the 5 best wireless chargers you can buy in 2022 under a budget of $50.

1. Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger with USB-C Charger Bundle | $25.99

Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger is one of the cheapest and an absolute value for money product. It is compatible with iPhone 12/12 Pro and all iPhone 13 models. It is made of sturdy plastic material, which translates into good build quality, and snaps to the back of your iPhone with the help of magnets built-in. Users have rated it 4.6 out of 5.  Here is the list of its detailed technical specifications:

Can charge your iPhone with up to 7.5W.With Qi certification and Anker’s very own comprehensive MultiProtect safety system, you get features like foreign object detection, temperature control, short circuit protection, and more. Comes with a 20W USB-C charging adapter and a 5 ft USB-C Cable.The box includes 313 Magnetic Wireless Charging pad, USB-C 5 ft / 1.5m charging cable, 20W USB-C charging adapter, and a welcome guide.It comes with an 18 months Warranty from the manufacturer. 

2. Apple MagSafe Charger | $37

Apple MagSafe charger is one of the most promising wireless chargers in terms of design and performance. It simply spans to the back of your iPhone through the magnets present on both devices and ensures a strong hold. It can charge an iPhone 13 from 21% to 50% capacity in an hour. It may be a little slower if your iPhone needs quick juice, but it can be a great alternative if you’re working from home. Its design makes the iPhone much easier to use while charging. Users have given this wireless charger a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Also, read 5 Best Security Camera 2022 | Affordable Wireless and Indoor Cameras Read the technical specifications here:

Apple MagSafe charger is compatible with iPhone 8 and all iPhones that were launched later. It can also charge your AirPods with a wireless charging case with a maximum output of 15W.It is Qi certified to ensure safety and optimum performance. The snappy magnetic alignment experience applies only to iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro models.This wireless charger has a USB-C integrated cable (1 m)Since the power adapter is not included in the box, I recommend a 20W USB-C Power adapter (sold separately).If you own an iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini, then that’s limited to 12W. I did not find a Warranty on Apple’s website. Further confirmation is awaited.

3. Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Pad | $39

Logitech Powered Wireless Charging Pad is a solid contender to Apple’s MagSafe connector charger as this one supports charging android devices as well. Its design sets the smartphone in an upright position, unlike the Apple Magsafe charger.  Read the technical specifications here:

Compatible with Qi-enabled devices from major brands including (Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo, Huawei, LG, etc.), Airpods Pro and Airpods (1st and 2nd gen), and more.It is optimized to deliver fast charging for Samsung (max 9W) and Apple (max 7.5W) qi-enabled phones. The charger has a notification light indicator which shows that the devices are charging, but it’s not too bright to disrupt your sleep.Beautifully designed with premium soft-touch materials. It has foreign object detection and other mechanisms to prevent overheating and overcharging while in use.The charger comes with a 12 months Limited Hardware Warranty.

4. Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Stand | $44.99

Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Stand is slightly more expensive than Apple’s MagSafe charger, but it comes with a 24W power adapter included in the box. In terms of design, you must place your device on the holder instead of snapping a magnet, unlike a MagSafe charger. In terms of performance, it charges at the same speed as offered by Apple’s MagSafe charger. Also, read 5 Best Wi-Fi Extenders Under $100 | Trending in 2022 Read the technical specifications here:

It can charge Qi-compatible devices up to a maximum output of 15W. It is compatible with all the Android devices that come with wireless charging functionality and iPhone 11 or later.You can take video calls or record videos, or watch videos by using the charging stand as a phone holder while charging the device.It can charge your device with a case of up to 3mm thickness. It comes with a 24W Quick Charge 3.0 power supply included, USB Cable is not included in the box. It comes with a 24 months Warranty from the manufacturer. 

5. Anker 533 Wireless Charging Station | $59.99

Anker 533 Wireless Charging Station is by far the best wireless charger on our list. Its performance, build quality, and price range win every corner. The product comes at a price of $47.99 (inclusive of a 20% discount on the listed price). Among all the others, this one is my recommendation because it allows you to charge three devices simultaneously. Read the technical specifications here:

Compatible with all Qi-compatible devices, including iPhones and Android smartphones, Apple Watch, Airpods, and Samsung Buds. Not compatible with non-MagSafe phone cases.Loaded with safety features like temperature control, foreign object detection, overload/overvoltage protection, and much more.Included in the box: Anker PowerWave 3-in-1 Stand with Watch Charging Cable Holder (Watch Cable sold separately), 18W USB- A power adapter, 5 ft USB-A to C cable, welcome guide, and 18 months Warranty.Anker Wireless Charger is the best wireless charger, can provide upto 7.5W power if you’re charging your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and 5W for wearables and Airpods.It comes with an 18 months Warranty from the manufacturer. 

The Science Behind Buying the Right Wireless Charger 

Just like the micro SD card is supported by all the micro SD card slots in your devices, standardization is required to connect a wireless charger and a wireless chagrin device. All the wireless chargers mentioned in my list are Qi (pronounced as chee) certified to ensure compatibility and safety simultaneously.  Qi certification is a format maintained by WPC (The Wireless Power Consortium) to ensure a standardized wireless transmission across compatible devices. Without Qi certification, even the best wireless charger may behave inappropriately in certain cases. The voltage mismatch can cause damage to the device that you’re charging. Technically, you can charge your device with a charger with higher watts of power against the low watts of power in the device that receives the charging, but this overload could damage the magnetic coil in your device or even damage the internals. An unstandardized wireless charger may attract foreign objects such as needles or other pieces of metals that can be harmful to your life.  Hence, Qi certification will ensure that the above problems never exist.

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