With that said, living in a van isn’t free, which means you have to work. For that purpose, you need a mini office in a van. However, the space in the van is limited, so space awareness is essential.  The tools which take less space are usually more beneficial. They will adjust according to your comfort. Here we will discuss the best van life tools you need to make a convenient living.

Best Van Life Tools make Van Living More Convenient.

The basic tools you will need for work in the van are a foldable desk, chair, portable charging system, book scanner, portable Bluetooth speaker, and Wi-Fi.  A portable charging system is very important because it will help you charge your devices. A foldable office desk and chair will also help you in the van because they will take up less space. A book scanner is also important for van life; it will help you scan important documents. Let’s discuss them in detail!

1. Portable Charging System 

Brand: Jackery For your van mini office, a portable charging system like the Jackery Explorer 300 is necessary. You can handle it easily in less space than a van portable charging system as it doesn’t require unnecessary wires. Here are some more benefits of a portable charging system.

It provides quick charging and takes only 2.5 hours to recharge fully. With a 293Wh power capacity, it can simultaneously charge up to six smart gadgets and power small appliances. You can travel anywhere and stay connected with your colleagues.

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2. Foldable Office Desk and Chairs 

Brand: Tribesigns Van has less capacity; one always needs a chair and desk for official work. Foldable tables and chairs are a great solution for the mini office. Tribesigns desk and chair are great options for van life. You can also quickly move these foldable tables and chairs.  Here are some more benefits of Tribesigns desk and chair, which can make your living comfortable in a van.

You can make your living area decent in van life with the help of Tribesigns desk and chair. Tribesigns desks and chairs are affordable. The fordable desk and chair quality are great, and you can use them to complete your job-related work.

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3. CZUR Shine Ultra

Brand: CZUR Just like other things are essential in van life for office work, a good book scanner is also crucial. You can quickly scan your important documents without compromising the quality. An advanced document scanner will promptly scan, and you can save time because of that professional scanner.  CZUR has a professional book scanner in Shine Ultra. It makes the scanning process as easy as a breeze. It is lightweight and convenient to use. Moreover, it has built-in optical character recognition (OCR); it can understand more than 180 languages and converts PDFs and digital images into searchable information. It can scan also scan any paper document you need for your office work.  Here are some more features of the CZUR Shine Ultra document scanner. 

You do not need to plug in this scanner; connect it to the computer. The weight is not so high; its weight is 1 kg, and the weight matters in a van. It is adjustable and foldable. It has a top light which you can use as a desk lamp. It provides digital files in multi formats. It doubles the function of a visual presenter.

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4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Brand: Bose Portable Bluetooth speakers SoundLink Flex Bluetooth speakers​ and other things also play an essential role in van life work. These speakers will make your van life full of fun. With music, you can enjoy the aura of different nature places. Your road life will become so vibrant and lovely with these portable speakers.  Van is not suitable for regular speakers, but portable speakers are the best tools to make your living good in the van. A user needs to know the place where he mostly lives. If he stays in a van near the beach, he should buy waterproof speakers. Then, he can select the best portable speaker according to his needs and area.  Here are some more benefits of portable speakers in van life.

You can use a portable speaker as an amplifier.  It is waterproof and dustproof. It has a powder-coated steel grille and silicone exterior, which makes it ideal for outdoor living. You can listen to an audiobook along with cooking. You can enjoy music with unnecessary wires. 

5. Portable Wi-Fi

Brand: Eero In van life, portable Wi-Fi is the most important thing. Without the internet, having fun and completing your work-related tasks on time is difficult. Eero Wi-Fi is the best option; it is portable. With the help of Eero’s portable Wi-Fi, you can connect with anyone in this world. You can easily focus on work.  Here are some other benefits of Eero portable Wi-Fi in van life.

You can connect more than one device with the portable Wi-Fi of Eero. The portable Wi-Fi is easy of Eero is easy to use. Eero’s Wi-Fi connection is secure for you. People living in vans need to move frequently and can easily carry this portable Wi-Fi everywhere. 

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Van life is an exciting and fun living experience that is becoming common nowadays. The van life saves money, provides peace of mind, and fulfills your traveling dreams.  However, you need van life tools to make your van living productive and more enjoyable. These tools will help you in your work and provide comfort. Space in a van matters a lot, so portable devices carry a lot of value. You can easily buy portable Bluetooth speakers, Wi-Fi, and a portable charging system. It is also essential to have a good working space for which you can buy a portable chair and desk. Office-related tasks also require a need to have a professional book scanner for the official scanning of documents. CZUR Shine Ultra serves that function with its multi-purpose features. All these tools make van living easier.


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