Below we have listed the best audiobooks apps, which also come in with many other incredible features. You only have to go through their free trial for a few days and choose the one which best suits you. So, get back your favorite pastime of reading books with the help of the latest apps, which makes your job much easier. These audiobooks also have millions of latest titles for you to choose from and read. So, are you excited to try the best audiobooks apps? Before that, we will walk you through the best of the lot and help you choose the best audiobook. So, scroll down to find the 5 best audiobooks apps in 2022.

5 Best Audiobooks Apps in 2022

The best audiobooks apps have been mentioned below. You can choose the one which best fits your choice and preference. Moreover, all the audiobooks have trial plans, and then you can go for subscriptions. So, you always have the option to leave the audiobook during or after the plan. Hence, refer to the list below to learn about the best Audiobooks apps.

1. Audible

When you choose a title on Audible, it will let you keep the titles forever, unlike the other apps where you can borrow books. Prime members are entitled to bonuses like you get an invitation to join audible with the Audible Premium Plus trial. During the trial, you would get two credits worth of titles, each toward the premium library. You can return to the standard one-credit monthly plan when the trial ends.
Trial: 30 days; $7.95 per month. Also read, Top 10 LGBTQ Books To Read in Pride Month in 2022 | Get Inspired

2. Audiobooks

On the best Audiobooks apps, we have Audiobooks. You get free audiobooks and unlimited audio entertainment. You get unlimited access to the VIP library, where you have access to two audiobooks during your free trials. Later, when you are on the paid trials, you have access to over 300000 premium titles along with exclusive features like sleep and meditation to improve the quality of your sleep. You also get content for Audio News and Audio Magazine. You would find excellent podcasts to listen to, and more than 100 million episodes are available through the app, which you can stream or download. Audiobooks members get VIP rewards, enabling them to download VIP titles each month for free. The app keeps the titles updated and keeps the library fresh. Along with the subscription, you get one credit each month, but you also can buy more credits later. Trial: 30-day free trial and $14.95 per month.

3. Google Play Books

The next app on the list of best audiobooks apps is Google Play Books. The best part of Google Play Books is that it is free to download without any membership or paid subscription. Google Play books are the best option for people who like to read comics and manga. Apart from that, you would also find stand e-books and audiobooks with updated titles. You can update the titles or stream and listen to them. In Google Play Books, you never run out of reading material with personalized reading recommendations. You can check any title you like in detail and then purchase the title you want. You get Google Play points with each purchase and can redeem them for Google Play credits. You even get occasional pricing discounts on notable titles and save money on the popular releases of the day. Isn’t it a great one out of all the best Audiobooks apps? Subscription and Plans are Free of cost. Also read, Top Audiobooks to Check Out

4. Kobo Books

Kobo books have a massive collection of more than five million titles. Apart from that, you also get an eBook with 1.5 million titles. Like any iOS device, you can begin reading on one device and continue the same book from the same place you left on another. Isn’t this a great feature you look for in the best audiobooks apps? You will also find added features in the app where you get the best reading experience, choose between day and night mode, font size and type, and comes with a built-in dictionary. Based on your reading history, you also get suggestions for new titles. You can access and manage your Kobo Books account through the Kobo Reader. With all these features, Kobo Books deserves to be on the list of best audiobooks apps. Trial: 30-day free trial then $9.99/m.

5. Scribd

Next up on the list of the best audiobooks apps is Scribd. This app is not only for audiobooks; you would also access different types of content like e-Books, Podcasts, and publications in Wall Street Journal and New York Times. What do you look for in the best audiobooks apps? Great library, right? Well, Scribd offers you more! From 2015, you will also find access to sheet music in your subscription. You also get access to the latest music compositions. The app’s biggest feature is access to the Scribd originals, where you can find exclusive titles from their publishing sector. The built-in feature of the app, Scribd Audio, has the latest collection of audiobooks. Scribd also has the option of an open publishing platform exclusive to upcoming writers who wish to publish their books. They can get their books published within minutes. This is a bilingual platform with more than 60000 Spanish titles during launch. With all the amazing features, Scribd is one of the best audiobooks apps. Trial: 30-day free trial later $11.99 per month. Also read, Top Selling Audiobooks on Google Play You Must Check Out

Wrapping Up

In this article, I have mentioned the 5 best audiobooks apps. All the apps mentioned above are the best of the lot and come with the best features and characteristics. You can choose any of the best audiobook apps and use them. You may even choose to buy ebooks from them or audiobooks. Some even come with subscriptions for music as well. I hope you liked this article and your queries regarding the best audiobooks apps are answered. For more such content, keep visiting Path of EX!


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