Chess is the game for increasing mental strength and more android users are going for this from their handy android devices. And to serve the users with the best, the developers are constantly coming up with new chess games. But not all games can be considered the best. According to the user’s reviews and the internet sayings, the Best Chess Games For Android 2022 are only a few which are worth your time. But makes these games the best ones? What unique features do these games have? Why choose these? You will get to know about all these through this post. Below is the guide for the features, google play store rating, size, compatibility, and a lot more.

Best Chess Games For Android 2022 To Fill Your Chess Apetite!

To play a game like Chess, you do not require high-tech devices, it can run easily on any device. Also, they are not high space requiring games. The Chess games that you can play anytime from the palm of your hands are-

1. Chess Free

Chess Free has successfully created its place in the Best Chess App Games for Android in 2022. Wonder why? read along- One of the Top 3D Chess App, for Android in 2022, Chess Free is the casuals chess game you’ll find and play on Android devices. A chess player knows what a chess game should look like. And “Chess free” is your destination. Chess Free has been the “Top Developer” (awarded 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015) and many years “Editors Choice” So if you don’t want this, well what else? Chess Free is one of the best free Chess Games on Android. It has been years since it is top-ranked among the 600+ chess apps present in androids! Its first-class tutor makes it great for both developing Chess Strategy and improving your chess skills. The fun being, it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

Key Features Of ‘Chess Free’ Chess App For Android In 2022

Play from the beginning and level up to the 12th one where you’re an expert. Casual and Pro modes. Learn on Casual and progress to Pro.You have a Chess Tutor! Know which piece to move, develop an excellent chess strategy and avoid simple mistakes.Analyze each and every move you make.Now with the help of “CPU THINKING” know what the AI is thinking to do.Achievements and Leaderboards! Who doesn’t love that?The app is designed for both Tablet and Phone so you don’t have to worry about the device you’re using.Supporting Landscape mode for all Tablets and many Phones too.2 player hot-seat and online. Invite and play against your friends!Choose between 2D and 3D boards and piece sets!Now displays the chess line you are in e.g. Queen’s Gambit

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.5 Stars with more than 50 Million downloads. Size: 24MB Compatibility: Requires Android 4.4 and up Pricing: This is a free app with ads in it.

2. Real Chess

Real Chess App is also ranked among one of the best Chess Games of 2022 because of its graphics. Remember those real player games of chess which the royalty used to play? Their thunder was next level. Here we have things similar to that one! Best Chess gaming app of Android 2022 with gorgeous graphics dedicated for all chess lovers! This Chess app brings a simple classic chess game into a whole new world. With advanced 3D graphics, you can feel all beauty of interacting with a virtual chess set. Choose to play with AI or with real opponents. And enjoy!! Well, wasn’t this 2022 Android Chess app exactly what you were looking for?

Key Features Of ‘Real Chess’ Chess Game For Android In 2022

Advanced 3D graphics; so you feel your chessboard is more than a chessboard.Online gameplay. More than 1 million registered users worldwide and counting.Chat with opponents while playing online; AI with 2400 levels of difficulty so you prove to us, how well of an expert you are!Don’t worry if you’re new to chess. The game has hints for you highlighting the number of possible moves.Different themes of chess set; 3D and 2D board variants.Both landscape and portrait screen mode supported.

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.2 stars with more than 10 Million downloads. Size: 31MB Compatibility: Requires Android 4.1 and up Pricing: This is a free app and has ads.

3. Chess

Wow that’s a complicated name !? Isn’t it? lol So, feel like already an expert in chess? Try the lever 13 AI which is impossible to beat with one of the best chess games in 2022 among chess Android apps available online to play! Best suited for hardcore chess fans because, in this Chess game, you get daily challenges. So have fun completing them while doing something you Love- play chess! If not an expert now, become one by Practicing with chess. That’s how magic is done. So must try this Chess Game App for Android in 2022 for the best chess game experience in 2022.

