If you could begin your existence on a Minecraft server, you might live in a house, have a family, or participate in a community. If this sounds unbelievable, you should test the top Minecraft towny servers. These servers support functional societies in a town-like setting, building on the idea of video games like The Sims, which duplicate life as an economy.  Furthermore, the players on these servers are actual players, just like you and I, in contrast to most simulations. Let’s check out the Best Minecraft Towny Servers on our list and see what they offer in 2022 now that that has been said.

List Of Best Minecraft Towny Servers Of 2022

Best Minecraft Towny servers have been covered for both the Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft. To simply connect to Minecraft servers on any platform, utilize their corresponding server addresses. Additionally, there are no rankings on our list, so feel free to browse the servers at your leisure and enjoy playing. Also, read MC Championship 24 Updates | MCC August Dates, Teams, Result

List Of Best Minecraft Towny Servers Of 2022

Scroll down to learn more about the best Minecraft servers of 2022 and to know more about their Java and Bedrock addresses.  

1. Pikadex

Pixelmon Mod– Sedex Pixelmon

Java Address- pikadex.sedexcraft.com (recommended for 1.16.5)

The video game industry’s most engaging and interactive environments are those found in Pokemon games. With that in mind, we have this entertaining Pikadex one of the best Minecraft towny servers. One of the many fun Minecraft Pixelmon servers, it introduces Pokemon to your styrofoam universe. You receive a large number of Pokemon, NPCs, gym leaders, and lovely towns. In addition to engaging with the magnificent individuals in this server’s town, you may also construct a Minecraft home. Grieving protection is installed throughout the server, so you don’t have to worry about someone pillaging your home. The server does include Pokemon breeding and PvP combat to round out the experience.

2. MineSuperior 

Java Address- hub.mcs.gg

Some well-known Minecraft towny servers have a reputation for becoming monotonous over time. MineSuperior is one of the best Minecraft Towny Servers. It includes numerous unique features, frequent updates, and new adjustments. The server contains a central town where users can build bases, display accomplishments, and host friends. That’s not all, though. Other fantastic game options are available on this server besides the towny portion. Faction, sky block, survival, prison, creative, and even a KitPvP mode are among them. So this server is a worthwhile time, whether you want to compete with your friends or just hang out with them.

3. BlossomCraft

Bedrock Address- BlossomCraftJava Address- play.BlossomCraft.org

The SMP (survival multiplayer) Minecraft Towny Server that puts its community first is the next in line. You may play Minecraft with other people from across the world and benefit from a tonne of extra features. You can get add-ons from the server to enhance your experience in the game easier. You can still cooperate and conduct trade with other players even though there is no PvP mode. The server has new enchantments, unique dwellings, chest businesses, and a player-run economy. Additionally, it offers a creative mode setting that enables you and your friends to create original constructions on the server.

4. CatCraft 

Bedrock Address- top.catcraft.netJava Address- top.catcraft.net

Everything a good towny server should achieve is accomplished by our this best Minecraft towny server, CatCraft. However, it elevates the overall experience by giving players a chance to enjoy uncommon Java and Bedrock crossplay. Yes, these gamers won’t be allowed to engage in combat, but that doesn’t stop them from creating some incredible buildings in the designated spaces. Any online server has difficulty achieving such crossplay, and the server wants to give users a fun gaming experience in a brand-new survival environment. Additionally, gamers can try out built-in realms on the server. Regarding functionality, diamonds serve as the only form of currency in the server’s entirely player-based economy. The active admins included grief protection to ensure that players’ progress was protected.

5. Datblock

Java Address- Play.datblock.com

Datblock is among the best Minecraft Towny servers and is frequently populated by hundreds of people. Its unique material, ongoing events, and wide range of well-liked game variants are renowned. You only need to jump on it to find a spot on this server for you. About the town-focused area of this Minecraft server, Datblock offers a game mode referred to as “Dat-Earth.” Here, users can collaborate or work alone to build homes and even entire towns in the game. These cities are referred to by the server as “nations” on the planet. As a result, you can trade, invite inhabitants, and establish relationships with other countries on the server. Also, read How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft | Smooth Stone Recipe

Wrapping Up

With this, we end with the hope you got to know about the Best Minecraft Towny Servers. Hope these 5 best Minecraft Survival Towny helped you and enhanced your experience. And do stay connected with Path of EX for more updates and to know more about different Minecraft servers. Happy Gaming!


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