The public transport apps are of different types. Some apps offer you directions to the nearest public transport, while others help you book a cab or taxi for yourself. We have meticulously created for you a list of apps that can help you navigate better.  Some of the most widely used Public Transport apps for Android users are: Not everyone can afford to buy a car and go around in it. In such a scenario, these public transport apps can help you find the right fit for you. While Uber majorly dominates the public transport domain, these apps help you in similar ways. They have made life easier for people. Here is all that is there to know about the Best Public Transport apps for Android.

Best Public Transport Apps for Android

The transport companies have now taken into consideration the usage of mobile phones and thus developed apps that make life easier for commuters. Not having a car or bike is no longer a problem for these public transport apps for Android now aim to take care of all your travel needs. Some of the best public transport apps for Android are :

1. Cabify

Cabify covers more than 400 cities in Central, South, and North America. This app has one of the largest customer-bases who keep coming back to them for their efficient services. Cabify can be used to make bookings for a Cab to your destination.

Features of Cabify:

The app lets you book a private car with a driver to take you to your destination.Cabify is known to offer high- standard facilities and well-trained drivers.


Cabify offers different plans depending on your needs. They have individual as well as business plans.You can use this app to not just book a car but also find any public taxi nearby.All your journey preferences can be set on the app itself. You do not need to give specific instructions to the driver. 

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2. Citymapper

Citymapper is one of the most widely used apps. CityMappers can be used to find information about any public transport that exists. Every detail on the app is just a click away. From Bus timings to taxi arrivals, this app has it all. 

Features :

The app helps you know the timings of the bus at the nearest bus stop while simultaneously helping you find the tram timings.Citymapper is a one-stop app for all the transport needs in the City.


CityMappers lets you book a mode of transport according to your needs and at the same time lets you compare their rates.In case you get stuck at a place, CityMapper gives you all the information about where you are and the easiest way to reach your destination. The app comes with offline maps to help you navigate better.

3. Lyft

In times like today, Lyft is giving neck-to-neck competition to Uber. Unlike Uber, Lyft can be accessed on a web browser. But for your cab confirmation, you need to have a working phone around to receive texts and calls. 


Lyft lets you book not just a hunch-back but also a sedan. Any type of vehicle can be accessed by Lyft.The app offers minimum rates for their services.


The app works completely online. You do not need to call a cab or taxi service.Lyft connects you with a driver nearest to you.Group cabs can also be booked.


The app doesn’t work on Wi-fi only devices.Lyft only works in some parts of the US.

4. Moovit

Moovit is a multi-usage platform. The app lets you navigate and schedule rides for yourself. The app can be used to book a book, cab, train, etc. at various platforms and across various service providers. The app is functional in over 2000 cities. 


The app is majorly divided into three categories, Stations, directions, and lines.You can route your trip or schedule one.


Moovit has all the information about the train, bus, subway, and tram schedules.The app has a unique bike-sharing provision. This helps you at peak traffic hours when moving around in a four-wheeler becomes difficult.


Moovit does not offer in-app bookings.The app does not provide any private vehicles for transportation. 

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5. Transit

Transit is in service in more than 125 cities. It is available in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Transit is one of the premier apps to know about public transportation facilities. If you are unaware of the timings of Public transport, Transit helps you with that.


The app provides real-time public transport updates.It offers you the timings of the bus at your nearest point.Transit also helps you choose the right way to your destination


If you have Transit on your phone, all your public transport needs will be taken care of.In case of any change in the timings of a bus or train, Transit lets you know at the earliest.

With the world moving fast, we also need to remain on our toes at all times. These public transport apps take care of the different aspects of your transportation life. With us, you can remain updated about the latest discoveries and advancements.  Feature Image Credits: Android Central


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