The offline games require you to just have your devices. Yeah! That’s it! Even when you are stuck in a no-internet zone these games will give you company. Play them at any time, anywhere without having to worry about anything. Our list of the best offline games for iOS will keep your device updated from time to time. Also, not all the games are available online and so we have made the search easier for you. Read ahead to find out all about these games.

5 Best Offline Games for iOS

These games are easy to play and can be played under any circumstances. The Internet will no longer be a problem for you. From low-storage games to high-storage ones, we got it all covered for you.

1. Monopoly

Monopoly is a game that can be played offline for all iOS devices. Published by the Marmalade game studio limited, this helps you play your favorite board game on your iOS device. You longer need to carry your board game everywhere, pay for it once, and enjoy it for as long as you want to. Roll the dice to reach a decision. Sell, buy or build and strategize well to become a rich landlord in the world of Monopoly. This game can be played solo or with a family member. It is also available for free so it can be another option you can use, making it one of the best offline games for iOS.

Features of Monopoly; one of the best offline games for iOS-

2. Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is a musical arcade that is also an offline game. With multiple songs to choose from, this song is as much entertaining as it is fun. This game has more rhythmic music, more challenges, and more levels to beat. As you progress in the game, with the increase in level, the difficulty of the game also increases. It is very easy to play. Tap on the piano tiles to create music and get points and coins in exchange for it.

Features of Piano Tiles 2; offline game for iOS-

3. Pac-man

This is a maze arcade offline game in which the player controls Pac-Man. You can play the role of Pac-Man, who must eat or cover all the dots inside the box or the enclosed maze. While eating the dots, Pac-Man must dodge the four or more ghosts. Some large flashing dots are also there which helps the ghost to look blue and more dangerous. Before ghosts, Pac-Man needs to eat those flashing dots to gain points. It is one of the easiest popular games to play.

Features of Pac-man; best offline game for iOS-

4. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is one of the most commonly played offline games. Players all over the world have loved this game and played it with a lot of zeal and entertainment. This is an endless game that will keep you entertained and on the go wherever you are. You will have to dodge the trains and other obstacles that come in the way. The more coins you collect, the better it is. Collect coins and power-ups to get additional ways to run more. The game calculates your score based on the distance you cover the number of coins you collect.

Features of Subway Surfers; one of the best offline games for iOS-

5. UNO

One of the most classic card offline games you can play is UNO. Perfect for each family member and friend to play with without any hesitation and problem. There are different types of cards that make this game more effective and attractive for all gamers. Cards like- skip, reverse, draw two(+2), wild, and draw four(+4) are there just like the original card game. The player needs to match the previous card’s number or color till the game ends. This game was developed by Merle Robbins in 1971 and has been popular ever since.

Features of UNO; bestt offline game for iOS-

Wrapping Up

The best offline games for iOS 2022 are multiple. At this time when Apple Store is brimming with new games to play, we hope that this list of the best offline games for iOS in 2022 helps you in playing the right game with your friends, family, or even solo. Try playing UNO and Monopoly, you will definitely love them. These are my personal favorite. Now it’s your turn! Tell us in the comment section, which game among these offline games for iOS 2022 makes you feel like a pro.


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