The Vehicle Simulation games will provide you with your most preferred way of learning and understanding the world of driving vehicles. Some apps let you drive a car, others train you in driving a truck.  Reading on in this article you will get to know about the working of each of these apps. Read their specifications and choose the one that fulfills your requirements. 

5 Best Vehicle Simulation Games for iOS devices in 2022

This article has been carefully preserved by our team of writers to ensure the best of the Vehicle simulation games for you.

1. Drive Simulator | Vehiche Simulation Game for iOS

On Drive Simulator you can run and build your constriction and transport company. It is set in a large detailed environment that you have complete control over. You can buy, build and transport things to get to understand their working. On the app, you can do multiple jobs and learn the way you can drive various vehicles. You can take on different tasks, on the way learn new things.  Drive different vehicles, build small and large buildings, bridges, roads, and various other buildings in the game. Not just vehicles, you can also use cranes, cargo trucks, and various other vehicles to complete your tasks. The more vehicles you drive, the better you get at the game. You can choose between five different modes ranging from easy to tough depending on the job complexities. As you progress you get multiple rewards and ultimately grow your vehicle fleet size.  In this top vehicle simulation game, you will have to follow all traffic rules and stop when the light turns red. You can use any of the fuel stations during the playmaking the game more realistic. You also get an interior view of the vehicles and can drive during the day or night. 

2. Ultimate Car Driving Simulator | Vehiche Simulation Game for iOS

The Ultimate Car Driving Simulator comes with advanced physics features. With each type of car there are different aspects of physics involved and Ultimate Car Driving Simulator takes care of it all. You can drive slow or fast and have to follow the traffic rules accordingly. It is played in a real-world environment offering you many customization options. The game has addictive gameplay that will keep you hooked throughout. It is an amazing combination of realism and fun. Once you start playing this game, it is hard to stop. You can choose any vehicle you wish to. With this vehicle simulation game, customization is the key. Whatever design you imagine, this app will help you with such a vehicle. From luxury SUVs to basic cars, this app has it all. The sound features on the app are another attractive feature. These sounds have been taken from real-world sound and hence offer a better experience for users. The app is well accepted and appreciated for its graphics and 3D model. 

3. Car Driving Academy 3D | Vehiche Simulation Game for iOS

The working of this app resonates with what the name suggests. It is one of those simulation games that lets you drive your vehicle. You can only win if you follow the traffic rules. This app has been called one of the best simulation apps to learn driving from. You have the option of choosing the academy mode that will help you gain knowledge about various road signs and traffic rules. Make use of 25 different levels which are unlocked after every challenge you complete. You can also play this game in night mode and understand how well you can drive.  After you complete the academy mode of the game, you will have to go through 27 different challenges to get to the place where you stand. Go on free drive-in different cars with 3 camera views and earn gold coins in exchange for it. You can travel in more than a hundred cars. The developers of the app are very active on their social media platforms so you can stay updated about the new challenges that come up on the app.

4. Euro Truck Simulator 2 | Vehiche Simulation Game for iOS

This game is the second edition of the Euro Truck Simulator series. The game plan includes you driving around in any of the trucks of your choice. You have to go all around Europe to complete your tasks. Pick up the cargo and deliver them on time to get additional points. As you move forward in the game, you can upgrade your vehicle. After you have enough points, you can also hire other people to do your work. Before you begin your tasks, you have to choose one city in Europe as your headquarters. In the beginning, you are given only a hired driver task, but as you progress, your opportunities and the amount of work given are also increased. Learn to drive and bring trucks using this Vehicle simulation game for free.  

5. Public Transport Simulator | Vehiche Simulation Game for iOS

This is the most challenging of all the above-mentioned Vehicle simulation games for ios. When you are in the setting, you don’t just have to drive but also make sure that the passengers in your vehicle are safe and sound. You will be given many challenges that you will have to complete. During the day or night, you can have any setting you wish to play the game in. The 3D outlook of the app gives you a look into the interior and exterior of the vehicle you are driving. The app has a leaderboard so you can track your progress. You can also see the skills you have and compare them with the ones that your other competitions have. As you progress, you can unlock many other features. The app can help you with advanced features like seat adjustment, better camera, audio clarity, increased traffic, and much more. 

Wrapping Up

On the above-mentioned apps, you can drive around in race cars, buses, or trucks. Throughout the article, we hope you found what you had been looking for. Choose the best Vehicle simulation game for you and get started.   That was all about this article on “5 Best Vehicle Simulation Games for iOS in 2022 | Free iPhone Games”. If you want to learn more, then check out our other articles on simulation games.


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