Key Features Of ‘Chess’ Chess App For Android In 2022

Chess is one of the best free chess games, Powerful AI engine, 13 AI level.Chess is one of the best free chess game on AndroidPowerful AI engine!Get interesting daily tasks, the different difficulty of the mess challenge, suitable of exercise your chess strategy, improve your chess force.Eventually, become a top expert!13 AI difficulty for beginners easier to get started, proficient can also challenge or just..try.With the new teaching mode, you can now improve the player skills you have!Smart Tip Analysis for each step so you know how the AI thinks.Two-player mode plays with your friends and shows them you’re the real chess master.Update the challenges of different difficulties every day.Complete daily tasks and feel good about your chess skills!Choose from different chess themes, six different chess cards, and many more modes of fun and excitement!

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.5 stars with more than one million downloads. Size: 2.9MB Compatibility: Requires Android 4.1 and up Pricing: This is a free app and offers in-app purchases. This can cost $0.99 – $3.49 per item.

4. Real chess 3D

Who is not a fan of good graphics which are extremely pleasing to the eye? Well, we sure are. You know things become better when you play a chess game with simulated graphics. In this 2022’s best Chess game for Android, the graphics are so real that it’s hard to differentiate and tell the difference. Here, play against the AI with up to 4 difficulty levels. And don’t think it’s too easy because it isn’t!With this Best Chess Game App For Android in 2022, listen to the most relaxing music so that your mind doesn’t meddle while you play your winning Chess move! This Chess Game of 2022 is definitely a treat for Chess Game lovers.

Key Features Of ‘Real Chess 3D’ Chess Game For Android In 2022

Play Chess in immersive 3D graphics- the chess which appeals most to the eye!Now you can also Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AI players in the best chess game you’ll find around here!.Real Chess 3D is one of the most realistic, simulated, and joyous chess games you’ll ever find available on mobile.Customize the look and feel of your game to the core by choosing the chessboard, checkers, piece type, table of your choice. Just the way you like it.It’s like you are actually playing chess in real because of the realistic 3D graphics.Tap on a piece to choose it and then tap on the desired target position to make your move. That’s all you got to do.

google Play Store Ratings: 4.3 stars with more than 1 million downloads. Size: 38MB Compatibility: Requires Android 4.4 and up. Pricing: This is a free app. But has In-App purchases that cost $2.99 per item.

5. Chess master 2020

Now, after reading about the above-mentioned Chess games, why Chess masters should be considered among the best Chess Games of 2022 for Android? Well, Chess masters, here’s your chance to prove that you actually are one! Play single-handed or in 2 player mode, online or offline with the next-gen chess! Play and enjoy with one of the best graphics you’ll find around the corner and don’t worry about making a wrong move because you can undo it anytime you want to in this Best Chess Game App for android in 2022!! The Chess game is newly designed. For everyone. So no need to worry about being a beginner or an expert. Well, Chess Masters, this is the Chess game you were searching for.

Key Features Of ‘Chess Master 2020’ Chess Game For Android In 2022

Chess Master 2020 is the best designed chess game for all users from beginning to end, and it’s totally FREE!Chess 2020 game is built by chess players and enthusiasts who really love chess so you absolutely have to be one!You can play against friends or test your skills against a challenging AI opponent.Chess in your Android. On Your Finger Tips!Enjoy and please your eyes and mind with beautiful graphics and soothing in-built sound effects.Don’t worry if you’re a beginner. Take hints and/or, Edit positions!The auto-save game when exit and automatically load into the next time so you don’t have to start over a game you’re winning!AI engine with 100 different difficulty levels

Google Play Store Ratings: 4.3 stars with more than 1 million downloads. Size: 16MB Compatibility: Requires Android 4.0 and up Pricing: This is a free app that has ads.

Wrapping Up

So these are the Best Chess Games for Android In 2022. All these games are loved by the users. If you are a graphics fan, then Real chess 3D is the best choice for you. But if you just want to play a game for fun or to increase your mental ability, then you can go with anyone. Gamers now it’s your turn to try hands-on these high-rated chess games for Android and opt for the one that suits your demands the best. I hope you found this helpful. Keep visiting Path of Ex for such insights. Do share your thoughts, reach out for any suggestions, and comment below your favorite Chess Game from this list.


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