But not apps deliver what they say. Some are hard to understand for a kid while others have quality issues. Then what are the apps that will be good for your kids? You will the answer to this question in this post. Below are the detailed description, pros, age rating, size, category, along with their price.

5 Best Android Apps for Kids in 2022

What should be the features of the app to be the best? How to judge if an app is good enough or not? Leave this worry now. Here is the list of the apps with features and other details that make them unique and most liked by kids.

1. Kids Doodle

Why Kids doodle is one of the best android apps for Kids in 2022? Kids doodle is the best glowing neon doodle android drawing game for kids. This super easy app is designed for kids to paint on photos or canvas. It has several beautiful brushes and endless colors and effects. The brushes can be crayon, sketch, rainbow, neon, or glow. You can share the drawings of your kids on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Twitter, etc. Anything more? Yes!!! You can see your kid’s artwork as a small clip with its movie mode. Plus this is an offline single-player game and can be stylized as per the taste. Also, read 5 Best Quiz Games for iPhone and iPad in 2022 | Games for Kids Pros

Kids can paint using 24 brushes and a lot of neon colors. The brushes can be glow, star, spark, crayon, etc.It has built in galleries to store doodles and animations.It has Undo and Redo options.The movie-mode shows the art as a video clip.

2. Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos

Why Epic! – Kids’ Books and Videos is one of the best android apps for Kids in 2022? You must be thinking that kids hate studying or reading then how kids love this app? This app has an in-built library that includes more than 40,000 e-books, audiobooks, learning videos, and quizzes. This app is called the “Netflix of books” which is both offline and online. This epic app’s library has got everything. Right from picture books to chapter books, audiobooks, graphic novels, early readers, non-fiction titles, educational books, videos, and more. Now your kid can enjoy reading in different languages. It has Spanish, French, Chinese books as well. And for parents’ convenience, a reading log tracks progress is sent to parents on a weekly basis via email. Also, read 5 Best Puzzle Games For Android In 2022 | Best Brain Yoga!! Pros

You can choose from 40,000 eBooks, audiobooks, learning videos, and quizzes.It has novels and Chinese, French, Spanish audiobooks.Safe to use even in the absence of parents.Automatically gives updates of the reading log of the kids on a weekly basis.

3. YouTube Kids

Why YouTube Kids is one of the best android apps for Kids in 2022? Another fun and kids favorite app for kids and toddlers is YouTube Kids. This app is exclusively a video app made for kids. And is appropriate for kids up to 12. Kids can enjoy the popular topics and engage with lots to do tasks. they can watch their favorite shows or cartoons and learn from them. The app is specifically designed for children and accordingly has words, sounds, art, and animation. This is approved by teachers worldwide because it counts for increasing the creativity and imagination of the kids. You can make up to eight child profiles with different recommendations on each profile. This app has a variety of channels on different subjects and interests. Also, read 15 Best Educational Games for Kids in 2022 | Download on Android and iOS Pros

It is an exclusive app for kids.This apps makes it engaging with words, sounds, art, and animation.You can create 8 different profiles.Recommends channels as per your search and taste.

4. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Why Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is one of the best android apps for Kids in 2022? Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is another teacher-approved app. It is best to increase kids’ emotional literacy, creativity, and imagination. Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame aims to make your kid learn about real-world problems solving skills. Sesame is a cute monster friend who breathes, thinks about the problem’s solution, and then applies those solutions. Your kid will love all those silly animations and playful interactions as the cute monster friend are exposed to important emotional vocabulary, a calm breathing technique, personalized encouragements, and more. Also, read 5 Best Educational Games for Android in 2022 | Easy Learning For Kids Pros

This app has unique everyday challenges.It involves tapping, pop bubbles, and more to help the monster breathe, think, do to solve problems, and feel better.Breathe with the monster activity helps to calm down.

5. ABC Kids- Tracing and Phonics

Why ABC kids- Tracing and phonics is one of the best Android apps for Kids in 2022? ABC Kids- Tracing and phonics is a dun and engaging learning game for preschool kids, toddlers, and kindergarten kids up to 8 years of age. It is a simple alphabet learning app that makes learning fun at an early age. This kid-friendly learning app has a series of tracing games. These games help them to recognize English alphabets and combine their knowledge into matching exercises. To make it more engaging, there are rewards for them. As they complete the game, kids can collect rewards such as stickers and toys. The creativity and imagination in this game let kids sparkle curiosity, pretend to play, makes them innovative. Not only this, but this app improves the imagination of your kid, makes them think critically. This app is also the building block for them to create great stories. Also, read 15 Best Cartoon Games To Play in 2022 | Free Games For Kids Pros

It helps kids to learn alphabets with fun.It is a worldwide teacher’s approved app.The interface is engaging with colorful images.It includes phonics pairing, letter matching, tracing games.The kids can differentiate in upper case and lower case alphabets.You can see the progress and report card of your kid with its teacher mode.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the top apps for your kids that will help them to boost their creativity and have fun at the same time. Give a try to these apps and let him learn new things with fun and excitement.


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